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  1. Sudo


    "If Wolf is all excited, it's for whitey - Wolf wins nothing...."
  2. Sudo

    My age

    I do believe age should not matter when doing a tryout for a regiment but as Cody has said Navy has super strict guidelines to the point where many people can not handle it. I understand that denying someone from joining a regiment (trooper regiment) by their age is completely wrong due to the fact that we have multiple community members that are younger than others but I will agree that Navy & Government should and do deny younger members of the community for that reason alone.
  3. Sudo

    Menendez/Touka's Ban Appeal

    Ok - So this situation is that I was wrapping up my event and mid-debrief 'you' (yourself or a sibling) rammed a dropship killing more the half the server. Sadly I or other staff members did not have to reflexes to grab the ship in time even though I saw it and said: "oh f**k". Cody, they rushed to the dropship and deleted the ship and to our surprise, no one was inside. Now to my response; I do believe your ban should be removed completely as I know you personally and you wouldn't instead to risk such a high role and ruin your reputation. Even though you have said that it was a sibling does sound pretty sketchy as this is one of the oldest 'excuses' but I can also somewhat rep this as you would have used your mic previously before the incident. +1 for ban removal
  4. Sudo

    Picking a new Imperial Awards Host

    I approve of the Shore Joke... Quite honestly one of my favorite videos produced yet... "It's jail jiggles"
  5. +1 Peter, All my interactions with you have been pretty simple and nice. You are super active - I probably see on for most of the day. Your events are pretty decent but could use some more explanation and detail but as you did clearly state you count them as 'drafts' Events are very similar to ones that have already occurred but it seems that you have your own small tweaks throughout them. You are also very mature and always stick to characters (Even as an event character which is always good) Best of luck -Sudo
  6. Sudo

    Azura's EM Application

  7. Sudo

    Azura's EM Application

  8. Sudo

    Timmys PAC app

    Neutral Great Roleplayer Great Guy Not Enough Detail In Application Need More PAC Examples I Would Advise You To Work With PAC In Singleplayer & Get A Better Understanding.
  9. Sudo

    My story

    Delta, you are pretty bloody strong to speak up about this. I respected you so much before this post because of Shore Troopers like a year ago and this legit boosted you from 100% to 200%
  10. Sudo

    EM Application - Mexxy

    Neutral Well-known (Under The Name BunBun) Decent Roleplayer Not Enough Detail In Application Can Turn Toxic Very Fast
  11. Why did you bump this post?
  12. Sudo

    Taking a break from IG

    I love you Allucious ❤️
  13. Sudo

    Sudo EM Application || 2018

    Ohhhh I See - I thought the bump is counted from the last 'bump' message Sorry my fault.