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  1. Gregis

    Gmod in HD or normal?

    Not really how computers work, i guess it puts more stress on the system when it’s receiving inconsistent rates of data, but still. Smash your settings up and enjoy
  2. Gregis

    Gmod in HD or normal?

    @Ash I beleive by default G-mod doesn’t monitor detect, it sets a resolution (1400x980 or something idk.) it took me a while to realise this was the case but you can actually go upto HD, which is your 1920x1080. this would look a lot better if you are playing on a bigger monitor but will have a impact on performance. If you have a decent rig, like @pinejack you can boost all your settings alongside your resolution and get a game that’s suprisingly asthetically pleasing considering the time it was made. I myself have a modest Rig, and I play at full settings and smash out 30-60Fps, which is extremely playable, If you can’t max out and get decent frames, play around with things until your holding above 30fps. SWRP can be almost cinematic when a ST private isn’t screaming at you
  3. For someone who’s 14 he is extremely mature (easily More mature than me which is a bit sad) active from what I have noticed a good CO He is one of the only players I can say I have never ever seen him minge. +1
  4. Gregis

    Civilization Game Nights?

    I wish it could read this
  5. Gregis

    Planz' Application For PAC3 Tier 1

    This is a perfect example of what to do when you receive criticism, I beleive you have taken everyone’s opinion into consideration and really improved your application and skills, I honestly think you are one of the most deserving people of pac3 at the moment. +1
  6. Gregis

    Starting a new...

    I’m really happy that this is the attitude you are taking towards this, it’s funny how a little tough love in a video game can change someone’s outlook on life. good on ya mate, I’ve noticed a change alr day and it suits you well.
  7. Gregis

    Gregis Set designer App

    Your bea... our meetings will be cut in half this week...
  8. Gregis

    Gregis Set designer App

    Bump I guess Galen Erso now and ugh @Emerald @Bevan @Helsing I mAde a video for you, appreciate me
  9. Gregis

    Splonter's Event Master Application

    I Agree with this but i think your recent work with the media team has proven your readiness to contribute to IG. +1
  10. Gregis

    996th and the battlestation

    I think the problem with having such a large map is that guarding regiments jobs become a bit more boring, we have just made the transition and i'm sure with a little time, things like this will be resolved. Good job voicing your concerns in a professional manner.
  11. Gregis

    Ragnar's Junior Developer Application

    Can you actually provide reason, this is pointless, provides the author nothing to improve on and makes you look lazy.
  12. Gregis

    Ragnar's Junior Developer Application

    Eh these are all extremely generic things that are all over the internet to copy and paste, but this does show a certain level of understanding. Maybe a more unique example would be appreciated, I don’t know if you come across sensitive information being a dev but I’m unsure if holding a dev position on another server is appropriate. If you really want experience. IG is literally the biggest server so it may work in your favour to dissociate yourself from the other sever. Neutral for now