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Everything posted by SCHEFF


    ISD Update

    YESSSSSSSS MY STAR DESTROYER WRECK IDEA GOT ADDED! THANK YOU SO MUCH I'M SO HAPPY! This looks so epic! What are the bets we prematurely head back to the ISD to enjoy the new update?

    IG dueling

    Dear God this is disorientating, to the point where I'm nearly feeling nauseous. The music, while nice, is completely wrong for a lightsaber duel and for Star Wars in general. Good luck with the Media Team man, but your filming and technique needs to be massively improved on. Maybe look at filming future duels from a static position or from multiple defined angles, not following the duelers in this weird zoomed in fashion. Better camera positioning and appropriate music goes a long way in increasing the appeal of your films and makes your work look and sound more polished and analysed. I hope you take my comments constructively and improve from them, I don't wish harm upon you with them. btw congrats iris for winning the duel

    Morgan's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    +1 Teach me how to pose like that (and I'll still be too lazy to do it).

    IG Clip compilation

    That 'Nam bit made me cack. Good job dude!

    Celebrating Holidays on the server...

    Look out for Christmas, the Pointshop and PAC will be spammed with Santa hats that will lag the living hill out the server. Sacrifices must be made...

    A shore-t story

    I wonder what ever happened to Chef (Jr.)... she seems like a nice girl... In all seriousness, thanks for the mention my man and I'm always a fan of recounts, and you sure have an interesting one. Keep at it, sandy boi!

    I have a curse...

    Side question, but does going down Marauders get you Vader or do you need the dueling skills of being an Inquisitor? Always wanted to try Sith...

    I have a curse...

    I know the struggle all too well my friend. I've been on this server since January 2017 and I've never gotten further than Commander (Lieutenant Colonel equivalent now). It can so feel like a curse at times, like why me? I say that light-heartedly though, because I know some people have certain qualities to command and conquer, and I guess I don't have those qualities to be recognised for. Staff Sergeant though? That's a different bag, and that's unfortunate man. You do whatever it takes for you to cope with this and, most likely, you'll find away around this. The day you get promoted to Master Sergeant or equivalent, we'll be cheering you on. Good luck!

    A Unique Adventure ft. Martibo

  10. SCHEFF

    The Empire Got A TIE Upgrade...

    It's about TIEme they got an upgrade. Cue the laugh track
  11. @Whitey's words (can't quote for some reason): Imperial RP | Server Rules & Guidelines General Rules: Serious RP at all times. No minging. /me sighs This is just a recipe for trouble. I don't have much faith in a developer who thinks they can minge and who also encourages it. I also find it funny that you can be a robot who has a mohawk and a cape while I can't have simple stripes on my armour (#ripchefsquad), but that's beside the point. Bounty Hunters are fun to roleplay with when they're played right and, at least from my point of view, a lot of them (not all of them) end up being minges, as you've pointed out and shown yourself. Being hit on and killed for no good reason (I'm a Widow Sergeant, not some high ranking ISB or something, for crying out loud!) is just inconvenient and in the end it's usually for some troll or annoying reason; being assassinated in the middle of ST training is especially not fun. My advice: Sure, be a dick, but be one within the rules. Bounty Hunters are assholes, we get it, and we'll accept that in roleplay, but don't fall into the category of asshole who is just annoying and mingey, be the asshole who fits into character and that you can light-heartedly dislike. In the end (and I can't believe I'm the one saying this), it's a game, and killing others to just troll and not for good in-character reason is just plain not fun. Call me a buzzkill, but I've been here for quite a while and I've seen plenty of the good and bad sides of Bounty Hunters. Don't get rid of them, they're imperative and, as you say, create an entirely new environment to play in, but just get the right people/attitude to play them.
  12. SCHEFF

    Fish's Farewell

  13. SCHEFF

    I'm back... Again... :)

  14. SCHEFF

    Sterling's Introduction

    You made a good choice switching over. How about you complete the switch? Welcome, by the way.
  15. SCHEFF

    Arcturusious's PAC3 Tier One Application

    +1 For some dumb reason, I already assumed you had PAC. Shows to me how mature you are to deserve it. Good luck.
  16. SCHEFF

    Morgan's Resignation

    Oh shit man, hope everything can sort itself out, family matters are always a worry. Best of luck. o7
  17. SCHEFF

    Hammer's Tier 2 PAC3 Application

    +1 Oh my God yes.
  18. SCHEFF

    Made some forum signatures

    Top one would be perfect if it was cropped on the long sides. Either way, really nice work dude!
  19. SCHEFF

    New Idea for cool stuff

  20. SCHEFF


    o7 I will miss you, og man. We all will.