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  1. Brass

    Taking a step back

    @Goliath always here for you if ya need anything 👌 Hope your feeling well anyways 🙂👍
  2. Brass

    My wifi won’t work for my pc

    @BoyoMcgee It may be that your computer hasn’t not been assigned an IP by your router, considering everybody else can connect except you. It’s happened to me before. try using the “ipconfig” command in your windows CMD console and look for IPv4. If nothing shows up, type “ipconfig /release” then do “ipconfig /renew” that worked for my issues, hope it helps.
  3. Brass


  4. Obvious +1 Good luck Gunjies ✌️
  5. Brass

    Basil's PAC3 T1 application

    +1 PAC's are extremely RP relevant Friendly and great guy, I trust he will not abuse PAC Great Roleplayer Active
  6. Brass

    Eclipse pac3 - tier 1

    +1 Great Roleplayer Dedicated member of the community Active Trusted by myself and others, will definitely not abuse PAC3
  7. +1 I feel he would do well as a staff member. Good luck buddy ✌️
  8. Brass

    Arma 3 PMC Milsim Unit for IG?

    +1 I'd be up for it
  9. Brass


  10. Brass

    I Need a Break...

    +1 - We all love you buddy, but yourself always comes first. As Archer said, we're all here to help ❤️✌️
  11. Brass

    Outback Tier 1 Application

    +1 Outback is a dedicated member of the community and has been playing for months. He has earned the respect of myself and others within the community and never minges. His PAC3 examples are somewhat basic but they can always be improved with feedback from others and practice. I trust he will not abuse PAC3 in any way. Therefore I will be giving you a +1. Good luck buddy! ✌️
  12. Brass

    Lil Burgers Tier 1 application

    +1 Trustworthy and good Roleplayer PAC's aren't too bad, could use some improving over time though. (PAC's seem abit too much, don't need so much stuck on your body) I trust he won't abuse PAC Decent Playtime Good luck boi ✌️
  13. Brass

    Helsing's EM Application

    Huge +1 good luck b ✌️
  14. At least I don't have to deal with you scraping your knees anymore. But anyways, big congrats to both of ya. Just hope you don't crash... 🤔