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  1. Bevan

    Channingw's Junior Graphic Designer Application

    Neutral, the past work is good but we don't need anyone who uses an iPad as their main resource on the graphic designer team.
  2. Bevan

    IG Wallpaper

    holy frick now thats what I call a necropost
  3. Bevan

    Kronos' Tier 1 Pac Application

    p l u s s s s o n e e e e e
  4. Bevan

    Vanilla's Junior Graphic Designer Application V2

    Good luck you defective goddamn droid
  5. Bevan

    Hyperion's PAC 3 Tier 1 Application

    It's literally the FIRST application rule...
  6. Bevan

    Hyperion's PAC 3 Tier 1 Application

    what the hell you have THREE bumps that are within 7 days of each other, 2 of them being within a 12 hour timeframe
  7. Bevan

    PAC3 Camera

    +1 but I don't know how plausible this is, might want to ask the dev team
  8. Bevan


    edit - added engineer stuff
  9. Bevan


    DISCLAIMER: THE FOLLOWING POST IS CLASSIFIED AND NOT TO BE TAKEN IN-ROLEPLAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION You are accessing Bevan's Computer. INPUT PASSWORD: one_eighty_worst Welcome, Bevan. Opening File Explorer... Accessing File: "My life (in a nutshell) [SUPER SECRET]" FILE SECURED - ENTER PASSWORD: Deltaspacito ACCESS GRANTED Overview: Bevan is an Imperial TIE Pilot from Coruscant, born in the middle of the Clone Wars. Bevan attended Skystrike Academy, where he trained under Squadron Leader Finch. At some point, Bevan was promoted to Squadron Leader and given control of Nashtah Squadron after Finch's transition into the Army, where he became a demolitions expert. Bevan was considered one of the Empire's finest pilots. Early life: Bevan's parents died when he was only 2 years old, so if he ever had a first or last name, they were long forgotten. Bevan was raised by smugglers, who started teaching him how to fly at age 6. When he was 11, after going everywhere with these smugglers, they were planning on stealing a luxury airspeeder. The attempt spelt disaster when the Imperial Garrison stationed there were notified by none other than Bevan himself, resulting in the deaths of all of the smugglers and a higher cut for Bevan. Bevan had impressed an Imperial Officer after he had evaded the fighters chasing his new stolen speeder in a record time. The Imperial Officer said he could secure him a place in the best flight academy in the galaxy, but only if he returned the stolen speeder. Bevan accepted the deal. Time in the Empire: Bevan graduated from Skystrike with surprising difficulty, however Bevan believed this was the case because of his criminal background. But what Bevan knew deep down was that he was too open-minded and not obedient enough. Bevan would be placed in to Nashtah Squadron with his instructor, aboard the Chimaera. Bevan was also placed into the previously terrible, and now great 181st Wing. Bevan rose through the ranks quite quickly and was well known around the ship. Finch would soon transition in to the Army, leaving the Squadron Leader role unfilled. Bevan was more than happy to accept this promotion. [NEW INFORMATION UPLOADED] Departure: Bevan is now a Naval Engineer. As an engineer, Bevan joined the Coding Department (Under Engineer Delta) and is now Delta's secretary. Bevan performs normal engineering duties as well as his Coding Department work. Bevan is working on many projects, many classified. Bevan left his squadron because he was wanting to try something new, and also wanted to be closer to his secret lover, Delta. CURRENT STATUS: MIA Logging out...
  10. -1 minge +2 minge (end result is a +1 btw)
  11. Bevan

    Peguin's Goodbye

    o7 You were a good event master, even though the other EM's kicked you out of their events : ) *sigh* I remember when you and marlin would abuse each other at every turn..
  12. Bevan

    Peguin/ Kurt's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    It's from the last post from anyone, not the last bump
  13. Bevan

    Peguin/ Kurt's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    it hasnt been 7 days yet lol
  14. Bevan

    I will be on leave for 6 weeks

    You're an odd fellow Seymour, but I must say you steam a good ham. hope you have a good time in the country that houses the state "Virginia" that has a western side
  15. Bevan

    Snows Junior Graphic Designer Application V2

    Isnt it a little early to be re-applying?
  16. Bevan

    Vanilla's Junior Graphic Designer Application

    Neutral The application is good but there's already a ton of graphic designers Good luck, Bevan
  17. Yo big dogs waddup my name is Bevan, you know who I am by now most likely well anyways I've been on the server since June, and all of my time in the server (bar 3 hours as an ST) has been in pilots see you around I guess
  18. Bevan

    Now THATS epic

    @Delta I am shocked! But relieved! *insert poem* no homo
  19. Bevan

    Bevan's PAC3 Tier One Application (V2)

    Updated rank and regiment
  20. Bevan

    Gregis Set designer App

    This, and theres like 7 set designers already, but it's up to @Rickle ultimately
  21. Bevan

    Kaye's Support Team Application

    +1, sings me "West Virginia" over the microphone