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  1. Steam Details Steam Name: Touka Steam ID: 76561198060182518 Steam Profile link: In Game Details In Game Name: Tukachevsky /Touka (Formerly Menendez) In Game Rank: Lieutenant Colonel In Game Regiment: Shadow Troopers Ban Details How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Whitey / Emperor Palpatine What date did the ban occur: 07/07/18 7:22 pm What was the reason for the ban: Mass Ship VDM Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I am unaware to the situation as I was not the one at the PC when it occurred but what I have been told by other members and the individual at the PC at the time, as a civilian jawa, a drop ship was driven through a debrief killing nearly every trooper active at the time Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance? This incident was not caused directly by me but by my sibling, I had left my pc on, and still connected to the server as I was called into my work urgently as they had someone go home sick. my pc went into sleep mode so I didn’t realize it was still on, my sibling who I had an argument with earlier noticed as he entered my room it was turned on and decided to try and get back at me and decided when he saw I was connected to the server that he would try and get me in trouble, he later drove the drop ship into the debrief and successfully got me banned, we sound similar so no one noticed a difference in voice, I have let him watch me play several times as he is a fan of the star wars universe as I am, so he would have the knowledge to do such a thing. My last activity on the server that night, I had spoken to my SSGT Crust and asked him to do some CL2 training for Corporal Crust after that I left and was AFK until my sibling decided to pose as me. Before this Event I have never received a single warn being verbal and written, I have never minged and even during loose RP hours I try to make it a fun RP experience for everyone around me. During my just over 1 month on the server I have gotten to know many other people and made friends with several of them even outside the server continuing to talk to me daily. This server has become very important to me as I have had so much fun and made a lot of memories with the people on it. I can understand completely why I received a ban and take the blame for it completely. However I have shown that I am 100% committed to RP and as I stated earlier this occurrence was not me, I would like to request a second chance to prove myself, and preferably not be removed from my commander position or even a demotion by 1-2 ranks would be appropriate but I cannot see that happening so instead I would request a PK with this punishment I feel a 1 month overwatch where if I make any more serious mistakes , I will accept an instant permanent ban and will not appeal, it would be acceptable too and I will agree to this, I personally feel an instant permanent ban was possibly an overreaction but I would do the same thing if I was in the admins positions. If none of this is accepted may I request a half hour to an hour time to come onto the server and give a Farewell and Verbal Apology to everyone for my mistakes on the 12/07/18 after 8 pm WA time if i am unbanned i will still publicly apologize for the event. I am sorry for allowing this to happen and I willingly take blame for this occurrence. Warm Regards, Lieutenant Colonel Touka
  2. Menendez

    Vector Company to Incinerator troopers

    Before becoming Commander of Shadow Troopers, i was a little PFC in Vector Company. i remember walking down the hallways behind my commander Trpimir and having 2 ST privates run past screaming "WTF THE KKK ARE NOT STAR WARS" this ruined the RP experience for myself and the rest of Vector I can see the Shock resemblance problem, but i feel that getting rid of the bigger problem here which is the regimental disrespect occurring everyday is FAR more important So a BIG FAT +1 from me whether it is a swap to incinerator or something else.
  3. Menendez

    Snow's Event Master Application

    +1 Snow was formerly in Shadow Troopers, during his time working with me he proved to be very eager to help the community and also a fantastic buildier which could prove very beneficial to an Event Master. He is rather creative from what I saw and is very eager to learn new skills I personally feel he would be a fantastic Event Master! -Lieutenant Colonel Menendez
  4. Menendez

    Cloaking Rules

    Hi all Thank you for the clarification of the rules of cloaking, I shall ensure that all within my regiment follow these rules to the best of my ability -Lieutenant Colonel Menendez
  5. Menendez

    Cloaking Rules

    with the rule of cloaking is it possible to tie the rules to the defcon for example defcon 4 and above - Must ask permission defcon 3 and below- At Commanders Discretion i feel that this would help as we dont have to wait for comms if we are in combat, if this cannot happen could i recieve explanation for the current rules -Lieutenant Colonel Menendez