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  1. Snow

    Billy's PAC 3 APP NEW

    @Abraham You are acting incredibly unprofessional and I would advise refraining from commenting on this post. You have done the complete opposite of what you hoped to accomplish.
  2. Snow


    Hi guys As some of you may know I will be having surgery tomorrow (17/08/2018) at approximately 9.30am AEST. Following this, I may be inactive for a day or two as I recover (Depending on my condition). Hope you all have a lovely day and thanks for the support! <3
  3. Snow

    Tier 1 - PAC3 - James

    Sorry James, Your a nice guy and Good EM but this Sums it up ^^ Goodluck! <3
  4. Snow

    Snow's Tier 1 Application

    UPDATE! New Information
  5. Snow

    Steam Game Giveaway #7

    *Kids in German Class* Child: How do you say Mum in German Child 2: Depends, How do you say dishwasher. (Don't hurt me please)
  6. Snow

    A New Elite Regiment

    Would you guys be interested in range trooper models?
  7. Snow

    A New Elite Regiment

    Hi everyone, I was recently looking through some star wars concept art and I found a video and concept art for an elite squad of troopers. I think it would be a great addition to the server and would help in a lot of ways. Since the Player Model's haven't been created yet but i would be more than happy to create them ONLY for Imperial Gaming and could be an Amazing addon and boost our player count a lot (With visitors checking out our new Regiments). Also please comment down below if you believe this would be an interesting addon to our server (Especially @Whitey and @Wolf )! So I've gone ahead and created a concept down below which we can use for our server. Enjoy! Name: To Be Decided (Suggestions are welcome) Commanding Officer: Preferably me Slots: 8 in total Demolitionist, Sniper, Tech, Leader, Heavy, Medic, Scout, Saber Lore: (Since these are just concepts I've come up with some of my own lore) These troopers were all apart of different imperial divisions, they were the most elite out of their regiments and were chosen for a special squad. The Troopers have been genetically altered to be faster, Stronger and more versatile. These troops are ordered on missions by IHC or Lord Vader/Emperor Palpatine. Once they receive a mission they will receive all the resources necessary to complete these tasks. Examples: Assassinating Corrupt Governors, Taking down rebel Symphasisers or Hunting down Imperial Defectors. Weapons / Equipment: Demolitionist: WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Thermal Detonators, Police Shield Sniper: Pulse Canon, WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Grapple Tech: WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Elastic Restraints, Flash Bang, Grapple Leader: WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Jetpack, Flash Bang, Grapple, Elastic Restraints Heavy: Z6 Rotary Blaster, WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Police Shield Medic: Bacta Injector, Stim, Bacta Grenade, Defibulators, WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Scout: WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Grapple, Binoculars Saber: LightSaber, WESTAR-M5, SE-14C, Please Note these are by no means finished and are subject to change, I will also be creating more concept art if this receives positive support! Video: Concept Art: - SNOW
  8. Snow

    Snow's Tier 1 Application

    WIll Do Thanks for the Feedback!
  9. Snow


    Make Wolf and Fliqqs Co hosts!
  10. Snow

    Snow's Tier 1 Application

    Update! Playtime and more Pac Examples! @pinejack, @Auzii, @Brass, @Rickle , @Rike, @Emerald
  11. Snow

    Steam Game Giveaway #7
  12. Snow

    Snow's Tier 1 Application

    Will Be adding more Pac soon, These are the only screenshots I have ATM. Thanks for the Feedback!
  13. Steam Details Steam Name: ✪ Snow Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:107128809 Steam Profile link: In Game Details In Game Name: 73-10 'Snow' In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Death Trooper's Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 1 Week 49 Minutes 19 Seconds PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Yes I have Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): Why should I be trusted with Pac? Well, I truly believe I should be entrusted with Pac Tier 1 because I know that I would never abuse this power. I know that a lot of people may have said the same and done the opposite but I know that I will not. This is because I am Currently a Trial Event Master and part of the staff team. If I were to abuse pac in any way this would ruin the reputation of the amazing staff team. This is the last thing I would ever want to happen as I absolutely love this community and all the good times I've received from it. To sum it all up I should be trusted with Pac Tier 1 as I would never abuse the power and will only use it when it in a mature and respectful way. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I would like access to Pac because I believe I can enhance and improve the roleplay on Imperial Gaming. Through Pac, I can add more depth to my in-game character as an Imperial Commando. I can do this by having my helmet come off (off duty) or adding weapons to my backpack to explain why I can carry the number of weapons I can. As well as this I can also use Pac in my events, For example, I recently did an event where I was Roleplaying as a chef. I was really disappointed because I couldn't make a chef's uniform or add a weapon/explosive to my PM. If I receive Pac it will make give me the ability to enhance the roleplay on the server and hopefully improve the server. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe that I deserve Pac because I have contributed a lot of my time to this community and will continue to do so in the future. As well as this I deserve PAC because I can use it to improve the server and add to my already fantastic experience on the server. I've already tried to improve the server in any way I can (As an Event Master and a Member of the Advertisement team) and I think if I am given access to Pac I will use it to improve the community, Server and Star Wars RP in General! PAC3 Examples: Please note these are very basic and I will be adding more very soon!
  14. @Whitey, @Wolf Please lock this post as the applicant has left the server.
  15. Snow

    Jalex's EM Application

    +1 Application needs some work but looks pretty good! Goodluck!