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  1. Fives EM App

    Don't Go Off Topic, This Is An EM App Not A Open Thread. Responses Only With +1 -1 Netural + Reasons.
  2. I knew you, you were a good guy but you did breaks rules sometimes, you do have many warns for heaps of rules breaks but i think everyone should have a second chance but this second chance should be your last and if you break any rules i think a perma ban is fair.
  3. DeeDee's PAC3 Tier 1 App

    Neutral, I Dont Mind How Good You Are At PAC3, PAC3 Is For Trusted And Known People Within The Community Not About How Good You Are With It. Get A Couple Days Playtime And Ill Change My Netural To A +1
  4. Peguin's/ F16-06 Tier 1 PAC app

    Senior Chief Lincoln Told Me To -1 As He Is Not In Love With You, (+1)
  5. Removal of Campaigns

    +1 to Qteks Idea
  6. Bass's Ban Appeal

    Bass I Was Cloaked Behind you When you Were Talking To The JT Commander About The "New Server" On Friday.

    @Carnifex Best Staff Member, What A Scam.
  8. Medics vs 501st Troops

    and @Kix You were skinned a Rescue Trooper? Care To Explain
  9. Medics vs 501st Troops

    So What I Get From This Is That You All Were RDMing?
  10. Thanks

    @Mauler Your My Top Kek Memer
  11. Made By JD Also Known As Gerry/James.
  12. Is !p (PM) RP?

    One or the other not both cause no one wants to write OOC everytime.
  13. Hello IG Players, Happy New Year To All IG Players & Staff, I would like to thank everyone that makes this community whole. I hope you guys had a great 2017 & I look forward to see everyone in 2018 as well as all the new faces . Special Mentions: @Martibo ~ You were the only reason i joined this server & I thank you so much for that. @Imposing ~ I thank you for being a friend & being a great staff member. @Mauler ~ You are a living meme please stay this way. @Little5avage ~ You are an amazing person and a great member to this community. @Kosmos ~ You are the best member of this community and will forever hold that title. @Everyone ~ You guys have made this year great for me, love you all. Thank You, From ANiX o7
  14. NickArino's Mod Application

    Sums It Up For Me. +1 Good Luck