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  1. Lol this gonna be easy all these silvers lmao
  2. Master

    Bossk Impression

    Doesn't matter it's annoying
  3. Master

    Cards/Blitz's Resignation

    Later gater
  4. Master

    cy@ IG

    Later gator
  5. Master

    Black Text

    Unsubscribing doesn't help you gotta fully delete your add-ons from your folder, if you don't know how to do this watch this video:
  6. Master

    Additional payment methods

    This would be really nice if it was added it would make things so much faster and easier
  7. Master

    Regiment Idea

  8. Master

    Rambo's Pac 3 Application

  9. Master

    An Imperial Tournament (24/01/18)

    Missed out would of won
  10. Master

    Parks PAC3 Tier 1 APP

    +1 Parks is very spicy meme
  11. Master

    Lime's Tier 1 Pac 3 request

    +1 Is a great commander Fun to rp with Good guy
  12. Master

    Taking a tiny break

    Will forever be crims child
  13. Master

    An Imperial Tournament (19/01/18)

    Do again westar is God awful gun smh
  14. Master

    Renolds trial moderator application

    +1 I've seen this guy around a lot and he seems cool, he's mature and in my opinion would be a great staff members good luck!