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  1. We'll love you Stevo, take some time You deserve a break and less meetings
  2. Regret

    Community Expansion

    Time to get Arma 3 then
  3. Regret


    For the life of me i can't tell why i got 2nd for the Janitors award.....
  4. Regret

    Kaye's PAC3 App, Tier 1

    +1 Responsible Active Trustworthy Well known Friendly New to PAC The only downside is Kaye is new to PAC....But is proving that he's learning by updating his application. Kaye is an Amazing player that i believe should be trusted with PAC.
  5. Regret

    Kolto Em Application

    -1 You have a good application as Welshy stated but from my experience's I've had with you..You have rather irritable temper I'd recommend talking to some Event Master's about how challenging the role can be. If you'd like more information on why this is a -1 rather then a Neutral come talk to me in TS or In-game sometime.
  6. Regret

    Sol's Trial Mod Application

    I would have to agree with Emerald on this one. While my experiences with you while haven't been anything too noteworthy in a positive or negative way. As for Scenarios: For somebody who claims to have multiple sources of moderation experiences from what i can read you don't have a good grasp on how the ULX logs work along with how the Moderation system of Imperial Gaming works. Being a Lieutenant Colonel is difficult, stressful and definitely not for everybody. But that is no reason to act immature. The difference between a "meme" and a "minge" is non-existent...It depends on the situation, cuffing a navy officer for no reason is pointing towards a player who would abuse Admin Powers because "lel" ^^This is vitally important. A Good moderator doesn't have to be the most "Serious" or "Strict" but rather reasonable, relatable and good communication skills. I can think of many Moderators and most are pretty mingey...But when it comes to their moderation role they are very Professional. -1 as of right now and in the foreseeable future until you can prove it to the community
  7. Regret


    Didn't realize I've been demoted Minges in Stormtroopers get set to Recruit
  8. Regret

    The officers lounge...

    I'm pretty sure i bet my wife and kids on Stormtrooper Private Heal...Unsure if that was a wise bet
  9. Regret

    Widow Squad - Recruitment

    Hello Imperial Gaming, This is Major Regret speaking on behalf of Widow Squad and Stormtroopers Widow Squad are currently looking for capable or potentially capable troopers with the potential to lead the "Hoard" of Stormtroopers aboard the Star Destroyer and protecting the Lieutenant General - 2727 "Stevo" as his Personal guarding regiment. Widow Squad is an Offensive regiment specializing in Attacking and Specialist duty's assigned to individual members. Widow functions as the Command structure within Stormtroopers. Our Duty's include: Mandatory Training for Stormtroopers, Looking after the Stormtroopers and giving the new recruits/troopers a voice from trained and experienced players. Leading Stormtrooper's isn't for everyone..It at times is truly a challenge..But other times it's truly rewarding If you are interested in applying to Widow squad, apply here: Love live the Empire Major Regret - Widow Squad
  10. Regret


    Exactly what i thought addamcor....exactly what i thought..­čśĹ
  11. Regret

    Your idols in life

    Well to state a few people know.. Terry Crews, Naruto, Eminem, The Rock, Aragon (Lord of the Rings), Phil Coulson (Agents of Shield/MCU), Merlin, Steve Hughes What can i say? I'm a simple person
  12. Regret

    WildJimmy PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    While none of these PAC's are ground breathtakingly difficult he states that he's still learning how to use PAC WildJimmy is a Good player that is trustworthy and displays an interest in learning PAC before it was granted to him +1
  13. Regret

    SCAR Specialists

    I think Proto just wanted more RP/Utility for SCAR..Proto has good intention with this suggestion But when it comes to serious RP as Stevo and Excalibur pointed out...Strictly following the Lore also has devastating negative affects for SCAR If TF-99 did become a Sub-regiment of SCAR down the road to be a Strict RP regiment with unique load outs....It would come with it's disadvantages too. As it would also be a Sub-regiment of Stormtroopers - Currently RP role exist within different Regiments (I believe SCAR is one of them) that have specialized roles such as: Point man, Marksman, Field specialist, Engineer, Medic, Demolition and so on. If someday down the road when SCAR is ready to do this..As Stevo said talk to MHC
  14. Regret

    Archer's Event Master Application

    +1 Has previous experience Trustworthy player Mature Loves his SeriousRP Well known Good at improvising when things don't go to plan
  15. Regret

    Lucifer's Pac3 Tier 1 application

    Neutral I remember your brief time in ST's and have seen you around afterwards While it is true you were a Model ST and I've never seen you minge I don't think you are well enough known outside your own regiment and have enough playtime - I'll change this to a +1 if you have a Go with creating some original PAC's..This will show us all your keen to learn and use it