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  1. ANiX

    Syrup Ban Appeal

    I recommend a trial period if/when his let on the server, cause as Pinkjack said about this being your 3rd or 4th Ban Appeal, He is right that you need to show your mature and are ready to follow rules. I think with this updated server, we should give him the chance to play again But If you break the rules its your last.
  2. ANiX

    :Peacock's Death:

    Well I Didnt Know That But @Peacock Can You Black Out Advance Weapons Research, Thanks
  3. ANiX

    :Peacock's Death:

    i don't remember you being in TI ? ­čĄö
  4. ANiX

    Your idols in life

    I have more but this man is amazing haha
  5. ANiX

    ISB Interrogations [Video]

    You Have Made My Day HAHAHAHAHHA
  6. ANiX

    Gatsby - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Active, Amazing Person, Amazing Roleplayer and Very mature
  7. ANiX

    tetanus ban appeal

  8. ANiX

    I had an idea so I made this

    He was my friend tho ;-; (hehe)
  9. ANiX

    Tier One Pac Application for Freeman

    +1 Good Guy Trusted Great RPer Good Luck
  10. ANiX

    Saturn's Trial Moderator Apllication

    +1 Good Guy Plays A Lot Trustworthy Person
  11. ANiX

    Kraken TMOD Application

    +1 Very nice person, works hard and is good at roleplay.
  12. ANiX

    Jets Trial Moderator Application

    -1 I must agree with @Pavonis, I know you can do better then this, it seems like you rushed this app and didn't take the time to put effort into.
  13. - _ -
  14. ANiX

    Funny Screenshots $5-20 Prize

    Hope You Like
  15. ANiX

    Solvan Is Back