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  1. ANiX

    Spektrum's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Hello @Spektrum, Pros: - App is very detailed - Good person Cons: - Time played is a bit low - No PAC3 examples of what you know so far Overview: Everything is good just put some more hours into the server and go into single player and stuff around with PAC3 and see what you can make and post them to your App. NETURAL Good Luck, ANiX
  2. ANiX

    Axx Mil-Sim Application

    @Wolf or @Coach Frank, Could you lock and move this to accepted.
  3. ANiX

    Born's Mil-Sim App

    @Wolf or @Coach Frank, Could you lock and move this to accepted.
  4. ANiX

    Lincoln's Mil-Sim Application

    ARMA3 In Game Name: ANiX ARMA3 Mil-Sim Section: 159th Aviation Squadron | Lancer 1 ARMA3 Mil-Sim Rank: Officer Cadet Member Rating ( +1 or -1): +1 Reason Behind Rating: I have seen lincoln during mission providing support to other players when medics are unavailable tending to downed players, I think lincoln would fit into the medic role very well. Good Luck, ANiX
  5. ANiX

    Wauler Mil-Sim Application

    @Wolf or @Coach Frank This App Needs To Be Locked And Moved To Accepted As Mauler Is Already A Member In Arma 3 Milsim PTE Wauler | Section: Bravo 1-2 | AT Trooper |
  6. ANiX

    Jack's Ban appeal

    +1 Removal Of Ban - Its been over a year and people change in a year or even shorter Good Luck, ANiX
  7. ANiX

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    Proven, I've run into you many times during your time on IG, if you were to come back it would have to be that last chance cause i know all your warnings and i know you, i think people can change i believe in you. +1 for unban, on the bases that you remain on a 1 strike system meaning that you will be banned now matter what warning you receive.
  8. ANiX

    New to SWRP and GMOD

    Hello There, @pinejack sorry
  9. ❤️ minge squad is all yours jks Bravo 1-2 is a fun squad i cant wait to fly you guys around hehehehe
  10. ANiX

    Ban Appeal

  11. ANiX

    Star Citizen Game Nights?

    Ill probs be down in the furture my hanger is worth like 1500USD.
  12. ANiX

    Made an Imperial Gaming theme track.

    the lead up was good the drop not so good. i liked it tho nice job
  13. Hey man, Im Not A Dev Nor Management Team you would have to talk to them about adding stuff. Here Are The People To Contact About This, Goto Frank Or Whitey First with your idea and they will pass it onto Martibo.
  14. Your First Impression Is A Bit Strong, But i can see where you are coming from with the recent post, Im going to leave you at a Neutral
  15. Dancing is not a problem at all if you have been with the community for a while then you should know we goto offship maps and we have a civ job that could use that/those commands to add new RP. Adding it to the otherside?...... Why the other side is just a wall with formations and it helps so recruits dont see the sign when doing formations and faces This is a problem with PAC3 since all staff have pac we tend to use it and when we cloak it sometimes outlines us This is a problem to bring up with IHC, as they are incharge of regiments im sure they can help you out @Stevo. @Carnifex @addamcor