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    These screenshots I have took from WWII Game WARNING Image below contains extremely graphic and disturbing image which may offend some viewers. Discretion is strongly advised. Thank you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
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    Star wars rp

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    Star Wars except its anime and I miss too many beats

    Beatsaber me Tackxo I will beat you!
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    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

    What is your Designation In-game name User Steam Profile Name: [IG] ItsYaBoiBossky User In-Game Name: Agent Kallus User Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71068729 User Steam link: User Play time Users Total In game: Apparently [ 2Days ] | Before [ 5Weeks ] Users Total Garry's Mod In game record: [ 2676 ] TotalHours Users Last played: Today Users In-game server rank: Rank Level [ 83 ] Applicantion PAC3 Question Have you used PAC Before: Yes, I am fully experienced at the use of PAC3 In the personnel Inventory and willing to use it properly on the server instead of misusing PAC3 In anyway. Why should you be trusted with PAC [ 1 Paragraph ]: Why should I be trusted with PAC3, Is Because I have been part of the community for a long time and met lots of new users and before users where on the community/server and I have cleared up my act being a minge before, I also believe that I have been an active member of the community In game and taking my RP role very serious 24/7 and lifelike Immersion In game, I have to be honest when doing this PAC3 application Like I said I have minge in the past before but at this stage I have stopped my minge and continue following the rules and participating to staff members and RP seriously In game, I had come upon lots of users on the server and also the new ones as well, overtime I had to show them my trust and let it sink into them If they trust me or not but I believe that Im a trusted person on the server/community I wouldn't minge at all at this stage and obey the staff members and server rules as well, and also being loyal to the server a well. Why do you want PAC [ 2 Paragraph ]: Why do I want PAC3, Is because I would like PAC3 because, There are endless possibilities and countless things to put on my player model and also to add cosmetic features to my playdermodel. For example, The main addon I wish to use Is to fix my model brightness Is because it to dark for my normal model and maby making my model more realistic and more 3D looking model on me, and I may be a Kyber crystal dangling beind my model and meditating animation onto my model but I also wish to use a working hologram that I really bring more improved RP scenarios/Immersion for my role as Is a sith marauder the the voice and those actions going In to be equipped, But also to create animations as well. Why do you deserve PAC [ 3 Paragraph ]: As I said early being a loyal member and being part of a community member for a long time now and overtime my trust sinks In to the users overtime that I can be trusted with PAC3 or any occasion methods happen, I have been working hard being very serious RP act on the serve doing theTrandoshan voice and take place actions to the other users and I also make people laugh and then I become happy, certainly wouldn't abuse or misuse PAC3 in anyways during the server. I obey and follow all rules that has been given to me by a super admin and restrictions that come with when using PAC3. Screenshots Included
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    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

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    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

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    Havoc no, dont leave me I LOVE YOU Trigon is gonna abuse me
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    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

    This is incorrect I haven't abused PAC3 on previous server or got it removed
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    ItsYaBoiBossky Introduction

    Hello you all disgusting HUMANS I have returned from TATOOINE And now Im on the STARDESTROYER Its time someone now DIES Or be eaten ALIVE I hate you ALL
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    IG 88 ROLE

    We need IG-88