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  1. Tonberry

    Minecraft Game nights!??

    I've played Minecraft pretty much to death over the last decade, but hey, if a new server gets started up flick me the IP and I'll come mess around for a while!
  2. Tonberry


    Offship is fine when its done right, when the majority of the players online have a clear sense of purpose and direction It's good to remember not all regiments spend events pew pewing stuff with their blasters though. I understand every reg cannot be feasibly planned for every event, but lately ISB spent a lot of time emulating our white-armoured ST buddies running around with our E11s getting annihilated because there is no other plan in place for us (often ECs are uncapturable, even being TP'd away once captured, as their capture had not been pre-planned and the ECs do not know what to do in the situation) Offships become tedious when your whole regiment has nothing to actively contribute to the story of the event, and you're effectively just running around the map playing hide-and-seek with blasters, waiting for the event to end. A bit of creative thinking to engage ISB or Engineers would go down nicely! People who shoot things | people who stab things with lightsabers | people who don't shoot stuff is a much smaller amount of roles to allocate tasks, and won't screw over the people who don't shoot stuff. If you are making a differentiation between ARC and SCAR for events, you can make a differentiation between military and non-military regiments and give us non-mil something more engaging to do
  3. Tonberry

    Skears Tier 1 Pac3 application

    - Minimal effort in application - Has not yet stepped up to set a positive example for his regiment ingame - In the majority of my experience with you on the server, I seldom see serious roleplay from you - Have been informed by past members of Shore (and have personally observed) you AFKing for long periods of time to increase server time - None of your reasons have anything to do with the experience of other players on the server, it's all about 'looking cool' for your personal satisfaction Conclusion: Although getting PAC3 may improve your personal experience on the server, I think there are players who will also enhance the immersion of other players if given PAC, and for that reason, they deserve it more. -1
  4. Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Tonberry Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:128753738 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/master_tonberry/ In Game Details In Game Name: Tonberry In Game Rank: Assistant Colonel In Game Regiment: Imperial Security Bureau Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 2w 2d 7h+ (Only here since July, no hours before reset) PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Yes, but only on single player at this stage. I have a basic grasp on attaching models to the correct bones and using events to determine the behaviour of the PAC (eg: weapons disappear when equipped, condition deteriorates with health, comms respond to typing in chat etc) but will need time and experience to develop my skills further. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I have no intention to get myself removed from PAC perms / banned from community by abusing PAC permissions, nor do I have any intention to crash servers for my amusement. In my time on Imperial Gaming have received: 1 warn (RDM x1; shot a guy who knocked my food tray out of my hands) (Not currently active) 0 arrests (1x falsely arrested for alleged but disproved sexual assault) 0 kicks 0 demotions 0 bans In my time in ISB, I have spent a great deal of time ensuring SGT+ have been training recruits properly; have followed up on repeat offenders to encourage loyalty to the empire and quash dissent; and have co-ordinated loyalty tests for several regiments to help keep the peace on the server. Anyone who has encountered me on the server knows I have every intention of RPing seriously, and PAC would be a tool I use with the respect it deserves, to improve my own and other's RP experience. I would also not overdecorate my character with PAC, both to keep prop counts down and also as to not be an eyesore (subtle is better). Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): My interest in PAC access is primarily academic, as having PAC would mean I do not have to switch between the server and singleplayer to seek PAC advice from other players, and then switch again action that advice. As it stands, I am teaching myself from articles and video tutorials, which do not offer the capacity to ask questions or have somebody elaborate on the specifics of something. Being approved for PAC on the server would allow me to work on PAC without having to be offline, which is the main thing holding me back from spending more of my own time practicing (would rather not miss out on events on the server). Of course, if my intention was only to learn PAC for the sake of learning, I would understand if this application was denied; however, I also very much intend to use PAC to enhance the RP and immersion of both myself and others. There is not a huge amount of modification I can do to an ISB player model without moving too far away from how the uniform is meant to look, so also intend on also working on PAC for event character models as not to limit myself to simply my own character model. This should lead to players having a more immersive RP experience during events (for example, a droid event character falling into increased states of disrepair as troopers damage it). Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I have the capacity to become considerably more competent with PAC, but only if given the opportunity to foster my skill through meaningful ingame roleplay as opposed to just messing around on singleplayer. The ability to work on PAC while also online and having other PAC-approved members of the community to help answer questions would be invaluable to my improvement. I'm an incredibly active community member, as can be deduced by breaking down my server time. I have only been here since the beginning of July, and since then I have put more than 320 hours into the server, which averages to around five hours every day - This is while I work full time (40+ hours week), and am also studying for various work-related papers. As I have not been around for a large amount of calendar days (as opposed to server hours) some of you will undoubtedly have no idea who I am - I would ask that you reserve your judgement and allow the players who have actually interacted with me make the decision here! There has only been one day since I joined the server that I haven't been online for 4+ hours, so enough of you should have seen me around by now to make an informed decision! PAC3 Examples:
  5. Tonberry

    Tonberry's PAC Tier 1 Application

    Updated game time and rank BUMPY
  6. Tonberry

    Forum Game: Name a Story

    Imagine thinking "I know this post is more than fifteen months old but my username just happens to have the best possible word to continue this story" Her mod was trash so... Nurc
  7. Tonberry

    Ham's PAC 3 Tier 1 Application

    *proceeds to quintuple post* - lacks maturity - has not yet learned to handle either criticism or rejection gracefully - struggles following basic instructions (eg: don't ask about your reg app, don't bump before 7 days) - quintuple posts after getting told off for triple posting, thinks it's acceptable -1 May change to neutral or +1 in future if you can demonstrate more patience, restraint and resilience. At this stage, there are players who deserve PAC more, as they are willing to follow the same rules and procedures everybody else is expected to follow
  8. Oh boy... So many clips to go through...
  9. Tonberry

    IG Wipeout

    Voting for Gregis because seeing Galen Erso do Wipeout in character will be priceless
  10. Tonberry

    Ham's PAC 3 Tier 1 Application

    Yeah kinda unfair for those of us who let our apps fall to page 2 and only bump after a full week as per guidelines
  11. Tonberry

    Realistic Loitering Zone

    I've had DTs getting warned as they waited outside the door for a few seconds for myself and some other ISB operatives to leave the medbay, and I've had an operative murdered outside the medbay while conducting operations. Perhaps the medbay needs to be in a friendlier spot, or the Sith temple carpet needs to be slightly further back - there is definitely an awkward middle area that just makes everybody involved nervous
  12. Tonberry

    Knowledge is power....

    I see what you're getting at, but I gotta respectfully disagree - it takes no more effort, you're taking the same steps creating a cape/hologram PAC as you take to add any other aesthetic enhancements. The only part that's easier is coming up with the idea - and that's because it's not being came up with, it's being replicated! These overdone PACs came out of nowhere once, just like every other PAC! Where else were they meant to come from? Try brainstorming the things you actually want to achieve with PAC, thinking about ways to tell the story of your character visually. Once you know the look you are trying to achieve, you can look up the relevant tutorials for achieving that particular effect (for example, model group only displays when you are under a certain amount of health). Actually making PACs is the best way to learn new techniques! Instead of trying to understand ALL the epic things you can do, just try and understand one of those things at a time as you build confidence! I think the very first thing you need to do is have a hard think about what you actually want to use PAC for - if you can't visualise your character with the PACs you want to make, then that's your first step
  13. Tonberry

    Knowledge is power....

    I was actually going to say the opposite... Not that I have PAC or that my app has been approved, so take the advice with a grain of salt, but I think people would rather see simple but effective PACs that haven't been done to death already. People seem to be sick of seeing the same ol' droid leg, cape and chat hologram, so I'd avoid them like the plague. You are demonstrating your ability to use PAC, so don't limit yourself to just doing PACs that work with your ingame character model! Pick a random model and use PAC to tell that model's story! Maybe they've got some combat wear on an old piece of armour that they wear symbolically, maybe they carry some memento of a fallen comrade around their neck. Tell a story without words!
  14. Tonberry

    Ashley’s introduction

    Welcome to IG! Hope to see you aboard the Star Destroyer!
  15. Tonberry

    Tonberry's PAC Tier 1 Application

    Let's give this a lil' BUMPY (Since first creating this application, I've acquired another week's worth of playtime, with the total now currently sitting at 2w 0d 14h, at least until I get home from work)
  16. Tonberry


    This pretty much already exists on the forum in the form of the private message system - only your CO needs to know that you'll be inactive, not the whole server, so you can just PM your CO here on the forum if you really don't want to use TS or Discord. If it's important that your reg also be aware that you will be away, you can request your CO pass on that information.
  17. Tonberry

    Now THATS epic

    Ayyyy, welcome to the ISD Chimaera! Hope to see you around!
  18. Tonberry

    Jesis' Introduction

    Seen ya' around the SD, good to see ya' on the forums too!
  19. Tonberry

    Adam's Trial Moderator application

    +1 Top gent, active as, always has good banter
  20. Tonberry

    Rivers' Introduction

    Hope to see you aboard the star destroyer! Or even on the [REDACTED] soon enough!
  21. Tonberry

    Tonberry's PAC Tier 1 Application

    😂😂😂 I was trying to pull somebody else off the victim, but the /me referred to grabbing and restraining and the victim thought I was referring to them lmaooo
  22. Tonberry


    I feel sometimes, a hammer is used to massage out issues they could have used a polishing cloth for, but at the end of the day, it's hard for every staff member to be familiar with every player, so it is not surprising that every now and then a square peg gets banged into a circular hole. (What I mean is, if you haven't seen much of a player, it's easy to assume they are a minge/troublemaker, and be a little overzealous with your castigating (rather than looking at the situation without prejudice and wondering if perhaps there are other intentions/circumstances behind the behaviour - being condescending/arrogant to a player (who may not understand the full context of where they went wrong) is more likely to exacerbate their poor behavior than reduce it!!). I have also noticed that warns are inconsistent depending on who is giving them out - for example, I had been using GMod for 3 or 4 days at the time, and managed to acquire a warn; I killed one guy in character after he disrespected me in character (knocked a meal tray out of my hands in the mess hall, I shot him, 10 seconds went by, he fired back and then I shot him to death, initially had no intention to murder, just to shoot at as a warning) and instead of getting time in the brig as would be expected for an in-character murder, I got an RDM warn Whereas a new ST comes on, kills several people gets a verbal warn... . Have also seen/heard of similar instances where lesser crimes were more severely punished than more serious ones. This is simply an observation based on my experience over the last few months, and in no way an attack against any individuals or the staffing team! You are very much appreciated! But it is understandable that sometimes, simply due to the fact it would be impossible to become familiar with the nature and intentions of every player, punishments may be given that are out of proportion with the actual offense. My 2c
  23. Tonberry

    Shower Thoughts - HELP

    It's a good thing I read this topic before I get home, still sober and at work; or I would be sitting here pondering it for at least an hour
  24. Tonberry

    Interesting but stupid suggestion

    There is a fine balance between teaching a recruit everything they need to get started, leaving them to learn the rest of the specifics from future COs, handbooks, forums etc; and keeping a recruit for over an hour in the training room, and inundating them with an overload of information that will mostly not be immediately relevant to them, and immediately forgotten. Some people who join (such as myself) will have never played SWRP (or even used GMod before) and will need a bit of hand-holding, but the majority of recruits already know what they are doing, and holding them for excessive amounts of time is counterproductive for us and frustrating for them. People's brains are like sponges, if you soak them completely all at once, they won't be able to retain anything more. I appreciate where you are coming from, but inundating a recruit with a laundry list of things to remember above and beyond the server basics seems like it would do more harm than good to me. Vertical loading works best when learning new things!
  25. Tonberry

    Arkan's Late Intro

    Ahhh Arkan... The name that always pops up on the killfeed whenever I get killed as an event character... Someone needs to nerf this guy's aim!