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  1. pinejack

    Kir Kanos’ Re-Application

    I mean it is a Garry's Mod server and most things in Garry's Mod are coded in Glua so....... NEUTRAL for the moment.
  2. pinejack

    Hex Trial Mod Application

    NEUTRAL. I think you have what it takes to be a good staff member, but I really think you need to get out there a bit more and get noticed more for good reasons.
  3. - ACCEPTED FOR INTERVIEW - @Snow Please make yourself available on TeamSpeak tonight (24/05/2018) at 8:00pm AEST for your interview. If you are unable to make this time, please send me a message over the forums with a time that you will be available.
  4. pinejack

    My "Better"? IG Logo's / Designs

    Do we get complementary 3D glasses to get the full effect or do we have to purchase those separately.
  5. pinejack

    Hi, Hello, Nice Seeing You Again...

    Welcome back my dude.
  6. pinejack

    My "Better"? IG Logo's / Designs

    I think that the red is nice but looks a little hostile.
  7. pinejack

    My "Better"? IG Logo's / Designs

    I like #4 @Martibo but I do agree with Chef, we need our #bringblueback
  8. pinejack

    Freeman Event Master Application

    NEUTRAL - I think that you would make a good event master but I feel as if this application was rushed a little. I would suggest going back over and proof reading it in order to correct some of the errors within it. I would also like to see you put a little more effort into the last two applications, as they are a bit bare bones at the moment. Good luck
  9. P.S. - Sorry for the bad video, kinda happened on the fly.
  10. Hey everyone. I have decided to put this up on the forums for those who don't see it ingame. I have decided to move my character's weapon and armour engineering skills and business from the private military sector to the Empire's sector, now that he is an enlisted soldier within the tank trooper squadron. You can currently order weapons and armour from him here ( but more will be coming soon.
  11. pinejack

    The officers lounge...

    It was on this day that I made millions of credits betting on troopers to murder other troopers
  12. pinejack

    Free Game