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  1. Eclipse

    Eclipse's Trial Mod application

    Requesting my application to be locked - overcoming personal things that may take an extended period of time.
  2. Eclipse

    Boris's TMOD Application

    He didn't bump his thread, he was responding to issues states against him. Bumping would involve little to no reasoning in the message. ---------EDIT--------- +1 Although having no previous moderating experience can make someone a lesser candidate. I believe having previous a previous event master role can be just as good. Event masters need to think fast on their feet, be able to meditate on an idea, and have good time management. Great personality, though a little goofy at time. Detail is good. Has clearly learnt from his previous ban as he hasn't received a warn. I'd just suggest working on your maturity - a little less goofy
  3. Eclipse

    Boris's TMOD Application

    What's your time after the reset?
  4. Eclipse

    Eclipse's Trial Mod application

    Until further I'll be on a Leave Of Absence due to personal reasons
  5. Eclipse

    Vin Northal's T-mod app

    In order to judge someone we first need to know them, and as you are not a reputable member in the community we can't judge you, but not having the reputation means you haven't done a big amount for the server.
  6. Eclipse

    Civilization Game Nights?

    Why such bad fonts? I'd be up for civ 5 if we play with all DLCs
  7. Eclipse

    Vin Northal's T-mod app

    -1, I understand how hard it is to get recognised as an RG, what with the no taking. But there is little detail
  8. Eclipse

    Galle's Tier 1 Application

    +1, very friendly person and mature - would utilise pac3 well
  9. Eclipse

    Neils PAC application Tier 1

    I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to -1 this due to, The pacs being very simple, and I haven't had a chance to assess you on your behavior *Subject to change*
  10. Eclipse

    Eclipse's Trial Mod application

    Bump - details updated
  11. Eclipse

    Magic The Gathering

    Right now I'm dualing blue and white. Seems to work well - but like I'm said I'm still very new
  12. Eclipse

    Magic The Gathering

    I don't have a commander yet .-. I've only gotten into it since the past week. I'm willing to edit my deck though
  13. Eclipse

    Magic The Gathering

    Legit just found that site and was about to post it. Just as a rough estimate of who wants to join. Could you leave your steam names in your replies? ===================Edit=================== I've checked out both @Pablo's response and @Goliath's response. Using Pablo's we can use our current real-life decks, and I would assist newer people in making theirs. Using Goliath's we restart and follow a storyline (I think) and we have the ability to use micro-transactions for our advantage.
  14. Eclipse

    Magic The Gathering

    For them nerdy people like me. I'm currently thinking of a way to play physical cards online - either via video cams, or a representation on a website. If you know of a way and you are interested leave a reply - still unsure of how to host it.
  15. If media team doesn't want to partake in the event, I'll happily run this along side staff.