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    Your idols in life

    Tosin Abasi or Paul Waggoner (Are you guys seriously looking up to Trump or is this a meme I don't get? Don't wanna make things political, but you DO know he's a massive idiot as well as a colossal dick, right?)
  2. Tonberry

    What other games do you play?

    Magic The Gathering, if TCGs count
  3. Tonberry


    Ahhh Tinky, well deserved!
  4. Tonberry

    IG Memes.

    Not that this applies to me since I am a PFC ­čśé
  5. Tonberry

    New to SWRP and GMOD

    Hello all! Thanks for the greetings Finally bothered to write out my 'about me' on my profile, figure I may as well paste it in my intro thread as well so people can learn a little more about me! 23 / Male / New Zealand Work 8:30am-5pm NZT Monday to Friday sellin' houses on the Kapiti Coast Usual hours active: 5:30pm-11:30pm Mon-Thurs NZT 5:30pm-3:00am Friday NZT 1:00pm-3:00am Saturday and Sunday NZT Talk to me about: 90's RWD Japanese Cars (Mainly JZ Chassis Toyota - will generally enthuse about everything except Honda) Magic The Gathering (Mainly Elder Dragon Highlander) Kingdom Hearts Union Cross (Vulpes; Wayward Children) Ibanez Guitars (especially extended range; 7 string etc) Music gear in general (drums, bass, mics, monitors, modelling/solid state amps, tube amps, PA systems, Pedals/FX, studio setups, home recording, Digital Audio Workstations, etc) Progressive Metal, Prog Rock, Technical Death Metal, (+100 other obscure subgenres of metal but NOT emo/screamo/deathcore/slam/any of that cringey false metal) Reggae, Blues, Jazz, 60s-80s Classic Rock, 90s hip hop - basically anything but mumble rap and EDM basically. As long as it's made by talented people playing instruments well, I'll probably dig it!
  6. Tonberry

    New to SWRP and GMOD

    What's crackin' team My IGN is Tonberry, expect to see me around! I learn pretty quick so I intend to be competent soon, however I am completely new to Garrys Mod in general. Please forgive any lateness to debrief/briefings as I orient myself. I might be a little slow to hit my bindings! I saw some videos on YouTube about SWRP and figured it looked like something I would be in to and it'd be worth a try. You may have seen me walking around base these last few days; I've decided I am here to stay, so have decided to jump on the forum as well. I intend to take this seriously, so if I appear to be minging, assume that my unfamiliarity with GMod has meant that I've either been slow to execute a command, or that I have hit the wrong keys! Looking forward to jamming with ya! Tonberry
  7. Tonberry

    New to SWRP and GMOD

    Cheers homies, got around 50 hours under my belt now, so have seen most of you strolling around the SD lookin' fine! Thanks to everyone that helped me out ingame with binds, climb SWEP and Gmod basics, feeling a lot more confident using GMod now!