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Everything posted by pinejack

  1. pinejack

    I think im back lads

    To be honest, you didn't need to make a farewell post only to come back a week later and create an "I'm Back!" post. I know a large majority of players don't say they are leaving the community everytime they take a day off.......
  2. Nah, according to that pesky HK-51 bounty hunters can’t harm other bounty hunters
  3. pinejack

    A long while coming

  4. pinejack

    Cal's Intro

  5. pinejack

    I have returned, my children.

  6. pinejack


  7. pinejack

    I'm Back....

  8. pinejack

    DS-01 Event Bloopers!

  9. pinejack

    Cad Bane/Cushion

  10. pinejack

    Rozz / Rage Introduction

  11. pinejack

    Sterling's Introduction

  12. pinejack

    Starfalls intro

  13. pinejack

    Satan's Intro

  14. pinejack

    Nexes Intro

  15. pinejack

    Hi I'm Alive Again

  16. pinejack

    Hi I'm Ovi

  17. pinejack

    Civilization Game Nights?

    As @charles has stated, to make this a proper suggestion, follow the template Whitey has provided.
  18. pinejack

    Gmod in HD or normal?

    I've been playing Garry's Mod on pretty much minimum/medium graphics for everything and I've gotten used to it, but since I got a new computer I've been able to play on the same 100+FPS with maximum everything and to be honest it is almost too good with all the extra shadows, lighting, quality, etc. Just play with it until you are happy with it, and as @Bailey has said, maximum graphics do make for some amazing videos and screenshots. Just tweak with the settings until it stops tearing, and if not, just change back to what it used to be until a solution can be found.
  19. pinejack

    My Inactivity

    Hope everything goes well and you are able to come back soon
  20. pinejack

    Card Scanner Hacker Tool (Suggestion)

    Although this is a good idea, it isn't practical for the event characters to use it due to the fact that it is extremely loud when cracking the door, will be canceled if they are shot (knocked too far from the door or killed), and doesn't stay open for very long. It seems like too much work to make a brand new custom cracker for event characters to use once in a blue moon.
  21. But wait...there’s more! Nah he ain’t dead, just chiss-napped by some hentai weebs.