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  1. Goodbye

    Goodbye Boris Even when you joined RST/RG..In my eye's you never really left Widow Your a good mate, You'll be missed
  2. Eclipse's TMod application

    +1 Mature and responsible player who would make an excellent moderator
  3. Chronic Gamer

    Poor Alf...Having to deal with people pathetic enough to find this annoying shit funny
  4. It's too true

    So many ST's to little time
  5. Well

    See ya Vertex, you'll be missed
  6. Christian's EM application

    -1 I see a few problems with the application 385 What exactly?? State why you got these warns in your Application/what happened in detail If you looking to become a Event master it should be because it's something you want to do or something your passionate about doing Also both event idea's are mediocre and the wording doesn't make much sense
  7. Event master application

    -1 Spelling mistakes in the application and the application was poorly filled out Please look at accepted Event master applications to see what the senior management team is looking for - Side note: You don't have to be a Event master or Moderator to enjoy the server and applying for these sort of roles should be thought about and applied for carefully. If this application takes less then a hour to write and proof read..It's most likely not up to standards
  8. Veybur's Pac3 Teir 1 Application

    +1 Irreverent of Veybur's inexperience with PAC I'm certain he's capable of learning how to use it Trustworthy player and wouldn't abuse PAC During Veybur's time with Storm Marine's/Death-troopers/Storm troopers (As ST PVT Reckless) Veybur has been very active
  9. Jet's Tier 2 PAC Application

    +1 Both creative and experienced with PAC Well known and trusted member of the community Decent application Doesn't abuse Tier 1 PAC Although I'd like to see more PAC's made for other roles on the server
  10. Trial Moderator Application

    -1 Your answers are too short and not descriptive at all This is a answer...but i don't see any proof nor details of you owning your own server..Or what that server is and when (Date/Time/any details)..I am unconvinced you've ever run a server now or in the past For somebody with 3 warns and [Hopefully] 1+ week of in-game gameplay; you seem very unfamiliar with how the Admin/Moderator system works In your previous attempt at making a Trial Moderator application i believe Whitey locked it and gave you the proper format. Whitey also informed you that your application will represent yourself to your peers and management team to determine if you're suited to the position If you can't take the application seriously the community won't take you seriously; for future reference look at the previous Trial moderators who's applications were accepted and see what the Management team are looking for in terms of details and experience Goodluck
  11. I know Boris/Neptune from his time in Widow Pros: Friendly guy although need to get along within his own regiment more..communication is Key. High activity on the server and willing to put a large amount of time into the role. 11 hours a week while balancing school/study would be very challenging. Decent short script that shows you are creative although there are a few grammatical errors Example: " . He stands in front of the Moth and wipes his head and stutters out" as i still found the script interesting. Seems very enthusiastic about Script writer position. Cons: Has limited knowledge about the Star wars Lore and will need to "bush up" on it. 15 is still quite young The Pros outweigh the cons +1