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  1. Cecil

    PAC3 - Joshv/Blitz

    As many have stated, Josh can be mingey at times however, I think all you need to do is look at the state of ARC under his command to realise that he takes it very seriously and is responsible. +1 from me
  2. Cecil

    Power Player Confirmed

    This thread is making me sick
  3. Cecil

    Nyx Pac Application Tier 1

    Big +1 Glad to see you applying :)
  4. Cecil


    4 Years is quite a wealth of experience, look forward to what you can bring to server! Hopefully I'll see you around in a month and a bit
  5. What is your Steam name?: Ceto What is your current in-game name?: Cecil What is your current in-game rank?: Warrant Officer II What is your current playtime on the server?: 6d 13h (Will upload photo in the morning <3) What is your current overall playtime on Garry's Mod?: 400 Hours Do you have a microphone?: Indeed I do Do you have any kicks, bans or warnings from anywhere on Imperial Gaming?: I have no kicks, bans or warnings from my time of the server, nor have I got any from any other server Why do you believe you would be an asset to the team?: I believe I have an infectious positivity to my personality that could be beneficial to the long sessions that usually occur during media projects. I also think that I am hardworking and dedicated to what I put my mind to, particularly what I'm passionate about. Film is included in my passions, therefore making it easier for me to apply these qualities. I think I could also help contribute to the ideas side of the advertisement team. Besides my 'official' role of editor, I consider myself to be quite a creative person and could help brainstorm the basis for the next project . Just throwing it out there, I've done drama ATAR for the past 2 years so I'd be a fantastic actor during projects Do you understand that as a member of the advertisement team, you may have to put in long hours into various projects?: I fully understand as mentioned in my previous comment. For the best content to be produced long hours are a requirement. The satisfaction of a good film/project completed is more than enough reward to compensate. How well do you work with others in a team?: As a Year 12, I'm a house captain. There are 6 of us that work as a team to run and organise activities for 350+ kids everyday. I'm fairly confident in my communication skills and find that I rarely clash with other people's personalities which I believe to be one of the major problems when working as a team. I'm perfectly okay with letting myself be led by the leader of a project and not being intrusive but if need be, I'm also comfortable with leading and expressing and contributing my own ideas if they are wanted. I've also done various volunteer work where as a team we have to construct a house. For this to work efficiently, everyone has to be fully aware and comfortable with their role in the project. I think this is relatable to a media team as there are various different roles where everyone contributes to the project in a different way. I'll be aware that my job is the editor and to not overstep my welcome into other areas. How much time can you offer to the team in an average week?: 5-8 Is there anything else you would like to add?: The reason I'm applying for the advertisement team is I've felt at home during my time and the server and I wish to give back to the community and to get involved and integrated within it. I felt the advertisement team was the best option to achieve this goal besides the Moderator role. (Not experienced enough to apply :3)
  6. Cecil

    Ramirez's Trial Moderator Application

    I've been shown nothing but kindness from Ramirez Well Respected Active Shows through his command of ST's that he has serious, controlled and measured character Big Fat +1 from me Good Luck Ramirez!
  7. Cecil

    Forums Suggestion

    Hey Planz, just want to start by saying I appreciate you throwing ideas out into the community. I think this addition would be beneficial to the forum, simply due to the added convenience. However, I feel like if you were to form an opinion on the application before reading the comments that should solve the problem of holding a bias due to the previous comments. I think it would be helpful but not a crucial addition to the forums and like you said, is dependant on how much the Management team have on their plate currently.
  8. Cecil

    Another one bites the dust

    Good Luck Ham.
  9. Cecil

    Credit Store Prices

    I whole heartedly agree Rusty. The mathematical skill demonstrated is nothing less than superb *clap* On a more serious note, I believe that the guns and health boosts are a healthy addition to the server, in fact I wish there to be more stuff in the store, perhaps some more cosmetics. But for a non-boosted person to have to rack up 78 days of ACTIVE playtime for ONE item is too high in my opinion. Considering most players strive for the 300 health boost initially, it makes the quest to acquire a pulse cannon or a Rotary Cannon even more daunting.
  10. Cecil

    SWEP Training

    If widow could implement this it would be amazing and beneficial to the entire skill of the server. As an ST, the most enjoyable times were the Public CLIMB SWEP training held by the sith marauders. Perhaps open it up to the public occasionally as well?
  11. Cecil


    I cannot contain my excitement. Fully expecting Josh (Blitz) to win the 'Pulled' award! Thanks for doing these Hornet.