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  1. Wolf

    Crackers Unban Appeal (10/10/18)

    Can you not get a screenshot like it asks you to do?
  2. Wolf

    Ban Appeal

    Denied you have not reflected on your actions as you have only just gotten banned. Wait until you realize what you have done and post an appeal in future.
  3. Wolf

    Auslo's banned forum

    How could it be 1 year ago when they opened at end of Feb? 🤔
  4. Wolf

    Cooper's Ban Appeal

    The reason you were permabanned was because in the situation you lied to myself and another staff member about being colourblind and you showed myself that in no way you would ever begin to RP. When you were banned you would of realized of shit there strict and actually tried to RP, if no Perm ban was put in place I would hate to see how much more trouble you would of caused.
  5. Wolf

    Squid's inktastic intro

    P.S He is secretly a weeaboo (Aka he's the one who got me into a lot of Anime back when I was a lee staff member on his server), so be very cautious of Mr Squid over here as he has a very long list of stuff he will get you stuck in.
  6. Wolf

    Zovio Ban Appeal

    Well you would not believe this Mr Zovio, i was going through my old screenshots of evidence and I found your picture in there, seems somone has lied on there ban appeal and not mention what they also did. http://imgur.com/gallery/zVKMkeM I believe I see in there threatning with a refund because you got banned but not only that saying so you can blackmail them and then explained how you would do it and I also have more pictures of you saying youll get your friend to refund 600. I am going to make this clear here and now, you are never ever welcomed back in my community, you are scum and will never change. This appeal is denied and you are never allowed to appeal it. Goodbye and stay away from IG
  7. Wolf

    Zovio Ban Appeal

    My my my what a thread, I can already tell that you have not changed one single bit, please tell me where it states in the rules where It says our staff team cannot comment? As I am pretty sure it states only STAFF are allowed to comment on unban appeals so you have obviously not read our rules but wanting to be unbanned. Secondly you and your temper need to go to a icy lake and chill because at the moment I have seen all I need to deny this appeal just from your replies alone. I can already see if you are unbanned you will be hot headed on the server, cause issues then be perm ban again in under 1 week as no offence you are exactly like every other person that gets unbanned and banned again. I believe you are not ready to come back in this comnunity as even after 1 year it seems you have not reflected on any of your behaviour or actions that caused you to be banned. I will leave the rest for Chopz to decide as at the moment my opinion of you is on the floor.
  8. Majority of Managment live in AEST so its easy for us to continue to use AEST plus theres a giant countdown that goes down to seconds that can assist in confirming.
  9. So let me start this off saying congratulations for being very hypocritical, ill be pointing out some things in this that makes me very confuse don how this all happened. swiftly received a warning for player disrespect due to an ingame dispute with the Royla Guards - How you even do this confuses me as you would have to walk up to them to start the dispute which is why I am very confused on how you even started one with a Royal Guard, this requires more information than dispute, what was said and how it started. My words were, "I'm entitled to a public defender under Imperial Law." Some retard in the chat after this said, "You're entitled to death" - If this is true then yes the Royal Guard should not of said this however logs will be checked to see in what context it was used at the same time When he said that, I responded angrily in my own defence in light of the death threat - What is Angrily, I need to know what you exactly said as Logs will be checked as our staff wont go and bring you to a staff sit unless you have said something very dumb which by the sounds of it you did as your not saying what it is because you know it was bad. Kaye negligently returns the guy who made a death threat and continues lecturing me - if this is true then we will investigate further I decide to call another admin, seeing that Kaye is clearly incompetent and not capable of carrying out his duties effectively - Trash talking my staff team in an unban appeal is not the wisest things to do. this admin sides with the violent death threat maker and the trash admin known as "Kaye" - Again not the brightest thing to do calling one of my staff members trash. new admin says the exact same thing as the Royal guard did after I cited the rules. "It's just a video game, get over it" - If this is true then this is not acceptable either however we will investigate this further as well. I then told both admins to kill themselves, to see if their versions of what the rules clearly state hold up practically. - Theres a word for this, hypocrite, you cannot winge about death threats then tell people to kill themselves, makes the situation for you so much worse and shows me the type of person you are. Alright before anything goes further, you are required to go into more information truthfully about what was said in the dispute and other conversations. @Chopz
  10. Wolf

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    It is funny how nearly every single person that has ever been either community banned or permanently banned believes they should not be permanently banned especially when they have lied to staff or even lied in previous ban appeals. DENIED
  11. Wolf

    Keycard Editor || Sudo

    Martibos suggestion is a better idea and a more practical side then having the rewrite everything for such a small change. Under Review
  12. Wolf

    Nova Skin Change

    Denied What makes a regiment is the commander and the players inside it, if you are having trouble recruiting players into the regiment it is not just the models, it comes down to the core of the Regiment which is the Commander and players inside it. A commander must have the ability to lead and must be on a very friendly terms with his/her troopers, for example if you are friends with your troopers and do stuff with them outside Garry's Mod such as other games then your regiment will thrive, being a commander is not just about having cool guns or skins its about how friendly and outgoing you are and are understanding that starting a regiment is like starting a new group of friend, without that the regiment will fail. With this in mind Nova Troopers are fine the way they are currently with load out and models, which means there is no reason or need to change them, it is more I want this and that as reading through the comments it kept changing such as well not this weapon why not this etc. there was no actual dedicated thought gone into what does nova actually need, all it was what do I want for nova. However thank you for the suggestion but sadly it is a no. On a side note, while reading through comments I am pretty disgusted at what i saw, everyone has a right to an opinion and seems people do not respect that, remember at IG we thrive to bring friendliness and a place where games feel safe to express themselves, which is why we use the Motto your second home. please be respectful at all times to other players and have some thought before commenting. Regards, Wolf Community Owner
  13. Wolf

    Making heavy blasters true to there name

    @Martibo Under Review
  14. Wolf

    New Advertising Team Branch

    Please talk to Whitey or myself when you are on next to see what we can do for this suggestion. Under Review