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  1. Steam Name: Boris of Vodka Age: 15 Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:70324688 In Game Name and Rank: ARC-26-A "Boris", Corporal - Rancor Battalion Time Played (Server Time): 3 Days 3 Hours 25 Minutes Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): No, I have no warns. Yes I have been permanently banned once off Imperial Gaming for Advertising and Poaching. I understand this is quite a serious offence but I am truly sorry for what I did. It was a stupid thing to do but I have changed from my former ways. I hope some of you can overlook this little bump in a long road. If anyone has inquiries about the Permanent Ban please refer to my appeal or do not hesitate to contact me. Once again I do apologise for my actions Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): Empire Gaming - Trial Event Master - Resigned: Server Status - Active Why are you applying to be an event master: I would like to bring some new flair to the events on the server with new ideas, new way of thinking and a way of including all regiments on the server. Whether this be through Passive RP or Active RP, I'm a firm believer that every regiment deserves a spotlight in an event. I would also like to become an Event Master so I can keep the server a bit more fresh and active. I know the server is quite active but I'd like a bit of a change from the standard Rebel Attack on our Star Destroyer. I believe my events are quite fresh and will give people something different during events. I also believe that in events certain regiments aren't given enough to do, which I understand as a former Event Master is a bit challenging to do, yet I know as the Event Masters are a team and a team supports it's members endeavours. In an Event you may pull away S.C.A.R to go on a smaller off the side mission away from the main force organised by another E.M, I believe these little changes and much more can help make the events more enjoyable and higher quality and that is my only mission. To make Events that are above and beyond while keeping it quite realistic What can you bring to the event master team: I can bring some former experience as an Event Master, yes I understand this may have only been a trial period but I learnt a lot from certain Event Masters. As a stated previously I believe I could change up Events, introduce twists for people and give regiment specific missions and make a smaller event out of an event for that regiment. I want people to be able to come to Imperial Gaming and know that a great event is happening. I believe I have a lot of ideas that the EM Team would like from Passive Events to full out assault events. Like I said in my previous statement if I was to be accepted and even if I am not, is that my main goal is to improve peoples experiences whether that be talking to them or running an event. I believe my personality and ideas will fit perfectly within the E.M Team What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative: I believe I can shine a new light on events, by making them more regiment specific and treating defeats as a major loss for the Empire. Most event masters make sure we win and give the troopers and easy fight. I don't believe we should be doing that due to it's never fun to always win. I believe that Event Characters even though they are there for the community I believe that they should be given a chance to win the battle and give an actual challenge for the players. In my events I hope to convey that. Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: Yes, I do have a knowledge of the ULX Commands Anything else you would like to add: I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply and I hope to see most of you around the ship Please fill out both event ideas and provide much detail as possible Event Idea 1: Event Idea 2:
  2. @Goliath Thank you for your response. I understand you may believe my events may be a bit basic but they each have their own unique features to set them apart from the events which are done time and time again. I understand the concern with my ban and yes I understand that. Yet I am no god and cannot change the past and have tried to make sure my future on IG is a trouble free one. Yet again, Thank you for your response.
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    Name - Boris Related Family - Royal Guard [REDACTED] AI Variations - KX-02 "Boris" Age - 23 Years Old ARC-26-A has been in service to the Rancor Battalion for over 1 Year, recently he was transferred to the ISD Chiamera where he was put under the command of ARC Captain Midnight and Major Colt. ARC-26-A was discovered on the planet of Mandalore in a remote village with a Clone Wars Era Null Squad armour, after Imperial Stormtroopers discovered him they questioned him about who he was and how he got the armour. ARC-26-A quickly pulled out an Imperial SE-14c and shot two of the Stormtroopers. Right before the squad executed ARC-26-A an ISB Chief walked in. Chief Morgan came in an lit a cigarette. "Now, I'm the only thing standing between you and those Stormtroopers coming in and blasting this place up, now......who trained you and where did you get that armour". ARC-26-A sat there thinking about these words. "Prudii, A'den and Ordo Skirata trained me, After A'den passed he left me his armour". "Null Squad....I assume your training is of the highest calibre, the Empire needs good soldiers, I'll make you a deal, you come with me and join the Imperial Army as an Advanced Recon Commando or I blast you here right now. Your choice" ARC-26-A took the offer and boarded a Lambda Class Shuttle for the Imperial Cruiser Ceribus which would transport him and 100 other Troopers to the Coruscant Facility for the A.R.C/I.C Selection test. ARC-26-A passed all the tests with ease believing the training he received from Null Squad was more challenging than the Imperial Training. ARC-266-A was accepted into A.R.C and was sent to serve on the ISD Revelation as an A.R.C Lance Corporal. After a year of serving on thee ISD Revelation ARC-26-A was sent to the Rancor Battalion on the Chimaera. After being transferred ARC-26-A quickly fit in with his new Battalion members. On ARC-26-A's first mission he was able to rack up many kills and is hoping to continue his service to the Rancor Battalion as an ARC Trooper.
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    KX-02 "Boris"

    Name: KX-02 Nickname: Boris I.D Number: 4627543 Description Supplier Report on KX-02: KX-02 was created in 8BBY on the planet of Vulpter. During the programming stage the droid was implanted with an experimental core and memory which gave him a level of sentience unseen in droids before. While testing the droid we encountered a few problems with him and other droids. KX-02 would find them inferior and try and scrap them with his experimental weapons. This includes a Flamethrower, Handsaw, Vibroblade. When going through Guarding Training he was seen to kill any person coming next to the VIP lower than the rank of Sergeant. He will be sent to the ISD Chimaera within the coming weeks there he will choose his attachment. Naval Attachment KX-02 arrived on the ship as a Naval Attachment. He quickly became bored with this job as the Naval Officers were more proud of Chimaera Squad. KX-02 quickly left and became interested in the Imperial Security Bureau. Supplier Report #07457 While we were constructing the droid we were given the core by the Empire as an experiment. The personality contained and it's sentience was a fallen Royal Guard who at the academy on Yinchorr was nicknamed Boris but after ascending to the rank of Guardsman was changed to Neptune. His personality stayed and the KX Droid took the name of the fallen guardsman and became known as KX-02 "Boris". Past Scientists and Engineers who worked on the droid were killed when he was referred to asa KX-02 and not his new name Boris. ISB Attachment The Imperial Security Bureau is now Boris's attachment. He treats it as his home yet it was not smooth sailing for a bit. In his first few days Boris was nearly dropped as an attachment only to be saved by Captain Iden Versio who kept him alive. The ISB Officials have grown accustomed to Boris's methods of interrogation and he is regularly called in to torture suspects. He hope to continue serving the Imperial Security Bureau as their loyal droid.
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    KX-02 "Boris"

    Dunno. Ain't a droid anymore so gonna write a new backstory for my Rancor character @pinejack
  6. +1 Oof boris not in video very sad
  7. Boris

    Supersoups EM Application

    -1 I've dealt with you in the past and I don't believe you are fit for the T-EM Position. You constantly whined if an event wasn't good that "you could do better". I have been told by several navy officials that you lose your cool to easily and start arguments and will not end it till you win. I apologise for this but this shows you haven't improved and my recent interactions with you haven't been the best
  8. Boris

    Helsing's Support Team Application

    Helsing has been a great person in Sith ever since I have met him. Always trying to help everyone out sin(π/6)*[√4] + (3!)^2 - (46,656)^(1/3) = + (Insert Answer)
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    Supersoups PAC app i guess

    -1 Judging by past experiences you don't take denial well. No PAC Examples.
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    Suh Doods

    Hey, I'm Boris I now play on IG again Plox give pike back
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    Krennic Wants You! Apply for ISB today

    Oof no PK Plz
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    181st Soontir Fel

    Your wife trans good meme
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    Fives Pac3 App

    +1 Fives....The PAC's are better than the Generic Hologram, Cape on the Back and that's pretty much what all PAC3 Apps Are....Good Luc-
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    Geoffrey the Gonk Droid

    All Hail Geoffery the Gonk Droid
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    Aretmis's Event Master Application.

    Stopped me in my tracks yesterday on the 3rd Floor. Spammed Wave at me. Got angry because I didn't know who he was. Kept Advertising 212th To Me -1
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    Snow's Event Master Application

    Small Problem if someone becomes the Emperor for the Event if the real Emperor isn't on. If he dies just PK'd Palpatine. Even if you say oh he was magnificently revived. Doesn't really work lol Neutral
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    IG Movie Wallpapers

    Former Characters Neptune the Marauder And if possible Neptune the Royal Guard
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    Boris Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Boris of Vodka Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:70324688 In game name and rank: Marauder Initiate (If I remember Correctly) How long was the ban: Pemanent Staff who banned you: (CONSOLE) When was the ban: February 20th 2018 Reason for ban: Advertising Explain the situation: Well It was Monday and I was feeling quite bad and I heard of the New Server [REDACTED]. I was being an idiot asking people if they were coming along so It was my fault in the end and I own that Why you deserve to be unbanned: I believe over the last month I've changed my attitude and want to be able to play on both servers and enjoy the people from Both servers. I understand what I did was selfish and downright wrong but I don't want their to be a barrier between both servers. I want to be able to play on both and grow as a person on both. I would just like 1 chance to prove to everyone that I have changed and that I deserved to be unbanned. Thank you for reading this
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    Boris Ban Appeal

    @Ridge Thank you for your response. The first issue you mentioned was poaching. Yes I admit to this but the issue regarding to TS has been solved for well over a month now. My actions there were uncalled for yet they were sorted out between me and the person in question. Regards Boris
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    *Begin Transmission* Hello there. You will know who I was at the end of this transmission. I joined the server in early December. I was trained by back then by a SCAR trooper named Astra. He was a good person but I didn't know who he was till later. As an ST I loathed only being an ST. I saw an advertisement of Nova Troopers. "Eliter Honour Guards" Makes it sound like the dream. I was there for long hours guarding. I had enough one day and ironically I tried out for RST. I failed my first try out. This was disheartening but I found myself only a day later in Widow Squad. The people in Widow were some of the Kindest you would meet. This Included, Lt General Stevo, First LT Regret, Corporal Three, SGT Cain,Snow Goose, and Silek. I stayed in Widow Squad for 2 weeks. I saw RST were doing tryouts, I had to choose friends or starting a journey I didn't know where it would take me. I took the risk and tried out. 30 Minutes later I was an RST Trainee. I served RST as long as I could reaching the rank of Corporal. I slowly got to recognise and get to know people inside the Sith Temple. This Included, Shekelburg, Staticiser, Wilson, Chopz, Happy, Arctiic, Frank, Carnifex, Lepaul and Zero. My friend Wilson got me a tryout for RG. I did everything I could and then came duelling. I was terrible. To my disbelief I was accepted. This is where I learnt the Common phrase you here in tryouts . "Duelling isn't everything" I still half-heartedly believe that. I was excited that I finally reached my goal of becoming a Royal Guard. I wasn't the best at duelling compared to some great duellers in temple at the time. I respected Austro for his duelling skill even if we never really agreed on anything. I was amazed how he duelled so well. It was a good journey. I believed I was ready for Shadow Guard. I took the risk again. I didn't make it in. I was Executed in the Temple. I became an ST again. The same day an old friend named lepaul heard about what happened. He took me under his wing into Marauders. I was happy there, Lepaul was my teacher and I learnt how to duel. Then as everyone knows, people made Staff Reports and it was just a wave of Confusion, it was just a big mess. In the end I never got to say goodbye. If I had to do all that again I would say yes in a heartbeat. I met great people, Frenchy, Demonic, Puppy, Chef, Mainz and many others. So plain and simple this was my life on the server. Goodbye This is Neptune / Boris Signing Off *End of Transmission*
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    The guy is just trying to say goodbye. Do you really have to start an argument about this Mord. Just let him leave in peace
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    Well how many ways can you really take being called a traitor and being told good riddance that you left @Mord
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    Hello There

    Oh cool I was a RG but now i'm a Marauder
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    Hello There

    Hello aren't you in RST now?
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    Staff Report: Ridge

    I agree with Lepuals statement