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  1. Planz

    CS - A New Challenger Approaches (Finished)

    Rickle mic-spams in game to be honest
  2. +1 Marlu, where do I start... Very Active Very Responsible Very Detailed Apllication - Outlines everything perfectly and to the point Overall I think Marlu would make an excellent trial moderator The only thing I can think of would be to try and make yourself more known around the ship. Good Luck ;D
  3. Planz

    Max's Intro

    Hello Max ;D Welcome to the Forums!
  4. Debriefs After Events After events, there isn't a debrief occasionally. I feel as if people during the event are working really hard and well to impress their commanders and also to represent their regiment well. At the end of the event, everyone heads to debrief all excited to hear how it played out, and also keen to see if their hard work paid off and they get a regimental placing. Some regiments do synchronised salutes and others line up really well and try and impress the other regiments with their discipline and impressive skills. However, when the event finishes and it ends up with no debrief happening everyone is disappointed, you miss out on all the experiences I listed above. It can be quite a letdown when it doesn't happen A personal experience I have and my regiment has is when you think you went really well in that event and waiting to see whether you got that regimental placing, and there is no debrief or placings, We feel disappointed as if it is a missed opportunity, but when that same scenario happens and there is a debrief but we don't get placed. It is fine and everyone is like, oh we must have been close, and we did well that event guys, and everything is all good and fun. I want to know your opinion or the matter of having no debriefs because I know there is a number of reasons for not having one. I think I heard something about if it isn't an organised attack, or we lose in RP we don't have one. I think we should still have one regardless of the circumstance just to let everyone know what happened and how we can learn what we did wrong and improve (This is in RP). However, I know having it every time could be annoying and hard work for the EM's Anyway, I want to hear your opinions on the matter and look forward to discussing the pros and cons of having them every time after an event. I basically want to know if anyone else thinks it is a good idea and worth the effort Cheers, Planz Have a Good One All! ;D
  5. Planz

    Server Screenshots!

    @charles I don’t think it counts for this one as it is pinned and is meant to be used over and over again not entirely sure though
  6. Planz

    Channingw's Junior Graphic Designer Application

    +1 You are an amazing artist from the look of your previous work. I don't think the icons will work because of the fact that they aren't symmetrical and perfect {Hand Drawn}, however you can design logo's, Backgrounds, Posters, and many more. I Think you would do very well as a Graphic Designer. Good Luck ;D
  7. Planz

    Planz' Application For PAC3 Tier 1

    @Emerald Yeah it is a present within PAC3 The trick is putting it under events and commands so it runs on binds and under different variables Thought i would include it to show off the endless possibilities of getting pac3
  8. Planz

    Snoozy PAC Application

    I remember you as the mingy guy, constantly causing trouble. You’ve changed since then and I’ve seen you lately and it is clear to see that you have matured and accepted the responsibility of being SK/RT Your PACs are great and I think you would do great with pac Your application is very detailed Good Luck ;D
  9. Planz

    Kronos' Tier 1 Pac Application

    +1 Looks clean and unique You are nice in game from what I’ve seen Goodluck
  10. Planz

    Kuchits EM Application

    Neutral Kuchit, I know you from my regiment and I know you could do really well with this position I suggest reading in the accepted applications for Trial Event Master applications and put as much detail in as they have. I also suggest you expand your detail on the events themselves, including the model and amount of health each person has. I reccommend going around and talking to people making friends with people around the ISD. This means people know you and can therefore trust you in this position. Overall, I think you would be good for this opportunity and if you change what I have said above it will definitely be a +1 Good Luck ;D
  11. Planz

    IG Wipeout

    How many contestants will there be in total?
  12. Planz

    Forums Suggestion {Again :P }

    @charles Your comment puzzles me whether you are, for or against the change I can’t work out what your saying It looks like you changed your mind half way through writing it haha
  13. Planz

    Bathtub Thoughts...

    @charles Correction, once water is on something, that object becomes wet, not the water itself