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  1. Sudo

    Arkazza's Intro

    Welcome - I hope to see you around.
  2. Sudo

    A New Elite Regiment

    -1 it is basically SCAR but even more OP
  3. Sudo

    A shitpost about Pinujacku

    Oh Lord - 2k Posts... We need to get his account reset ASAP
  4. Sudo

    Wills EM application

    Quite Frankly, This is one of the worst EM Application I have viewed in a long time. - No Effort - Terrible Event Structure - No Detail - Not Known - Advertised His Application - Not Enough Playtime From the several reasons listed above - I will be giving you a negative support. -1
  5. Sudo

    Peter's Goodbye

    Cya Peter ❤️
  6. Sudo

    Pac 3 is strechy and weird

    I also have this problem quite a lot - It is a graphics card problem...
  7. Sudo

    Kujo/Carolina's PAC3 Application

    Kujo... Kunjo.... Where do I start? - Amazing Roleplayer - Dedicated To His Regiment - Great PAC Examples which represent his character - Very trustworthy Therefore, I will be happy to give you a positive support +1
  8. Sudo

    Planz' Application For PAC3 Tier 1

    Emerald sums it up for me, Neutral.
  9. Sudo

    Joel's PAC3 apllication V2

    +1 Joel is super nice Has some great PAC creations Exceeds The Playtime Requirements Very Mature Has good reasoning for the use of his PACs
  10. Sudo


    @Gregis Goodluck with everything, We all hope you will join back to IG after your schooling is finished. Once Again, Best of luck with everything.
  11. Sudo

    Supersoups EM Application

    I will be speaking on behalf of myself and Emerald. Quoting another community users is a usual situation done all day, everday. Saying it is not helpful or fair is completely wrong and in my eyes it is straight forward rude. Quotting another users comment probably means; that I agree with everything helsing has stated, which is not a bad thing as it shows the applicant (in this case yourself) that more then one community member feels the same way about you. Emerald being the super generous person might leave another reply regarding more points for your application that you can work on but for myself I would rather not as I am packing up all my stuff from my trip as I will be home around 3pm tonight. My last response will be this; From reading through the rest of the communities respones I stubbled across the Katelyn and Splonter I am left on a very thin string regarding my response falling from ‘Neutrual’ to a ‘-1’
  12. Sudo

    Supersoups EM Application

    Leaning Towards -1 But for the time being NEUTRAL
  13. Sudo

    Do you like Climb SWEP?

    Oh, how happy the Emperor must have been to see probably another 100 troopers die for not being good at climbswep... Fliqqs is probably still having good dreams about this day but on the other hand imagine the engineers who had to scrape the flesh and scrub the blood off the MH1 floor.
  14. Sudo


  15. Sudo

    Staff Report - Sudo Kye

    @Head Coach Frank @Whitey @Ridge May this post please be locked and if there is a punishment for myself decided within the staff team could it be delt internally.
  16. Sorry, but I am also giving you another -1
  17. Sudo

    Ban Appeal

    +1 - Alot of effort was put into this appeal - Your justification for the problem seems very reasonable - I did run into you on the server snd you were super friendly and didnt mean to harm the server - It was a very simple mistake that like you said; it got out of hand - It truly does seem that you are wanting forgiveness and wanting to rejoin the community
  18. Sudo

    Jacobs TMOD App

    +1 - Good Application - Quite Detailed - Working with yourself in Regional Government has been amazing as you always finish any tasks handed your way - Super Active and attempting to meet new members of the community and make stronger friendship bonds - Super polite, always stopping whatever you might be doing to say hello and checkup on others. - Spelling/Grammar mistakes (But Im No Better)
  19. Sudo

    Support Model (SCAR)

    I understand how this can be used but it doesnt make sense for SCAR to have to only custom model for their support class - If troopers are in need of a medic whilst in battle it is pretty hard to miss a white and pink soldier running around to serveral individuals healing them. Going back to my main point; What makes SCAR more important than all the other regiments allowing them to get a custom model implemented, Most likely you will say “Because it is in lore” but quite frankly (without throwing any shade) before I went of my trip I didnt see any SCAR on for around a week, besides yourself (kamlieon) I believe if more SCAR Troopers were on instead of just the Lieutenant Colonel it could happen and the model could be coded in but until then I do not believe it is necessary. (EDIT) It doesn’t stand out in a crowd, It looks the exact same as the other models until you focus on the cape and shoulder pad, Just looking through the comments even Ramirez had to ask what was different. -1
  20. Sudo

    Archer's Trial Moderator Application

    Huge +1 Archer is one of the most nicest peopl I’ve met. He would never abuse a staff role in any way shape or form and I believe he would be a great addition to the amazing team we already have.
  21. Hello, All Community Members & Staff As many people knew, It was my birthday today and I would like to Thank Everyone who did send me some birthday wishes - For a present, my parents have surprised me with a trip down to the snow at Charlottes Pass for around 6-7 day which is pretty dang amazing. I have decided to make a thread to allow other members of the community aware of my absence as I know I had a lot of stuff planned with certain individuals which will now be on pause. If you do need me please add me on steam 'Sudo Kye ' (click on the name) or send me a direct message through the forum inbox as I will most likely be keeping up to date through those two sources. Once again, Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I will see everyone in 6-7 days. Thank you, -Sudo Kye
  22. Sudo

    Qanta's Ban Appeal

    I explained my previous experience with on the server and then linked it back to how you are commenting and these replies that are downvoting you aswell as how you are in a way disrespecting the staff team even though we bust out asses for the server to make sure everyone is satisfied with roleplay/events which the event team are doing amazingly and the to to moderation and administrative team who are on the ball helping with issues which range from insignificant and major problems. Simple things like “Good On ya” at the end of a very immature reply does not help yourself as it shows that you have not ‘matured’ as you did state in your appeal which technically means you are lying. I am currently on a holiday which was suprised present from my family but as myself and other community staff are dedicated to our roles we check the forums regardless and the worst thing we like to see is users such as yourself disrespecting other community staff members that are honestly some of the best people i’ve worked with/for. If you fix your attitude, your presence and give our community staff members a legitimate reason why you should stay without just copying off your old appeals we are more then happy to turn a blind eye to the past and we might just give you that 3rd chance
  23. Sudo

    Qanta's Ban Appeal

    I will be down voting this thread as on many occasions I have been in situations where you have been quite toxic and immature towards myself and other community members that range from new players to experience and respected staff members. I would also like to comment on that you stated that pinejacks response does not matter which in my eyes is extremely disrespectful and puts a bad view on yourself. I also find it extremely immature of yourself to downvote people response if they have down vited your appeal so to yourself enjoy the downvotes. —1