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  1. Whitey

    Francis’s PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Denied - Due to previous issues
  2. Whitey

    Demonic's PAC3 Tier One Application!

    Denied - User has become inactive in the community.
  3. Whitey

    Volt's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Denied - The user has become inactive in the community
  4. Whitey

    Lorgar's PAC3 App

    Denied - User has become inactive in the community
  5. Whitey

    Novus Kingsley's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Denied- The user has become inactive in the community.
  6. Whitey

    PAC3 Tier 1 Application - Xane (Updated)

    Denied - The user has become inactive in the community.
  7. Whitey

    Wiper's 2nd PAC App

    Denied - The member hasn't been active in the community.
  8. Whitey

    Pac 3 Application Hex

    Denied - The user hasn't been active in the community
  9. Whitey

    Tyren's Tier 1 Application

    Tyren cannot access the forums so I'm putting up the application for the member. Steam details: Steam name: Angus Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:85099134 Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130463996/ In game details: In game name: Tyren Zueoth In game rank: Navy Able Crewman In game regiment: Navy Time played: 3 days 20 hours and 25 mins (i can't provide a screenshot i couldn't see my playtime for some reason and needed to get another person to tell me. If you need proof please come to me when im only and check) PAC3 questions: Have i used pac before? Yes, i used pac on another server called poseidon, when it was open to the public everyone started using it, so i started practicing and spend hours upon hours doing pac 3. When they closed pac 3, only a select few amount of people were given pac. I was granted permission to use pac and used it for the rest of my time on poseidon. Why should i be trusted with pac3? I think i should be trusted with pac 3, i responsible enough to understand the consequences of misuse of pac3, and am responsible enough to take the blame or punishment for whatever i do. I believe pac can be used for many situations such as events to make it more alive for even other people. Why do i want access to pac 3? I want access to pac 3 due to its extensive range of possibilities of things to do, such as change player models for different events (Such as snowy or desert areas) (with admin permission). In my time of using pac 3 on other servers i have found it can enhance not only your own, but also others RP experience. Such as having different ways to walk (Hands behind your back) Different stances such as attention and standed ease. It would be a great way to express RP. Why do i deserve pac 3? I think i deserve pack 3 for multiple reasons, first off, being my intentions for what i want to use pac for. I want to use to only to RP and enhance others and my own experience on the server. I understand that there are consequences for the misuse of pac 3, which is why i am going to be very careful and make sure that i take time using pac 3. Secondly, i think pac is a great way to expand others interest in getting more involved with the server and its community, i believe that using pac can inspire others to work there way up as well. Pac 3 examples: ^ Has a Mech eye, and has a grenade strapped to his belt (it moves and dangles when i walk) ^ Example of my ability to but other playermodels heads on others. (neither of those two playermodels are my actual player model, the top image is my model and i changed it to this using pac, the head and the suit are not one model, i put the head on the body) ^ Sith holocron, push to toggle button, im sure its been seen before but still.
  10. Whitey

    Tyren's Tier 1 Application

    Denied - User has not been active in the community.
  11. Whitey

    Proven's Ban Appeal.

    Unbanned - But you will be on an infinite good behaviour period where if you are warned once you will be community banned and have no ability to apply for 2 years.
  12. Whitey

    Jack's Ban appeal

    Unbanned - Please use this time wisely to reflect on your behaviour. You will be on a good behaviour period of 2 months where if you are warned you will be required to have a meeting with management or be banned again permanently.
  13. Whitey

    Menendez/Touka's Ban Appeal

    Denied - The evidence has been reviewed at this stage - you may reapply again in 2 weeks.
  14. Whitey

    Amelia The Distortionist

    Unbanned - Please use this time wisely to reflect on your behaviour. You will be on a good behaviour period of 1 month where if you are warned you will be required to have a meeting with management or be banned again permanently.
  15. Whitey

    Ban appeal Quoth

    Denied - You lied in your ban appeal and only confessed after evidence was provided against you - You may reapply in one month.
  16. Hi All, If you don't know I'll be on Holidays as of Saturday 7th July 2018 until Monday 16th July 2018 and during this period I will be unreachable. (As I'll be on a beach with a drink in my hand). for any issues contact the following people: Community Management: Wolf Server Management & PKs: Frank Staff Holidays & Claims: Carnifex Pac3: Frank Ban Issues: Frank Donation Store: Wolf Navy & Arma3 Spreadsheets: Cody Sith Spreadsheets: One of the Reg Commanders Support Issues: Carnifex Needing Hugs: JMan If its absolutely desperate then speak to wolf directly as he has other means of communication.
  17. @Lachlan because people still message me or quote me in conversations!
  18. Whitey

    plz unban

    @joshmundy2004, Please use the correct template otherwise this will not be assessed.
  19. Whitey

    Azura's Ban Appeal

    @Azura, I would like to make clear that you actually reached the warning threshold earlier that day for Metagaming, We were lenient and allowed you to play on. The evidence has been reviewed by multiple staff members with the same outcome being determined. During the period of the staff claim which I was present for, your story also changed a considerable amount of times which led to the final warning. I would also like to point out that you have never lied before. I have literally caught you before trying to intimidate an individual by saying you were talking to me and I was saying it was okay. After you were caught out you said "Oh I was trying to scare them", This is considered lying. I will wait until other staff have had a chance to review this appeal before ruling but I would like to make you aware that your next warn will result in a permanent ban from the server.
  20. Whitey

    Azura's Ban Appeal

    @Azura please use the correct format.
  21. Whitey

    Born's Mil-Sim App

    ARMA3 In Game Name: PTE Whitey ARMA3 Mil-Sim Section: B:1:1 ARMA3 Mil-Sim Rank: Private Member Rating (+1 or -1): +1 Reason Behind Rating: Good, mature and active community member who contributes to the server on a larger scale regularly. Would be able to contribute to the ARMA 3 Platoon in a positive manner.
  22. Whitey

    Rust Game Night's??

  23. Whitey

    Rust Game Night's??

    I'm more of a 7 Days to Die fan.
  24. Whitey

    Azura's EM Application

    Azura, At this current stage, your application will be denied due to you have a staff rank on another server. If you wish to explain please contact the management team.
  25. Whitey


    @[IG] Tackxo Get good and I might.