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  1. Proto_Carl

    SCAR Specialists

    I have made sure it does not cause lag, and after removing 2 bone merges and reworking the model, there have been no further complaints. If you would like to test this, I would be happy to oblige sir.
  2. Proto_Carl

    How to add TF-99 correctly (IMO)

    Some problems, THERE ARE SIX IN TF99, E-11 gay so just keep the Westar, I don’t want to be an ORANGE BOI, we are using PAC3 to make the models, give Zuke the DC17-M antiarmour always but ban its use inside the ship and if used inappropriately make this grounds for kick from the character and possibly SCAR. Also please not the CIS shotgun, it’s inaccurate and friendly fire is a problem, a more accurate one would be suitable or maybe a different gun like the mini gun, or Z-6 rotary cannon. P.S I’m Zuke
  3. Proto_Carl

    SCAR Specialists

    “4. PAC3 users only are allowed in TF-99 and the position of Kreel.” Not PAC3 must be given to TF 99.
  4. Proto_Carl

    SCAR Specialists

    Things that don’t kill 50 people with one shot or are extremely spammy.
  5. Proto_Carl

    SCAR Specialists

    I just want a few changes to allow TF99 to be useful and relevant.
  6. Proto_Carl

    SCAR Specialists

    “Salutations sirs and soldiers, this document will be used for the purpose of: explaining why SCAR specialists should be given specialised weaponry to suit the class and job, and why they should be added as a sub-regiment of SCAR.” Background Information/Reasons SCAR stands for special advanced recon commando, and refers to the regiment of the empire that was led by Emperor Palpatine. It is most well known for Squad 99 ( which consisted of six different troopers specialising in different tactics. Kreel, the sergeant who led the squad, was put in charge of the squad by Darth Vader after joining SCAR. He had a green lightsaber that he captured after recovering it from Grakku’s Hut in a mission, and was gifted it by Darth Vader. Task Force 99 - *Aero: Served as the engineer for the squad, having technical abilities to repair vehicles and hijack them. *Cav: Close quarters combat/melee specialist. *Mic: Skills in hacking systems to gain information. *Misty: Long-range combat/sniping *Shrap: AOE attacker, uses flamethrowers and explosive charges. *Zuke: Heavy weapons and explosives specialist (not the same as explosive charges). Pictures - Requests 1. Class weapons with heavy power, a.k.a explosive charges, explosives, flamethrowers, etc. only be given out during events if needed. 2. Class weapons that are low power, a.k.a heavy guns, sniping rifles, close quarters weapons, lightsaber, etc. be allowed on the ship. 3. Classes for TF-99 are added to the server to increase RP, and variety in statistics to suit the class. 4. PAC3 users only are allowed in TF-99 and the position of Kreel. 5. Kreel get’s his lightsaber when he becomes leader of TF-99. 6. TF-99 be added as a sub-regiment of SCAR. P.S Zukelander
  7. Proto_Carl

    Morgan's Tier One PAC Application

    Plus 1 for the boys.
  8. Proto_Carl

    DT’s Ability

    No, you have no reasons behind your choice.
  9. Proto_Carl

    Crunchy's Tier 1 PAC3 Application

  10. Proto_Carl

    Tinfor PAC 3 App

    -1, not enough playtime, PAC3 isn’t impressive/worthwhile, low community acknowledgement.
  11. Proto_Carl

    Proto’s Tier-1 PAC3 Applicatio

    *Thumbs up*
  12. Proto_Carl

    Trel Skutu Teir-1 Pac3 App

    Neutral, not well known enough and PAC3s are boring.
  13. Proto_Carl

    Cody PAC Application (Tier 2)

    +1, he is good lit.
  14. Proto_Carl

    Rocket's PAC3 Application

    +1 for the ISB brudda who does good work.
  15. Proto_Carl

    DeeDee's PAC3 Tier 1 App

    -1, too new to the server.