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  1. Pluto

    Golaith's EM App

    -1 Didn't stay loyal to the EM team first time around. As he said above, handled his resignation very poorly talking smack about the current staff. Subject to change.
  2. Pluto


    Cya Apprentice
  3. Pluto

    NickArino's Mod Application

    +1 Mature, would make a good mod
  4. Pluto


    Have fun
  5. Pluto

    Robinson's Introduction

    Next time he does it, report it to ISB.
  6. Pluto

    Megamasha (Galahad) Trial-Moderator Application

    +1 Chill guy, lots of experience. Good luck.
  7. Pluto

    bye fox, you will be missed ;(

    left the community or just playing as alternate character?
  8. Pluto

    Ranger's PAC 3 Application

    he's in SCAR currently PFC. Neutral: Good guy has basic pac knowledge needs to get more well known
  9. Pluto

    Im Sorry

    Yeah take a break if you need, we know what you do for this community.
  10. Pluto

    Kamelieon's Tier 1, Pac Application

    This should not be a reason to -1, his name has nothing to do with this app +1, Decent pacs and good cmdr from what I have seen
  11. Pluto

    Peguin's EM application

    -1 was warned twice today both for failrp. Not something an applicant should be doing,