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Everything posted by Morgan

  1. Morgan

    My Farewell

    Goodbye old friend o7 You'll be remembered Head Agent. (Fortnite is big gae btw but i'll play if you want.)
  2. Morgan

    Trpimir's Ban request

    Agreed. -1
  3. Morgan

    Photo Day

  4. Morgan

    Gregis PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    +1 Has been doing a lot of good RP as Galen Erso. He’s already done amazing things with tools and General rp, I’d love to see what he can do with PAC.
  5. Morgan

    PAC3 Camera

    Havoc does have a point. I’ve had this happen to me before and if something like this is implemented it may distract people or interrupt RP situations, generally ruining a user’s immersion.
  6. +1 Good PACs. I'd love to see what you'd be able to do with Tier 2
  7. Morgan

    PAC3 - Joshv/Blitz

    -1 - The application isn't detailed - Generic PAC3 creations - Minge
  8. Morgan

    Pickle (Grodin Tierce) Trial Mod Application

    @Pickle Were you the JT and Medical Trooper Pickle?
  9. Morgan

    Keycard Editor || Sudo

    -1 easily abusable and unnecessary
  10. Morgan

    Building Lessons

    #precisionalignmentsquad @Butcher232
  11. +1 Active Very Detailed Events Good Ideas as well Very good with RP Has experience
  12. Morgan

    Carswells TEM Application.

  13. Morgan

    Matt Smith?

    I liked him in The Crown. Really liked him as Phillip
  14. Morgan

    Mordicai's Intro

    E low-quality boost in R6S
  15. Morgan

    Trigon's PAC3 Tier 1 App

    +1 Original PAC examples Very trustworthy as he is DT Colonel and a former DT Brigadier Good Application Mature
  16. Morgan

    Grego Ban Appeal