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  1. Mord

    Lime's Tier 1 Pac 3 request

    Eight months. Holy fuck. +1
  2. Mord

    Ven's Event master application

    @Imposing Try dispute some of your warns to lower the number add some exciting formatting to the app and add some filler to make it look longer Add more detailed events Mabye get this app denied and re apply when you have a better community standing and when you feel you are ready
  3. Mord

    Ven's Event master application

    ffffffffuuuukkkk nooooooo -1
  4. Mord

    Kolto's Event Master App

  5. Mord

    Eclipse's TMod application

    +1 look at this
  6. Mord

    Rocket's PAC3 Application

  7. Mord

    Pavonis's Event Master Application

    like thank fuck there are people that bring up such pressing matters as having both mod and event master apps up what would we do without you! +1
  8. Mord

    Website Changes

    im sort of bored i think were blowing this out of proportion
  9. Mord

    Website Changes

    also can we step back and realise i said “ok” and he called two red tags its like seeing a fly and calling a ballistic airstrike to kill it
  10. Mord

    Website Changes

    is necroposting not allowed @Ridge @Imposing @goliath
  11. Mord

    Website Changes

  12. Mord

    Kita's Introduction

    government assistant kita
  13. Mord


    no no -1
  14. Mord

    Little5avage Signing Off

    Always the most realistic and helpful red tag. Goodluck for the future xx o7