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  1. Aphrodite

    This isn't even late, I'm just lazy

    ...You seem familiar have I seen you before?
  2. Hey I'm Aphrodite, I've changed my name like 3 times so I hope someone recognizes me. Also this is much more effort then I thought it would be
  3. Aphrodite

    Gregis Set designer App

    From what I've seen you'd be a massive asset to the team, I'd personally love to have you on the team!
  4. Aphrodite

    Realistic Loitering Zone

    Pushing back the entrance would also be good for people that for some reason still don't understand that its a no loitering zone. Having the zone pushed back will clearly define the area is seperate from the other.
  5. Aphrodite

    Now THATS epic

    I dunno what I expected but I can say for sure it wasn't that.
  6. Aphrodite

    Pickle (Grodin Tierce) Trial Mod Application

    Also there is a lot of grammatical errors and litte to no punctuation, it's not really a bad thing but it makes the application seem very rushed with not a lot of effort put in.
  7. This, the name is distasteful.
  8. What is your Steam name?: [IG] Oi nah why did you do that What is your current in-game name?: - V - Epsilon What is your current in-game rank?: Second Lieutenant What is your current playtime on the server?: One week and six days. What is your current overall playtime on Garry's Mod?: 466 hours so getting close to 500. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Do you have any kicks, bans or warnings from anywhere on Imperial Gaming?: No, not that I am aware of. Why do you believe you would be an asset to the team?: I'm very active on the server and can work closely and well with a team. I'm not an expert but I'm willing to learn and try my best to help the rest of the team with their projects. Do you understand that as a member of the advertisement team, you may have to put in long hours into various projects?: Yes, thats a reason why I'm excited to join. I love working on projects with others and working towards a goal, the end result makes the time spent worth it. How well do you work with others in a team?: I think I work fantastically with others, I'm currently the CO of my regiment so I've learned to work better with others. How much time can you offer to the team in an average week?: As much time as needed as long as it doesn't start to take too much time away from my regiment, as I still have responsibilities. Is there anything else you would like to add?: Nothing in particular apart from the fact I just hope I get to work with this group and work towards making sweet videos for the server! ----------------------------------------------------- What software do you use to record?: I currently use shadow play as its pretty good on quality and it doesn't hog fps like other programs can, I'm sure I can change if it's needed. How much experience do you have with filming?: Not a lot unfortunately but it's something I'm interested in and can dedicate a lot of time towards it and increasing my skill. What other software do you use to aid with recording?: Nothing currently but if needed I can obtain whatever is deemed necessary. Have you recorded things in the past? If so, please link them here.: I recorded a lot of stuff in Highschool for different subjects but they have people in them and I'd require permission to show them, plus I don't think I have easy access to most of the videos either. Why do you want to become a filmer?: It seems like a way I can give back what the server has given me, I love the time I spend here and this would be a fantastic way for me to give back to you all by hopefully making videos that will attract people to the server or just serve as a nice way to keep memories we as a community create together. It's also a bit of a passion of mine, I love movies and short films and I really want to try my hand at making some and the opportunity to do that while also doing what I mentioned above would be amazing. By submitting this application, I understand that I am a representative of the Imperial Gaming Community and that my actions both as a part of this community and within other communities may affect the results of this application. I understand that advertising this application in any way may result in an instant denial of the application. I understand that if this application is denied, I must wait a minimum of two weeks before applying again. I understand that once this application is posted, I must wait seven days after the last reply in order to bump the post unless it is to notify players of a significant update. I understand that I may not respond to my own application unless it is a notification of updated information and that any form of argument within this application may result in instant denial of the application and punishments may be handed out. I understand that if I am accepted for this role that it is not an actual staff rank and that I will gain no benefits resulting from this new position. I understand that I must notify the chain of command if I will be absent for more than five days and that I must organise my projects to progress even if I am not present to oversee them.
  9. Aphrodite

    Hello There.

    I miss you Tackxo ;-;
  10. Aphrodite

    Emerald's Trial Moderator Application

    Don't trust Emerald he's still an Inquisitor but is wearing a Marauders outfit OT: +1 Emerald is active and a nice dude, super helpful and I feel like he would be a good fit for the staff team.
  11. Aphrodite

    Rickle's Advertising Team Application

    HMMM? WHERE IS IT RICKLE MATE? Also +1 Rickle is a super active member of the community and would make a fantastic addition to the advertising team, plus the video was actually sorta funny.
  12. Aphrodite

    Credit Store Prices

    6 regiments have a pulse canon. Widow, Inferno, SCAR, Shadow, SC, IC.
  13. Aphrodite

    Credit Store Prices

    Personally I would prefer the store to not sell guns, or health boosters for that matter. So the extremely high price doesn't bother me. The less pulse canons we have running around the better.
  14. Aphrodite

    SWEP Training

    I don't think you can really show them how to effectively climb swep during the training as a recruit. It'll be rushed just like everything else, most recruits aren't given tours still and barely have any clue what is going on. I love the Idea of Widow doing daily training sessions though, it'll give people stuff to do and will hopefully inspire some and show them they can stay as a Storm Trooper.