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Everything posted by Bevan

  1. Bevan

    Mono. - Trial Moderator Application

    -1, no clue who you really are. I just see you as that medic thats always on
  2. Bevan

    Brass' 2nd Trial Moderator Application

    +1 for the resident IG weeb (sorry @Vanilla, but brass is the real weeaboo)
  3. Bevan

    Application -Joshv/Blitz

  4. Bevan

    Ramirez's Trial Moderator Application

    +1, Good lucc fam ram
  5. Bevan

    Port to S&Box?

    Lets just hope they give it out free if you already own gmod unlikely
  6. Bevan

    Another one bites the dust

    Good luck fam ham
  7. Bevan

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Applications

    I thought the server never had a timeline, they just blended all of the cool shit, for example, Inferno wouldn't exist until after the Death Star Battlestation explosion.
  8. Bevan

    SWEP Training

    There is a problem with the "Widow training them" idea due to the possibility of them already having left ST by the time this training happens, which has seemed to happen to Rook.
  9. Bevan

    Carswells TEM Application.

    +1 Carswell would be a good choice for Trial EM.
  10. Bevan

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Applications

    He mined kyber crystals and researched them as an energy source. When he found out what his research was being used for, he hid from the empire, and Rogue One happened
  11. Bevan

    Nova Skin Change

    Its a different model within the same pack @Aphrodite
  12. Bevan

    Nova Skin Change

    I don't think the server would make such a lore-unfriendly decision to change an attack regiment into a guarding regiment.
  13. Bevan

    Nova Skin Change

    They are equivalent rank Ramirez They also carry out missions for thrawn, so they dont just guard Edit: Another reason could be because of their in-lore perspectives. Thrawn would have prioritised quality over quantity, while Tarkin would have done the opposite
  14. Bevan

    Whitey's methodology

    Latest news, a Janitor zoo was present on the star destroyer recently.
  15. Bevan

    Nova Skin Change

    I use the SE-14C as my main weapon, I also own the dualies and I hardly use them compared to the SE-14C. Like pinejack said, the WESTAR and the DC-17M are very similarly balanced. Also, the DC-17M model has a quite low resolution, with the model being used from Republic Commando, which came out in 2004 I believe. The model change idea does sound pretty cool though
  16. Bevan

    Whitey's methodology

    Now this is cool and all, but why are engineers driving tanks and shooting at a lambda?
  17. Bevan

    EM Application - Joshv

    You also have a T-Mod application up, which I believes is against the rules. -1
  18. Bevan

    Galle's Tier 1 Application

    You can only bump your post 7 days after the most recent post. Edit: Replying to @Galle because I dont want to make 10 posts on his application There was a post 21h ago
  19. Bevan

    Gregis PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Changing to +1
  20. Bevan

    Vanilla's Backstory

  21. Bevan

    Matt Smith?

    To be honest, I think it's kind of stupid to boycott episode 9 because of episode 8, Solo was actually very good. And david is my favourite doctor
  22. Bevan

    Not Feeling Great

    I have had some bad experiences with losing family members, and close ones at that. I lost my great grandma when I was only 5 to a heart attack, and my granddad died of bowel cancer. I also hope that you have a great time in Cairns despite these very sad events.
  23. Bevan

    Piano's Tier 1 PAC APP

    Changing to +1 as you have improved the application greatly