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  1. Wind

    Gregis, T-mod Application

    +1 Reasons stated above
  2. Wind

    Gregis, T-mod Application

    This person would make an amazing trial mod and would be a constant help to the community!
  3. I know you are a great guy and do well with the role but i believe you just need to show that a bit more in your application, show the skill we know you have
  4. @Max Amazing to hear man keep pushing! [All of VF support you]
  5. @JoelIkr it looks sus i told some of my troopers they should make forums accounts {not to look at mine} and they both stumbled across mine and replied XD i know what you mean though.
  6. Wind

    Vin Northal's T-mod app

    +1 -One of the most responsible people i have seen on IG -Extremely active -Would make a great T-Mod -Understandable for the -1's but if you actually get to know him you realise how great he is!
  7. Wind

    Wind's Pac3 Aplication

    @Ridge Could you please take this down as i no longer want this to be up
  8. Wind

    Arcturusious's PAC3 Tier One Application

    +1 Great guy, Amazing applications, Very responsible Arcturusious would do great with PAC3 as he has already proved he is responsible as he is a colonel of storm commando's and has shown his skills with the screen shots he has posted -Wind