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  1. +111111111111111111111111
  2. Hey dad....only a mention of getting yeeted in a duel reeee
  3. Boris

    Fallout 76 Server for IG?

    No..I'm just saying thay would be so boring...I'm there to kill and survive
  4. Boris

    Planz' Application For PAC3 Tier 1

    I've seen that wall jumping PAC from many people. Pretty sure it's a pastebin Neutral
  5. Boris

    IG Wipeout

    Only big reason I wanted to join was prove you never need hard work and memes are everything lol
  6. Boris

    Fish’ Very late introduction

    Sorry Dunno who you are going to have to -1 this, Sorry dude (Plz no Hurt....I juked the SG for half an hour)
  7. Boris

    Hello There.

    Greetings Brigadier!
  8. Boris

    Forums Suggestion

    I have to agree with Whitey here...I've said a lot of shit that I regret but it still has my name to it...I don't think the anonymous thing should be brought in because your words + your name = your opinion
  9. Edit - Updated Rank, Playtime, Expanded on what I can bring to the team and Added New Passive Event!
  10. Boris

    Lyric's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    -1 Just from Forum Posts, you seem quite toxic. You are calling peoples applications that got accepted shit and I believe you don't deserve it due to this. If you can't handle this little bit of criticism you aren't worthy of PAC in my opinon