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  1. Just came upon a nice little clip . sums up things very nicely.
  2. Crisp

    Pac 3 Application Hex

    +1 As principal secretary I can say for certain that Hex has only ever wanted to improve his roleplay experience as a member of ALD. Giving him access to PAC would improve his own RP as well as anyone that would interact with him in a RP scenario (serving drinks, presenting reports, data and other tasks pertaining to ALD).
  3. Crisp


    "Welcome to the traps " Jet after I just joined ALD
  4. Crisp

    Six Siege

    Interested , I don t have my own team but I'd be happy to join one if someone would have me
  5. Crisp


    Greetings hope I see you on the server, have fun
  6. Crisp

    Veybur's Pac3 Teir 1 Application

    Haha good meme
  7. Crisp

    Rainbow Six: Siege Game Night

    Down to spawn peek , count me in
  8. Crisp

    MHC Secretary Applications

    Jet is overwhelmed quick send in the applicants
  9. Crisp

    What do u guys think about this?

    Secretary model all the way. That sideways look makes it better as well. Nice stuff Jet.
  10. Crisp

    Keycards ;)

    Awesome if keycards don t appear in our inventory should we ask an admin about it ?
  11. Crisp


    Tinky you keep up that Tie practice and eventually you won 't crash in Tucker. I believe in you TINKY
  12. Crisp

    Commander Meeting Database!

    Ah damn i know it might be extra work but having a record of meetings is an awesome concept. Why aren't you allowed in anymore ?
  13. Crisp

    Commander Meeting Database!

    This is actually awesome these should be aware to regular players as well just to see whats going on
  14. Crisp

    Cards/Blitz's Resignation

    I didn't know you well cards but guarding you was always good in my book (no clipping to avoid guarding cough cough ). Hope you succeed in your studies and who knows maybe one day you'll jump by maybe not as staff but just to chill out