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  1. Jalex

    Should we bring Rishi back

    Agreed. I think that with the Death Star map coming soon this map won't be needed.
  2. Jalex

    Chimaera Boi's Pictures

    Looks Good!
  3. Neutral. But with more consideration and effort I will gladly +1 this application, Jalex
  4. Jalex


    Damn fliqqs XD
  5. Jalex

    Peguin's Goodbye

    Goodbye Peg! Have many memories with us and CS and it is truly sad to see you go. Good luck with your further adventures!
  6. Jalex

    The End of the Line l Gatsby

    You'll be missed bro. Peace Jalex
  7. Jalex

    Jalex's EM Application

    Can this app please be closed as I would like to apply at a later time when I have more experience. Thanks, Jalex
  8. Jalex

    Gregis Set designer App

    +1 I think Gregis has shown on multiple occasions his creativity while building and I feel he would be a great addition to the Media Team
  9. Jalex

    Fish’ Very late introduction

    Wonder what he looks like under his mask. Fish man? Actually, I don't wanna know 😫😫
  10. The duration of the blacklist completely depends on the person who set it. If they deem that you should still be blacklisted, then it stands. Unless some higher power reckons that you should be un-blacklisted. I'm not really sure though as I have never been blacklisted. Jalex
  11. Jalex

    Realistic Loitering Zone

    Just to add onto my other statement. As someone who has guarded the sith temple many times, it is quite frustrating to see people just waiting outside the medbay. And I understand where you are coming from here. But that being said, I feel that anything near the bridge checkpoint should be dealt with by CS. And people loitering outside the medbay should be dealt with by sith. I also feel like there is a misunderstanding about what the guards who are guarding the sith temple are allowed to do. (please correct me if I am wrong) That little box area outside the Temple is a no loitering zone. That includes the entrance to the medbay. Many people during my time as sith have gotten quite annoyed at me warning then for them waiting outside the medbay for a friend or something. I think that this is just a misunderstanding and that people do not properly understand the boundaries. Maybe a text screen stating more clearly that anyone standing in that area will be warned would clear up a lot of confusion. Jalex
  12. Jalex

    Fish’ Very late introduction

    Ah yes. I was wondering when this would happen