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  1. Dexoys

    Introduction :)

    Did this dude follow me here or something 😂
  2. Dexoys

    ItsYaBoiBossky Introduction

    Humans Tatooine... Stardestroyer Dies... Alive All With my detective skills I am guessing it's Humans from Tatooine all live while we all die in the Stardestroyer.... pk him, he is threatening the Empire
  3. Dexoys

    Introduction :)

    But welcome back Maxine 👌🏽
  4. Dexoys

    Introduction :)

    Lmao who dis 😂
  5. Dexoys

    Ragdoll Posing Showcase

    ay that's pretty good
  6. Dexoys

    Official Platoon Information Sheets

    Nice job team!
  7. Dexoys


    wassup wassup wassup!