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  1. Anthony

    Microphone Problems

    IN game go into the steam overlay, and from there go into your settings, there should be a tab called voice or ingame voice (something like that im not online rn). From this menu just check that Steam is using the right input / detecting the mic. Just mess around in there for a bit and see if it works
  2. Anthony

    Tammy Salami's Tier 1 Application

    Never stole a single dupe, and my catapult was a TI project i did with Morgan and Admirl - whatever guskys name was at the time, and making a TI weapon includes testing and killing people funnily enough. and you accused me of stealing that too, but then when I had video evidence you finally stopped because you knew you were wrong, and lying
  3. Anthony

    Star Wars except its anime and I miss too many beats

    What sort of kit & specks do you need to play this game?
  4. Anthony

    What other games do you play?

    Gmod, Fortnite (STW and Battle Royale), and Jackbox Party Pack games If you wanna play fortnite add me ; Acc. name is "FlexMaster69" I know its great you dont need to remind me
  5. Anthony

    Ummm yeah so height difference???????!!!!!!

    Fun fact, All it takes is a Director Krennic and a General Romodi stacked on eachother to be the same height as Wolf!!! And @Jman1308 I think you mean Manlet not Midget ❤️ "Manlet A man who's height is above midget level, but is well below that of any other man. They tend to be very muscular and wide, without a neck."
  6. Anthony

    44th Hammer Company

    Why not focus on Gmod where you are already a CO?
  7. Anthony


    Whitey not first for Bob the Builder? Treason!
  8. Anthony


    But why (not)cooleranthony?
  9. Anthony

    A week away - Hornet

    I expect to see a very *jiggly* host
  10. Anthony

    Rickle's Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Is a good meme Oh and all the reasons above cover it
  11. Anthony

    A Swift TMod App

    All those points, as well as the fact that every time I see him he is being friendly or helpful. Good lad +1 Btw there is an 'H' in my name, actually pronounce it please, reeeeee.
  12. Anthony

    My age

    Go to admin chat on the server, message one on the forums, go onto TS then into one of the waiting room for the staff channels, Theres a lot of ways to contact them
  13. Anthony

    H.R.B.S Brought to you by Breach Inc.

    Stop being inactive Also very cool Tank, ❤️
  14. Agreed Neutral - Willing to change if more good examples added
  15. Anthony

    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

    Agreed. Neutral
  16. Anthony

    New to SWRP and GMOD

    Welcome Tonberry! look forward to seeing you around. And for pinejack and anix... The heck did you just heckin say about me, you smol heck? I did the heckin best graduate at doggo day care and I've been involved in much secret raids on annoying nut floofers in the backyard.
  17. Anthony


    I forgot to vote myself 20000 times!!!
  18. Anthony

    Peter's Event Master Application

    +1. Also unlike the others I think event 2 would be great, and if you have the spreadsheet to handle it hopefully it would work cos i'd want to experience it
  19. Just kidding, Engineers is a good regiment ❤️
  20. Anthony

    Department's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    only 4 kills xd +1
  21. Anthony


  22. Anthony

    Morgan's Event Master Application

    Agreed +1 (BTW play fortnite w/ me again yeah?)