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  1. Beetley

    Pickle (Grodin Tierce) Trial Mod Application

    -1 The grammar errors make you appear immature/unprofessional.
  2. Beetley


    You're an awesome dude.
  3. Beetley

    Lil Burgers Trial Moderator application.

    -1 You don't capitalize your I's. It's my personal opinion that a staff member in any community should have good grammar.
  4. Beetley

    the real new ig logo (shitpostn't)

    I want that on my wall.
  5. Beetley

    Your idols in life

    My idol is Morgan. I want to be a wonderful trial event master like him!
  6. Beetley

    You can roleplay on Steam now

    /me Wonders if he can finally gain acceptance through role-playing.
  7. Beetley


    +1. How old are you?