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  1. Allucious

    For honor

    Teach me how to play For Honor properly ;-;
  2. Allucious

    Sudo EM Application || 2018

    Biggy big +1 A great man, He changed.
  3. Allucious

    Adam's PAC 3 Tier 1 Application

    +1, You're a great guy overall and you won't abuse PAC. But, You need to add more PAC3 Examples, Like Hologram and stuff to actually show that you have some knowledge about PAC3. Good luck, Allucious
  4. The Starter Pack is currently free at the moment, Feel free to give it a try.
  5. Allucious

    Grand Inquisitor turns into a fried egg

    I T ' S T R U E ! 1
  6. Allucious

    Grand Inquisitor turns into a fried egg

    E L I T E
  7. Next meal : Fried eggs. Recipes : Put the Grand Inquisitor in the fire.
  8. Allucious

    Kendricks Tier 2 App

    +1 Great PAC Creations Great guy Trusted within the Community
  9. Allucious

    Sudo EM Application || 2018

    ^ -1, I don't think you're mature enough for the role. Imprvoe and I would consider changing my response to Neutral/+1.
  10. Allucious

    Myn's Event Master Application

    A really great friend, He's really kind and mature. Biggest +1
  11. Allucious

    Still see pink and black squares

    What about Counter Strike : Global Offensive textures? I don't really know if it's needed or not, But you can give it a try. Just in case, You should go to options > Others > Allow all custom files from server, Try that.
  12. Allucious

    Charles Dev application

    Charles, I don't think you suit the job of Developer because the reasons stated below. I think you didn't make that yourself, I think it's from the command "!jobgen" which is to create jobs. It's really easy to use and it will give you some lua stuff like this. Low Detailed Application I don't really know you Low playtime -1, For now. Good luck with your application, Please show us something that you really made. Regards, Allucious
  13. Allucious

    Steam Game Giveaway #5

    Gimme gimme
  14. Allucious

    Gunjies PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    ^ Biggest +1, Great Commander of Chimaera Squad.