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  1. Rickle

    A Sheevy Christmas

    Looks Great
  2. Rickle

    Staff Report-Zaspan

    Hi Staz, I don't agree with the fact that you should of been demoted from Captain to Corporal [9 Ranks] for throwing sand at Vader, I feel a one rank demotion and Brig time would of been fine, but you were stripped of you Commanding Position for something not as bad or treasonous that other users have done. I have seen myself, many users do worse things and get put in Brig or KOS'ed for, like your examples you stated above. Staz I have seen you playing on the server for a while now, you are a great commander, member of the community and I truly believe you didn't deserve this. Anyways, I thought mass demotions like that go through IHC and Management [not sure if it did or didn't]. -Rickle
  3. Rickle


    /me tips fedora
  4. Rickle


    HEY GREGIS, the dude I always used to guard when I was a 996th trooper XD.
  5. Rickle

    Suggestion - Lore Character

    Feels Bad Aphrodite, worth a shot.
  6. Rickle

    Ana's Rank

  7. Rickle

    Mordicai's Meals | Post #2

  8. Rickle

    Hey Losers!

    Its not True
  9. Rickle

    Hey Losers!

    Welcome! Im not a loser btw
  10. Rickle

    Ahiozest's Actual Ban Appeal

    +1 for ban reduced to 3 Months
  11. Rickle

    My Inactivity

    Hope you fix these issues, cant wait to see you back on the server
  12. Rickle

    Ban Appeal

  13. Rickle

    Ban Appeal

    -1 Your forums name tells me enough information that you shouldn't be unbanned. Disrespecting Staff like that.
  14. Rickle

    DS-01 Event Bloopers!

    Looks good my dude funny video.