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  1. Anthony

    44th Hammer Company

    Why not focus on Gmod where you are already a CO?
  2. Anthony


    Whitey not first for Bob the Builder? Treason!
  3. Anthony


    But why (not)cooleranthony?
  4. Anthony

    A week away - Hornet

    I expect to see a very *jiggly* host
  5. +1 Is a good meme Oh and all the reasons above cover it
  6. Anthony

    A Swift TMod App

    All those points, as well as the fact that every time I see him he is being friendly or helpful. Good lad +1 Btw there is an 'H' in my name, actually pronounce it please, reeeeee.
  7. Anthony

    My age

    Go to admin chat on the server, message one on the forums, go onto TS then into one of the waiting room for the staff channels, Theres a lot of ways to contact them
  8. Anthony

    H.R.B.S Brought to you by Breach Inc.

    Stop being inactive Also very cool Tank, ❤️
  9. Anthony

    Spektrum's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Agreed Neutral - Willing to change if more good examples added
  10. Anthony

    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

    Agreed. Neutral
  11. Anthony

    New to SWRP and GMOD

    Welcome Tonberry! look forward to seeing you around. And for pinejack and anix... The heck did you just heckin say about me, you smol heck? I did the heckin best graduate at doggo day care and I've been involved in much secret raids on annoying nut floofers in the backyard.
  12. Anthony


    I forgot to vote myself 20000 times!!!