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    Eclipse pac3 - tier 1

    Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Eclipse Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:169836462 Steam Profile link: In Game Details In Game Name: Eclipse In Game Rank: Cadet In Game Regiment: ISC, Natash Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): I previously had over 1 week before the server reset PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: I have previously used Pac. Both in single player and another server. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I do believe I've made my mark on the server and players, I've been mature and had a couple jokes. I've tried to excel in many aspects of the server, my leadership skills being one. Being a leader shows great trust within the community, as without the support of the community you have no chance of becoming a commander. Though we've all made mistakes I have learned from my past on other servers, leading me to become mature and reasonable. I wish the best for the community by doing every small bit I can, which includes helping enforce roleplay with Pac3. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I want to access to Pac to assist in captivating people on the server, enforce RP and have a creative outlet. I want to be able to give people variety in events, not a plain rebel with small differences in body groups, I want to be able to make my regiment stand out by providing immersive PACs that tell people what my regiment does. I also wish to better the training of recruits I train, which can be done with pac. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I've tried my best to help the server in any way I can, I've have received no warning or bans. I also wish to improve roleplay by any means necessary. I try to work hard and achieve the best of what I can, I want my recruits I've trained to be the best, I want my troopers to be the best. Pac3 can help give them examples of what they need to do to help other people around them. PAC3 Examples: I know these can be improved, which is one of the reasons I am applying for Pac3
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    Game Night's

    Civ 5? The good one
  3. If you're emotional I suggest not reading further. This is the first time I've actually shared this to anyone online. I just needed to tell someome. I've been playing video games for a long time now. It'd probably be a decade since I started. When I first started playing games I didn't go on too much. But as my life got more and more difficult I started playing more and more. My family has a strong connection with depression, anxiety and ADHD. Gaming, like many others was an escape from real life. I needed to escape from my mother, who has caused my sisters and me all to develop PTSD. When I was younger I would be dragged across the tiled floor, I would have draws full of sharp knives and forks thrown at me. Through out my younger lives I always had two cats I adored, white cat and grey cat. Very creative names. Just before christmas 2009 both died. Grey cat was first, she died of mouth cancer, this was a massive blow to me, sending me into my first wave of depression. Whitecat died after due to a leg tumour. These two events drove me deeper into playing games. In 2013 my I had my my soon to be step farther move in, who was abusive, he would hit me. I would lock myself in my room and play games. In 2014 both of my sisters, one of the few people I trusted moved out. Once again driving me further into gaming. On 8/4/2015 was the first time I nearly attempted to kill myself. As you can tell it failed. It was followed by 2 more attempts through out the following year. In 2017 , I moved in with my father, this helped so much. But I never getting rid of my video game addiction. Games just mean too much to me now. It helps me deal with my PTSD. Imperial Gaming has helped me so much since I found it. Thank you all, so much.
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    You also never seem to learn from your countless other applications.
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    Waypoint system

    +1, maybe make it act like a king of hill, so rebels/enemies can capture it?
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    Rickle's Trial Moderator Application

    [double post, please delete]
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    Lucifer's T-MOD Application

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    I N A C T I V E M A N
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    Eclipse pac3 - tier 1

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    Snoozy PAC Application

    -1, Not detailed, Lack of time, No examples, Lack of effort, Not well known.
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    Heck I just missed it
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    Rust Game Night's??

    Why not Roblox fortnite?
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    Peter's Event Master Application

    +1, the only issue is with the 2nd event. InfectionRP is cancerous. Due to the infected not normally listening.
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    Azura's EM Application

    I myself hated Solly before hand. But he has changed his behaviour dramatically. +1
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    Eclipse pac3 - tier 1

    Bump. It's been a month since I've posted my app ,-,
  16. I get bored often and one of my favourite things to do is to set up discord servers, so if people want I'll set up theres. When setting up a server I will provide you with: The amount of roles you choose, The amount of needed bots, The channels, Permissions, And custom commands (If they're not amazingly hard. Contect me on the forums, in game or discord, Eclipse#6996
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    Setting up discord servers

    Sure! I'll try and teach you. It's not amazingly hard
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    Timmys PAC app

    I also find you extremely minget
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    My story

    The only thing I've been diagnosed with is PTSD and depression. It's strange, I make myself feel better by making jokes I probably shouldn't be saying. I also know someone with High Functioning Autism who does the same.