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  1. Bevan


    noooooooo cya
  2. Bevan

    Keta Exposed

    It's now we ask the question: Exposed in what way?
  3. taken out of anthony's signature thing - Unofficial Ranks/Names: The Shoe Shiner , Grand Janitor , Whitey's Grandson,
  4. Bevan

    Department's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    -1 biggy big +one
  5. Bevan

    Bevan's Tier 1 Application

  6. Genuinely surprised Anthony didn't make a granddad joke
  7. These are very small suggestions but they are a good addition to RP We should have a maintenance takeoff and landing code because it's a nice little touch, the closest thing is 34/35 (troop transport) but it doesn't really fit. We would use this code relatively often, as engineers often RP fixing the exterior of the ship. Could also be used for events. Another takeoff/landing code to add would be Inspection codes, as many events involve inspectors arriving on the ship. We would use this code whenever an inspection event happens.
  8. Bevan

    Bevan's Tier 1 Application

    Edit - Updated rank and playtime.
  9. Bevan

    IG Memes.

    ST PVT Walrus, getting a promotion (2018 colourised):
  10. Bevan

    Ramirez's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    +1 Would crash into Slave One again Would be crashed into Slave One by boba*
  11. Bevan

    Timmys PAC app

  12. Bevan

    Bevan's Tier 1 Application

    Edit - Updated rank and playtime.
  13. Bevan

    Lyric's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    I have seen you around and you are a very responsible shock trooper. +1