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  1. Brass

    Moos Ban Appeal

    -1 As others have said, just wait out the 2 days.
  2. Brass

    Hi, I'm back.

    Hello there... Good to have you back man
  3. +1 Active Mature Great CO Detailed Application I believe Planz would make a great addition to the staff team. Good luck
  4. Wow, you were the best recruit I've ever trained that while back. And good job, this is amazing
  5. Changing to a +1 Good luck
  6. I’m so happy somebody recorded this glorious moment
  7. Brass


    I agree completely
  8. Brass

    I have returned, my children.

    Seen you around abit, good to have ya back
  9. Brass

    A long while coming

    Great to see ya on the forums man, always a pleasure to chat and hang around ya