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Everything posted by Misahu

  1. +1 Has been a brilliant trooper, exceeding expectations and achieving the role of 2nd lieutenant. I've actually never seen him act in an immature manner. Experienced in the staffing role.
  2. Misahu

    Trigon's PAC3 Tier 1 App

    +1 -Solid pac examples -mature player, will not abuse -nice guy all round Good luck
  3. Misahu

    Tanks PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    +1 Great guy, will not abuse the privilege of PAC. He is also highly active, has solid PAC experience and is mature.
  4. Misahu

    Misahu's ban appeal

    Steam Details Steam Name: Misahu Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77136295 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/misahu/ In Game Details In Game Name: Misahu In Game Rank: Staff sergeant (recently demoted to stormtrooper private over a court marshall) In Game Regiment: Cinder squad (now stormtroopers) Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Tarkin (Frank) What date did the ban occur: Wed Jul 11, 2018 (Frank typed it in wrong on the ban notice, it was today, and wed Jul 1 does not exist.) What was the reason for the ban: No intent to RP | Attempt RDM Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I was sentenced to demotion to private from a court marshaling, where I was not allowed to contribute due to being locked in a cell because of a confusion regarding the lieutenant general, and glitches involving the chairs used. I was then left in the brig for the remaining hour of the court marshaling, with no ability to explain my role in the ‘crimes.’ Afterward, I was punished to the same extent as the person who actually did damage to the imperial equipment. When asked to leave the engine room, I was happy to comply. Furthermore, my actions did not disrupt the ability of the engineers to do their job. I don’t really know how my actions were considered ‘treasonous,’ as the Cinder Squad were only offering assistance to the engineers who were enduring dire circumstances. Anyway, that is beside the point. After this situation, I was (understandably) angry, as I did not know why I was punished to the extent I was and was not able to contribute to the court marshaling process. So in anger, I then did 200 points of damage to Frank when he teleported to me. I stopped firing on my own accord, and then was then immediately permabanned. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: Well in my opinion, under the circumstances I did not demonstrate a lack of willingness to roleplay; as I had just participated in a two-hour court marshaling session, without going AFK. Furthermore, my actions regarding Tarkin were in an out of character admin sit and thus did not demonstrate ‘no intent to RP.’ Moreover, I have never had a warning, even verbal, debating my willingness to roleplay. I did a small amount of damage to an admin, out of anger for disappointing circumstances and I apologize for this; we all have our moments. Although when he teleported to me, it was an out of RP admin sit; however I never attempted to kill him, as I stopped firing on my own accord. According to your own ban guide, attempted RDM is not even a punishable offense out of character, and RDM between 1 and 3 kills is just a warning. (although on Tatooine a few days ago, only a warning was given for a 22x RDM.) This would seemingly make the 'attempt RDM' section of my ban notice redundant. However, that still does not justify my actions of shooting Frank. In my opinion, the assault should have resulted in my arrest and a sentencing to time in the brig. If there is some reason I was banned, apart from what I’ve listed here, I’d really like to know. However, over the past 3 weeks, I have played the server for almost 9 days (in-game time) and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience until today. I accept that I’ll have to start from ST private again, and will be forced to rise through the ranks of another regiment, but I have never been a person to demonstrate any unfavoured qualities of a player on the server. I believe I have contributed too much time and effort to the community for my time on the server to come to an abrupt ending like this. Thanks for your time in reading my appeal, and I hope to hear from the community soon.
  5. Hi all, I am currently learning how to use Pac 3, and have made some, in my opinion, decent creations. However, I would just like to know how one would import the cinder squad character model into the Pac editor. I cannot find it in the player model section in single player (nor can I see the generic IC model, but that's not what I am trying to find.) Basically, any help would be appreciated, I do not see the model as an error in-game, so I've got to have it somewhere. If someone has the link that I could just paste into the model section, that could also help a lot. Cheers
  6. Cheers, that solved everything. Cheers mate
  7. Misahu

    Setting up discord servers

    A very nice thing to do.. and with our CO gone I reckon Planz could do with some assistance in this.
  8. Misahu

    Azura's EM Application

    +1 Reasons: Has been previously known as immature and hostile, however in recent times he has demonstrated his ability to be responsible and kind as an Junior Clerk in the Regional Government . In this regiment, he has also demonstrated a willingness to work hard for communal progression; a key trait of an event master. Fun guy to be around in discord and on the server, this would most likely transfer to the culture among the EMs. Solid event ideas (although a tad more detail would not go unnoticed.) All in all, with a better reputation, I believe this player would be a solid EM In-Game Name: [JT-04] Misahu Regiment: Jump Troopers In-Game Rank & Level: Staff Seargent , Rank 29