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  1. Bevan

    Roblox Game Nights?

    I was thinking some phantom forces and maybe a tycoon
  2. Bevan

    Fallout 76 Server for IG?

    The only problems I see is that the regimental group thing is pretty stupid, and that many people won't be able to run it without it being 3 fps also if anyone says anything fallout is bad or has the potential to be bad I will hunt you down even fallout 4, which by most standards fell short, has me playing it up until this day
  3. Bevan

    Every Event needs their Debrief?

    I think debriefs should only happen when we go offship and when we have a huge onship. If the event doesn't really affect the whole ship, it would be pointless to have a debrief
  4. Bevan

    Jesis' Trial Moderator Application

    /me yeets a +1 at you
  5. Bevan

    Gregis PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Changing to +1 hes a good boi now
  6. Bevan

    Town of Salem Game Night

    Nice, I'll probably play
  7. Bevan

    Wind's Pac3 tier1 aplication!

    Neutral PACs are good but I don't really know who you are
  8. Bevan

    A New Challenger Approaches

  9. Bevan

    PAC3 - Joshv/Blitz

    -1, reasons stated. You also have an event master AND T-mod application up..
  10. Bevan

    Cant Join Server

    I suggest: Talking to someone who knows a ton about streamline (e.g. Wolf) Talking to streamline directly
  11. Bevan

    Hilarious Space Ship “accidents”

    This was way before you came back crunchy, this was back in like june
  12. Bevan

    Channingw's Junior Graphic Designer Application

    Neutral, the past work is good but we don't need anyone who uses an iPad as their main resource on the graphic designer team.