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  1. +1 nice guy (even though you helped PK me) well writen appliction
  2. charles

    Wind's Pac3 tier1 aplication!

    Neutral I have never seen you before.
  3. charles

    Every Event needs their Debrief?

    Yes i agree planz when RST did well in a event there was no event.
  4. Very good appliction and knows what he is doing. +1
  5. charles

    Pac 3 Tier 1 application

    Neutral. The only time i have seen you on is when i did your first SGT test a while ago so - Work on activity i get it depends on how busy you are IRL - I wanna have a chat with you and other people want to talk to come and talk
  6. charles

    Kuchit's Pac3 application

    Fully Agree. Remember a application reflects on yourself so try improve it i know you can do better.
  7. charles

    Server Screenshots!

    Hey dude just remeber try not to post on fourms with 1-2 months of noone posting. Thank you
  8. charles

    Brass' 2nd Trial Moderator Application

    Ham just think for a sec. If he was unbanned it means that he was forgiven for what he did. We all need to be forgiven and even though he was banned i know he and that he wont do it agian
  9. charles


    Ahjh great were gonna all do laps now
  10. charles


    @addamcor not a smart move outting 2 admins and the owner in the crazy haha
  11. charles

    The End of the Line l Gatsby

    Gatsby you have been an amazing person and i remember everything you have done to me thanks
  12. charles

    Galle's Tier 1 Application

    Changing to +1 seen activity and rp