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  1. Regret

    Do you like Climb SWEP?

    I'll give it a run tomorrow =)
  2. Regret

    Alydus's Fortification Builder Tablet.

    While it would do the same job as Advanced dupes..It certain situations it may reduce lag on the server during events due to some of the less experience engineers spawning in "prop heavy" dupes. Advanced dupes would become more situational. It would also assist the new members of the engineer's would haven't mastered advanced dupe/precision/precision/alignment +1 But only for Engies/Engineer role
  3. Regret

    EM Application - Joshv

    Along with this you didn't (To my knowledge) place a leave of absence for you role as the Lieutenant Colonel of SCAR..You literally disappeared while there was people under you looking for a Leader of a Regiment..While its not an OOC thing, it shows that your commitment to the role was non-existent. Along with when you WERE an Event Master some of the events you held were Questionable in my opinion. I don't consider it Role-play to be playing a Faulty Droid that plays near-to-ear rapey things through a soundboard (Which breaks server rules plus i couldn't think). I got to the point where i would just outright destroy faulty droid event characters because that's the only logical Role-play decision..Along with many other players being outright sick of it. My In-character interactions with you i found to to be incredibly self-entitled OR a mingy. You just came back and your applying for a Event Master role. You may have some good Event ideas perhaps BUT absolutely no commitment to the server. I'd recommend you wait a fortnight or a month Solid -1
  4. Regret

    Bossk PAC3 [ Application ]

    PAC3 is a sign of trust within the community. You only have 2 days of in-game time since the last reset i don't believe your activity alone you should be eligible to get PAC3 access. You're exceptionally skilled with PAC3..Simply no denying that..But PAC3 is something that can be abused hence why it should be held only by trusted members of the community. Until we see picture/proof of PAC3 abuse it's just a rumor so please...If anybody has Footage of Bossky abusing or written record with a report. Do share. PAC3 while it does enhance the Role-play of the server if used right it isn't required to play..PAC is a privilege not a right. Neutral - You were an Active member of the community months ago before the reset. You simply don't have the activity to prove you've been active within the community within the last few months PAC is a privilege not a "Bribe"
  5. Regret

    I Need a Break...

    You've gotta take care of yourself Scheff, we can try and help but ultimately only you can do it Take as much time as you need and more..You're always welcome here Goodluck with Year 12
  6. Regret


    See ya Havoc, lots of love from Stormtroopers 😃
  7. Regret

    New to SWRP and GMOD

    Congratulations on joining Rancor Tonberry Enjoy your time mate 😃
  8. Regret

    Helsing's EM Application

    Helsing is a Friendly, Mature, Creative and dedicated to both the community and it's Roleplay experience +1
  9. Regret

    Vector Company to Incinerator troopers

    +1 This is a suggestion to essentially Remodel Vector so they don't resemble the KKK or the Nazi SS Keep in-mind everyone that having new people to the server that don't know the regiments all that well often say "stupid" shit I completely understand why you don't want to be associated with the KKK or the Nazi's... Those models looks vaguely similar to Shocks models and some may use them for PAC...but reducing discrimination and racism within the server in my opinion is more important then somebody PAC
  10. We'll love you Stevo, take some time You deserve a break and less meetings
  11. Regret

    Community Expansion

    Time to get Arma 3 then
  12. Regret


    For the life of me i can't tell why i got 2nd for the Janitors award.....
  13. Regret

    Kaye's PAC3 App, Tier 1

    +1 Responsible Active Trustworthy Well known Friendly New to PAC The only downside is Kaye is new to PAC....But is proving that he's learning by updating his application. Kaye is an Amazing player that i believe should be trusted with PAC.
  14. Regret

    Kolto Em Application

    -1 You have a good application as Welshy stated but from my experience's I've had with you..You have rather irritable temper I'd recommend talking to some Event Master's about how challenging the role can be. If you'd like more information on why this is a -1 rather then a Neutral come talk to me in TS or In-game sometime.
  15. Regret

    Sol's Trial Mod Application

    I would have to agree with Emerald on this one. While my experiences with you while haven't been anything too noteworthy in a positive or negative way. As for Scenarios: For somebody who claims to have multiple sources of moderation experiences from what i can read you don't have a good grasp on how the ULX logs work along with how the Moderation system of Imperial Gaming works. Being a Lieutenant Colonel is difficult, stressful and definitely not for everybody. But that is no reason to act immature. The difference between a "meme" and a "minge" is non-existent...It depends on the situation, cuffing a navy officer for no reason is pointing towards a player who would abuse Admin Powers because "lel" ^^This is vitally important. A Good moderator doesn't have to be the most "Serious" or "Strict" but rather reasonable, relatable and good communication skills. I can think of many Moderators and most are pretty mingey...But when it comes to their moderation role they are very Professional. -1 as of right now and in the foreseeable future until you can prove it to the community