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  1. Sudo

    My Farewell

  2. Sudo

    Moos Ban Appeal

    -1 You received 3 warn, in 5 minutes which is quite hard to receive if you are not purposely minging/breaking server rules.
  3. Sudo


    Ok, It quite possibly could but several things that can never be changed/fixed; 1) Event Characters - There are so many great community members who openly request to be in events but then you have others who take the time to minge and, ehhh.... alot of blacklists happen 2) Framerate - Yeah, no need to explain 3) Online Players - Earlier today, we went from 60 players to 100 in like 30 minutes... It is unexpectable what happens in such a small time period.
  4. Sudo


    My Input, First off, I would like to agree that the off-ship today (ran by myself with the help of basil) was horrific. A lot of factors come into play and I apologize for everything that happens. Secondly, We aim to have our big, main event at 8:00pm which can be good and bad at the same time regarding the number of players online at the time which no one can change so its an obstacle the Event Masters must overcome and work around. Thirdly, All event masters attempt to somewhat allocate roles for certain regiments (such as ARC, SCAR, NAVY, SITH) but everyone has to understand we can't have 120 players all doing separate roles/jobs so we come up with plans on how we can allow one regiment to shine brightly on an event but then the next we let another shine, which may I add is super hard because of the amazing and talented players we have so it doesn't always work to plan. Fourthly and most important, Community Members should not be constantly pming an event master that their event is bad because trust us, we know it is and it is impossible to try and sort things out whilst having our screens clustered with PMs so please accept that not everything will go to plan and please understand that the Event Staff Team try our hardest to fix issues within our own events.
  5. You are always allowed to edit.
  6. Sudo

    CS - A New Challenger Approaches (Finished)

    Mr. Unblacklisted
  7. Sudo

    DS-01 - A Night of Pure Passion

    Last Night was amazing - The map is honestly so good and the staff over of the server were super nice in giving us a full tour of the whole map which in my eyes was magnificent.
  8. Sudo

    Trpimir's Ban request

    Dear Trpimir I would like to point out that Emerald has full permission to state and provide either a positive or negative response. In no circumstances should yourself be putting one of our community staff members down in such a way. I would also like to extend off Emerald's response that if he were to advertise for another server he would not be standing here today as a full-time moderator within our community. My only tip for yourself is not to reply separately / argue with other community members responses on your appeal. Kind Regards, -Sudo
  9. Sudo

    Hilarious Space Ship “accidents”

    Brass, didn't you read the tile - It has to be a picture of an accident... silly man... this is no accident...
  10. Sudo

    Touka/Menendez Ban Appeal

    Introduction: Ok, hopefully, this will be my last reply on this thread unless I am dragged into it. I have taken the time to go back through your previous ban appeal and reflect on your in-game behavior and interactions I have had with yourself. Please enjoy my notes and if you do feel the need to quote anything, ask questions or confirm anything please do so - I am always happy to put forward the evidence I have gathered. ------------------------------------- 1; You have stated your brother disconnected after the first 'attack' and you also have said you 'Know it as a fact' which is quite weird as how would you know if you were away from the computer 2; An amazing photo has been provided by our Community Owner Wolf, In this photo, the dropship can be seen heading for the debrief area of Tatooine whilst being physgunned (Cody Froze The Ship). You can also view the kill-feed on the right of your screen which means that you have already rammed the area once, and heading in for the second time. Photo: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/948454725664044524/227A7AF13AB0EE9277558BB3C4C7020DFD371B7F/ 3; You have stated once again this was 'Accidental' - Do you want us to believe that your 'brother' got in a dropship and accidentally flew it into the whole server at debrief, and then have the urge to call an admin to get set back then leave the server which puts our staff team into pure panic. 4; You have also stated that this is a harsh enough punishment when quite frankly you are lucky you're not banned from the forums and/or our Teamspeak. Conclusion: If you can have your 'Brother' come forward through a Teamspeak call to the management team and explain the whole situation and own up to it, I believe there could be a slight chance you could be unbanned but what do I know - I'm just an Event Master <3 ------------------------------------- EDIT: I am a massive gravedigger so I have uncovered some extra information from your previous appeal 1; You stated that your 'brother' left instantly after the incident happen but according to our Community Advisor Ridge, you asked in Admin Chat to be set back to your regular role which contradicts that you disconnected. I would also like to point out, Why would your brother get you set back to you exact role... 2; Ridge has also stated that your 'brother' was set back to your exact rank & regiment as well as sounding IDENTICAL to you which is just, ehh.... don't get me started Photo: https://imgur.com/a/5DrZojO 3; I would also like to point out, You wasted so much of our staffs precious time on one of the dumbest things I have ever seen any community member ever do... Conclusion: As I am an amazing gravedigger, I have analyzed the information I have gathered from both ban appeals (Your Text & Staff Responses) and can put my hands down on my desk and say everything you have said to try and cover tracks / lift your punishment is quite contradicting in nearly every single aspect. ------------------------------------- EDIT: Here are a few extra notes just to allow other staff members to view. 1; You have explained that you have never received a warn (Recorded Or Verbal) but I believe I have given you multiple verbal warnings about mic spam, failrp, and metagame (AS AN EVENT CHARACTER) but we will just put that aside for now...
  11. Sudo

    Kuchits EM Application

    -1 No Detail Not Well Known Not Enough Playtime
  12. Sudo

    Touka/Menendez Ban Appeal

    - EDIT - After re-thinking about the incident I will be changing my vote from positive to negative for the following reasons; - You lied in your last ban appeal saying that it was your supposed 'brother' who drove the dropship. - You killed half the server, No joke... Half the server. - You broke multiple rules up to this point. - You intentionally attempted and succeeded to cause mayhem and pure chaos. - I would also like to point out, you attempted to ram debrief for a second time, straight after the first but our amazing staff team stopped you in your tracks. -1