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  1. addamcor


    I just compile the results... The community chooses who deserves what
  2. addamcor


    Sorry RESULTS: The 'Happy Sad' Award 3rd: Anthony 2nd: Widow squad 1st: Storm troopers The 'Full Disclosure' Award 3rd: Hammer 2nd: Rickle 1st: Stevo The 'Let's live before we die' Award 3rd: Stevo 2nd: Basil 1st: Fliqqs The 'Pulled' Award 3rd: Whitey 2nd: Wolf 1st: Fliqqs The 'Crazier than you' Award 3rd: Wolf 2nd: Cody 1st: Fliqqs
  3. addamcor


    Good luck finishing year 12! In terms of your idea, I personally don't think it's necessary. If someone can be bothered to make a forums account and say how long they'll be gone for, then they DEFINITELY have the time to get onto a regiment discord [If they're not already on it for some reason] and make a quick note about their absence there. An activity log on the forums is just going to make it more cluttered and messy to get around. It should also be the individuals responsibility to inform his CMDR or to let someone know so they can pass on the message ahead of time, That they are going inactive for some time. Even if you don't manage to tell anyone you're going away in time, the random or general discussions section is a great place to quickly say that you're going away and for how long. A list of activity times and who is away is up to the CMDR's discretion, although i recommend it HEAVILY! All regiments have a spreadsheet for their regiment, and if it is found that they don't, then IHC will have words with the CMDR... The spreadsheet contains everyone who is in the regiment and their rank, and should be accessible by IHC personnel to view. Often, next to a troopers name is notes on their activity, which can be accessed by all members of the regiment. If you want your CMDR to add this feature to the regimental spreadsheet, then it is your responsibility to suggest it to them. But that's just my opinion Good luck ~ Hornet
  4. addamcor


    NOMINATIONS CLOSED Good luck ~ Hornet
  5. Nice job! You guys ABSOLUTELY deserve a big pat on the back
  6. addamcor

    Imperial gaming | Media Team Leader Applicants

    *Le Gasp* Will we actually get the media team making stuff?!
  7. addamcor

    A New Elite Regiment

    -1 As many people have pointed out, the regiment you have suggested is LITERALLY just SCAR troopers. A regiment which we already have on the server, and that many before you have tried to turn into Task Force 99. "Task Force 99, also known as Special Commando Advanced Recon, or shortly as SCAR Squadron" - Wookieepedia Task Force 99 The server implemented Task Force 99 ONCE before in the past...and they were one of the most annoying regiments to deal with. 1. The fact that they had no real models, made them a PAC3 users only club. This made their members INCREDIBLY exclusive. Although, yes, there are player models on the steam workshop, they are TERRIBLE. 2. TF99 is OP. Literally, every member of this regiment would be a walking tank. They wouldn't be anywhere close to fair to have a fight with. 3. They look too much like ST's. When TF99 existed on IG, i was the CMDR of the ST's. Because every member in TF99 had PAC, they all changed their player models to ST's, sometimes, with minimal changes. I often found my men being confused on who to follow, and when Stevo & I approached their CMDR on the issue, he simply replied "We look like this in lore so we can"...at which point Stevo made the beautiful response of "If you're so concerned about Lore, why don't we make your CMDR a SGT. Those were the simple days...This also brings me onto my next point. 4. HYPER INFLATED EGO. A regiment that is so...special...is going to get a big head. This is what happened with the original TF99, and why i state that they were a pain to work with. Since they were so special. They considered themselves above everyone else, and acted like they were superior to all, no matter their rank. And their leader, would often run around with his lightsaber, acting like the hero of the day. 5. It would be a pain for the dev team. The development team works really hard on this server. Adding this regiment would basically be a big ol, kick in the balls for them, since they would have to create a new class, or even REGIMENT, for each. individual. class. you. have suggested... If you want more reasons why no one is supportive of TF99, you can dig around on the forums and find quite a few posts of people who had the same idea as you. In these posts, @Whiteyalready made his intentions VERY clear about adding TF99 to the server, and you can simply scroll through these to see that for yourself. Another thing that a few people have mentioned. Making a regiment OP simply because it is 'elite' in lore is a terrible way to approach the creation of a regiment. This just leads to an unfair advantage over other players since the so called 'elite' regiment needs to be given health boosts and better guns simply to cheat them into being better. You don't need this to create an elite regiment. When i first joined IG way back when as an ST Private, 442nd, was THE elite regiment. They were utilising the tools available to them amazingly, and they were THE regiment to join. Of course, times changed, and their CMDR left. a few years later and, very recently, I just had to disband 442nd again for the 200th time in a row, and they still have the same load out they had all those years ago. A regiment will always be proven, to be elite. Never made to be elite. A good CMDR will work with what he has, and will make his regiment the best damn regiment it can be ONLY with what they have. Another brilliant example of this is my beloved storm troopers. Yes, they may individually be as weak as Romodi's neck posture, but with their numbers...well...let's just say that 20+ ST's in a firing line all concentrating fire on a single target...it's deadlier then any other regiment i can think of. Back to the point, adding TF99 wont fix anything, and is just asking for history to repeat itself. Hope you understand -Hornet
  8. addamcor


    I'm sorry...
  9. addamcor


    You kinda smashed cinder when it came to nominations
  10. addamcor

    Imperial gaming | Future updates/changes

    *Le Gasp* The quest system?! I thought that was just an old legend!
  11. addamcor


    Hey...it's me... There's no video... In case you are unaware, around 2 weeks ago, i made a post on the forums stating that I would be inactive for the duration of august due to IRL commitments getting to the 'pointy end'. In any case, I couldn't find the time thus far to make a video, and the fact that my headset is currently in for repair after my dogs broke it also raises some issues in terms of audio recording...So, i'm just gonna slap the results here. So, after MUCH delay which i am deeply apologetic for, here are the results. [By the way, there is some extra info at the end] The 'Too qualified for this' Award Who is the nerdiest person? 1st - Gatsby & Galen Erso 2nd - Archer & Thrawn 3rd - Keta & Emperor Palp The 'Jester in Shining Armour' Award Who is the most entertaining person 1st - Tinky 2nd - Emperor Palp 3rd - Adam, Peter & Galen Erso The 'Entertaining Demise' Award Who had the most entertaining PK? 1st - Carnifex 2nd -Cinder squad 3rd - Bossk The 'I AM SPARTACUS' Award Who is the most random person? 1st - Tinky 2nd - Bossk 3rd - Peter The 'Hidden Talent' Award Who has the best hidden talent and what is it? 1st - Rickle, for: Always knowing when someone is online and saying hello to them, Singing and ALSO being mute... 2nd - Hornet, for: Singing, being john Shover and doing BAD impressions... 3rd - Brass, for: Making spreadsheets... 3rd - Galen Erso, for: REDACTED ===================================================================================================== As you have probably noticed, whitey has been scratched out from every award... This is not my decision, this was an executive choice made by...higher ups... MOVING ON! i have a question i would like to ask you! ''Would you like to see a unique, once off host, for August's Imperial Awards?" Thank you all very much, and have a lovely day - Hornet
  12. addamcor

    My recent inactivity

    Hello So some of you have probably pointed out (and rightly so), that I have been rather inactive over the past week. So, I've made this thread to alert you, the community, of this, and to inform you that this inactivity will most likely progress for the remainder of August. In short, I've had a lot of commitments IRL that are now getting to the 'pointy end'. If some of the more important community members wish to inquire about these apparent 'events' then you can contact me via the forums. I'm not saying that I will go COMPLETELY inactive, but i am just pointing out the fact that i will be going through long drops of not coming on the server (AKA 4-5 days of not seeing me) over the next month. Either way, I hope you understand. - Hornet
  13. addamcor


  14. addamcor


    I love how they KNOW how happy the fans would be. 2:18 says it all, #clone wars saved
  15. addamcor


    Okay, lets begin going through this application. POOR ANSWERS Every answer in this application is just short and poor. All I get from your answers is that you want to look 'cool', which is a selfish and shameful reason to want to get PAC. Not to mention, but you have contradicting statements in your application. The very first question you answer asks if you have used PAC before. You answered no. You then proceed to provide a PAC example which leads us to believe one of two conclusions. 1. the image you provided is not your own PAC, which has already been raised by Auzii Or 2. You structured the application very poorly and put no thought or effort into it. If it is true you have never used PAC before, AT LEAST make it seem like you're willing to learn it. Add more detail into your answers, and make sure there is no contradicting information. Not to mention, but 3 days is NOT enough time to be considered trusted by the community. Get more play time up. POOR ENGLISH the quality of your application is a direct representation of your character. The amount of spelling mistakes and the lack of grammar leads us to believe that you are immature, and are not deserving of PAC privileges. Not to mention, but spelling mistakes littered throughout this application are just an outright disgrace on your behalf, since THE FORUMS ARE EQUIPPED WITH A SPELL CHECKER! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR POOR SPELLING EXCEPT FOR YOUR OWN DISREGARD FOR THE QUALITY OF YOUR APPLICATION! A few examples include: Also, the answers you DO provide are structured terribly, and support the notion that you are immature. Go back through your application, and fix any spelling or grammatical errors. PAC EXAMPLES: I have already discussed the topic of contradicting information in the first point i made, but i just wanted to quickly touch on the PAC example you provided. It's bad. A gun on your hip is NOT a good example of your ability to use PAC. I could teach a monkey to do that. It's not special, and does not warrant any merit. ON THE TOPIC OF DESERVING PAC. In the answer you provided on why you deserve PAC, i just wanted touch on some of the answers you've provided. Last i checked before i went on holidays, your regiment was struggling, and you are inactive. This prospect as also been supported by others responses for this application I have no recent memory of you attending any CMDR's meeting, albeit, this may be my fault for not noticing you. Overall, it's a big -1 from me. Address the issues i have covered in this application, and others may change their opinion. However, you have already demonstrated you are too immature to deserve PAC, so i am keeping my answer as a -1