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  1. Gregis

    Kamelieon's Pac3 Tier 2 Application

    One of the most active people on the server, definently would be able to get the most out of it +1
  2. Gregis


    @Delta I think if anyone radcop is in cbarge, I might hop on for a lil tonight to get stuff in order
  3. Gregis


    I decided to do chem physics, and the 2 hardest maths. It’s legit bending me over.
  4. Gregis


    I’m becoming very busy with year 12 i love you all, have a good time Before I leave I would like you all too know I got everyone in chimaera arrested Atleast once xxx ~Gregis
  5. Gregis


    Please all be patient while I redo this. Few shots deep and the mechanical keyboard is making loud noises in the household, it will be up tomorrow x
  6. Gregis

    Latency Issues with the Server

    I have similar problems
  7. Gregis

    Gregis PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Bump Thankyou all for the feedback ❤️
  8. Have fun big boy
  9. Gregis

    Planz' Application For PAC3 Tier 1

  10. I love this point. i feel like in order to have more event character, event characters themselves need to be rewarded some sort of “initiative” to participate. Imo having more 50v50 sort of events would be crazy and put this server on another level than it’s already on. Obviously this is to say the least a very large logistical challange but I believe the event staff are talented enough to pull more of this off.
  11. Gregis

    Lil Burgers Trial Moderator application.

    -1 Goodluck ~Gregis
  12. Gregis

    Kami's Pac3 Tier 1 Application

    You also had the opportunity to improve your application but refused to take the initiative. -1
  13. Gregis

    Pavonis's PAC3 Application

    Quick example of someone, who's been denied under similar circumstances, so as someone who want's you to have pac3 i advise you get that screenshot soon
  14. Gregis

    Pavonis's PAC3 Application

    I Know you need a week, so take a screenshot when you get there. You could use more unique PAC3 examples if im being honest. I do believe you can be trusted with PAC3 and you answer the questions well. For now its a neutral, when/if these changes are implemented it will be changed to a +1 Goodluck ~Gregis
  15. Neutral for now, Goodluck ~Gregis