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  1. Rad_Cop

    Cody Facecam?

    Get a mask instead of a picture go full thrawn cosplay while you play.
  2. Rad_Cop

    Ana's Trial Event Master Application

    ^^ A pleasure to deal with and always working to improve.
  3. Rad_Cop


    man welcome i hope to see you around. The man, the myth, the legend: Gregis may he rest in peace.
  4. Rad_Cop

    Hammer's Tier 2 PAC3 Application

    +1 Trustworthy Active Friendly knowledgeable
  5. Rad_Cop

    Ana's Rank

    I agree with Helsing while i am unaware of the details i don't believe you should be set back to belong the rank you have earned as it's not your fault that you were mass promoted the person who did the promoting should be the one suffering consequences.
  6. -1 I haven't seen you around much additionally my only interaction with you has been you repeatedly ignoring the maintenance signs while we were working as well as my asking you to leave. I believe this shows a disregard for rp.
  7. Rad_Cop

    Ramirez's Event Master Application

    +1 well structured events while not a large amount of events quality of quantity and i believe that Ramirez will be able to come up with even more quality events when he is EM. Active Experienced Easy to get along with Does his best for whatever regiment he may be in. Good luck
  8. Man this gives some real hype i can't wait to see it come into action,.
  9. Rad_Cop

    Aphrodite's Trial Moderator Application

    +1 really good to rp with, lots of fun to be around generally a great player in my experience.
  10. I'm going to have to give it a -1 as well while i haven't had bad experiences with you and i think your rp has improved and your mingeyness has lessened it doesn't take away the warns or improve the quality of the application, no response has more then a single line answer.
  11. Rad_Cop

    Panda's Junior Developer Application

    Neutral Good luck
  12. Rad_Cop

    Crunchy T-MOD Application

    Neutral While i believe your a nice enough person and have been a member of the community for a while, I question your maturity and whether or not you could fairly moderate situations. Good luck in your application.
  13. Rad_Cop

    Planz' Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Absolute legend would make a great staff member. Mature player Dedicated Does a lot for his regiment to make it what it is and try and improve it more. Lots of fun
  14. Rad_Cop

    Ana Introduction

    Welcome, welcome to the land of imperial gaming
  15. Rad_Cop

    Brass' late-ass Introduction

    Best chief of staff 10/10 should be grand moff, (joking please do not murder me mighty Chopz.)