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    The awards change every month
  2. addamcor


    WELCOME TO THE MAY EDITION OF IMPERIAL AWARDS!!! now, first things first THERE IS A NEW RULE! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! The new rule is as follows: YOU CAN ONLY NOMINATE A PERSON OR REGIMENT ONCE! IF YOU HAVE VOTED FOR THEM IN ONE CATEGORY, YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR THEM IN THE REST OF THE AWARD CATEGORIES. There are a few reasons why this rule was implemented. 1. Whoever receives the award will be the best person for that position, not based on the fact that they are popular or anything similar. 2. There will be a better chance for others to win awards and feel like they are important. 3. We don't have another Tarkin wins everything scenario... Please note, that if this rule is broken, then the votes for the categories that you have nominated the individual for WILL BE DISREGARDED AND THE VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED!!! It will also mean that ALL the categories will be laid out in front of you at the very beginning to allow you to consider your options carefully. Other than that, normal rules still apply. The awards this month are as follows! - The 'Fly Casual' Award The best ON THE SPOT role player - The 'no smiling' Award The strictest person on the star destroyer - The 'Janitor' Award The person who does the job no one else wants to - The 'Questionable life' Award The person who spends the most time on the server - The '♫I'm Mr. Lonely♫' Award This is the loneliest person on the ship. They have no friends, and they are sad... Other than that, nominate folks here:
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    RAFT - Game Giveaway

  4. addamcor

    What Trial Event Masters do in Training

    It's... ...It's beautiful...
  5. addamcor

    The officers lounge...

    The officers lounge...that place where the people who run the ship can congregate and have fun... We're in such good hands people...
  6. Vaders Fist, Storm Commandos and Nova Troopers are currently empty, and we are looking for new potential commanders to fill their positions! If you want to apply, head to this LINK HERE Please follow all instructions at the start of the form and answer ALL questions to the best of your ability! Remember, how you respond to each question is a direct extension of character and personality and is how we gauge if you are suitable or not for the position. On Saturday, 6:00 PM AEST, I will hold a meeting with the most eligible few to come to the final decision of who shall receive these positions. Remember. Commanding a regiment is a responsibility you will be expected to uphold. Good luck! ~ Major General Hornet
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    Ban the person above you game

    Banned for assuming gender
  8. addamcor

    Gary's Pac3 Tier 1 App.

  9. addamcor

    Taking a Break From IG

    Farewell Pavonis, and good travels ;-;
  10. addamcor

    Drawing submissions!

    Hang on...I've got a google doc here of all the drinks on the specials list... Romodi’s Pleasure Juice: -White wine -Fizzy Soda -Felucian Berry Sauce in a spiral pattern on top -wine and soda stirred gently
  11. addamcor

    Drawing submissions!

    It's the Imperial Bar man, of the officers lounge! renowned for serving drinks on his specials menu such as 'Hutts Delight' or 'Romodi's Pleasure Juice' To all who enter
  12. addamcor

    Drawing submissions!

    How about the Imperial Bar man @Zeta? He deserves some love
  13. addamcor

    IG Movie Wallpapers

    @ISBRommel Hornet - A sad Storm trooper Brigadier Story
  14. addamcor

    DEVELOPMENT - Changelog - 7/05/2018

    Heeeeey!!! I remember reviewing that film for a media assignment
  15. addamcor

    Decided to muck around in photoshop...

    Hornet wouldn't get a very good story would just be him yelling and crying in a corner