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  1. addamcor


    I should've gone full spanish...the accent sounds terrible without committing... A shortened list of the award winners are as follows, however, please first watch the video because i put a lot of time and effort into them and i don't like it to go to waste.
  2. addamcor

    A week away - Hornet

    So i'll be on holidays from the 14th to the 19th. A small holiday, yes, but one i still want to alert people to about. If you are worried about Imperial Awards, i will do my best to edit the footage i have recorded in the next few days, so don't worry
  3. addamcor

    My age

    Going of what Cody said and speaking from personal experience, there is a HUGE correlation between age, and maturity. Now don't take this the wrong way! i'm not saying that young people are not mature! What i am saying is that people under the age of say 13, are 95% of the time much less mature than say someone the age of 15. Although it seems a touchy subject, maturity is just one of those things that most of the time will gradually be acquired over the years with personal social developments, and experiences. If i cast my mind back to say a 5 year younger me, I am embarrassed and bash my head against walls thinking about some of the things i did which were outright immature and childish. However, with even just a few years, I have changed my mentality towards various subjects drastically. Here are a few examples: My first game on a computer: SWBF 2 2005, the concept of multiplayer was alien to me and i only played engineer class because he had a shotgun and that was the only weapon i could hit something with. I just spammed commands when i first discovered multiplayer because i had no idea how to talk and players got INCREDIBLY annoyed at me. Playing servers on Minecraft: The next year and i had kind of sort of gotten my head around multiplayer. But I would ball my eyes out if a friend touched my house with TNT doing easily fixable damage. Productions: I once auditioned for a musical and i got the main part. And i was such a self righteous little bastard about it that i try to remove the existence of the production from my mind entirely. All these traits and qualities of myself that i now hate were lost only due to the passing of time. And if i seem a bit harsh with my conclusion of age and maturity, almost the whole of IG has had to pass the point you're at @Dracks. And if it makes you feel better about the situation, the Gmod community from my experience was MUCH more hostile towards younger people say 4-5 years ago. Admins across multiple servers would straight up mute me because i had a high pitched voice when I played darkRP If i called a Traitor out in TTT, the response i'd receive would IMMEDIENTLY be "KYS you Twelvie fag" You shortly followed by "Hey, lets kill him next round" to which point i will be killed faster than you could say "Well that sucks!" I would be harassed on sandbox servers where people would test out their latest 'Wire spawn killing' machine on me because they wanted to see my reaction because i sounded young. It would get to the point where there were only 4 possible servers you could ever play on because they were the only servers who supported and brought justice for younger least when an admin WAS on. Although i do think that a tryout should be more based towards maturity than age, I am just pointing out that maturity will ALWAYS be gained in strides with age.
  4. addamcor

    Picking a new Imperial Awards Host

    Hornet delves into his content list to pick an appropriate model.
  5. addamcor


    Entries are closed mah bois
  6. addamcor

    Timmys PAC app

    Right! First issue with this application: Contradicting information. You deny having ever used PAC in the past. But then provide an example of a PAC you have made. This demonstrates that you have either A. Downloaded a PAC off the internet and have used it as an example, or B. You planned the application very poorly. Ensure that your application supports itself and doesn't tear itself apart Second issue with this application: Low playtime with the community. If you want the community to grant you the PRIVILEGE of using PAC, you have to demonstrate that you are active and are willing to spend your time with the community. 2 days is not long enough. Get some more play time in the community Third issue with this application: Poor Answers The answers to the questions are bland, short and of very poor quality. You have also demonstrated no intent to learn PAC through your answers if it is true that you have never actually used PAC in the past. Learn how to use PAC before making an application, and make sure your answers are MUCH more descriptive. Another point to make regarding your answers are your reasons behind them. Personally, all i get from this application is that you want to get a bionic eye, which is not a good enough reason to get PAC. Not to mention, you mention this: This suggests you have used it on the server in the past, but that is impossible since you are currently applying for it. Fourth issue with this application: Poor English. The quality of your application is a direct representation of your character. Thus, the amount of basic English errors throughout this PAC lead me to believe that you are immature and are not deserving of PAC. It's not just grammatical errors, but also metric tonnes worth of spelling mistakes, which is inexcusable since the forums ARE EQUIPPED WITH A SPELL CHECKER! These are just a few examples of EASY TO AVOID MISTAKES! Go back through your application, and check for any spelling errors or grammatical errors with a fine comb Fifth issue with this application: Examples that are provided are terrible If you have even so much as glanced at any other PAC application, they ALL have a hologram. This is unoriginal, full stop! If you want your examples to be taken seriously, make something new and interesting! Also, more examples MUST be provided. Everything highlighted in red in this response are issues with your application, and everything in green green is what you MUST FIX! However, you have already demonstrated to me that you are too immature, and have rushed this application to the point where even if you eventually fixed ALL these errors, i would still maintain my opinion! -1
  7. addamcor


    ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! Video creation is in progress
  8. addamcor

    Server Screenshots!

    Some shots of Lime and his boys and Co. as requested
  9. addamcor

    ARMA 3 Shenanigans

    I spent far too much time making this
  10. addamcor

    ARMA beta test 1 -APPLY NOW-

    Steam Profile: RP Name: Hornet Have you downloaded the mods: Downloaded the SWOP, just need to download the other server content
  11. addamcor

    Community Expansion

    No...but we do have that equipped on the speeder bikes...Not to mention its a bit more difficult to accidentally select AND activate the [IMPULSE] Command in ARMA, than instinctively hitting shift on a speeder
  12. addamcor

    Community Expansion

    We can't even fly ships on gmod...Flying LAATS in ARMA will be...interesting...
  13. addamcor

    New Death Star Map

    You may admire when ready
  14. addamcor


    THE RESULTS ARE HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! The summarised winners can be found here, as usual please watch the video beforehand because I put alot of effort into them [and because they contain extra stuff]
  15. addamcor

    Ahoy there!

    Greetings and Salutations