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  1. Boris

    Suh Doods

    Hey, I'm Boris I now play on IG again Plox give pike back
  2. Boris

    Krennic Wants You! Apply for ISB today

    Oof no PK Plz
  3. Boris

    181st Soontir Fel

    Your wife trans good meme
  4. Boris

    Fives Pac3 App

    +1 Fives....The PAC's are better than the Generic Hologram, Cape on the Back and that's pretty much what all PAC3 Apps Are....Good Luc-
  5. Boris

    Geoffrey the Gonk Droid

    All Hail Geoffery the Gonk Droid
  6. Boris

    Aretmis's Event Master Application.

    Stopped me in my tracks yesterday on the 3rd Floor. Spammed Wave at me. Got angry because I didn't know who he was. Kept Advertising 212th To Me -1
  7. Boris

    Snow's Event Master Application

    Small Problem if someone becomes the Emperor for the Event if the real Emperor isn't on. If he dies just PK'd Palpatine. Even if you say oh he was magnificently revived. Doesn't really work lol Neutral
  8. Boris

    IG Movie Wallpapers

    Former Characters Neptune the Marauder And if possible Neptune the Royal Guard
  9. Boris

    Boris Ban Appeal

    @Ridge Thank you for your response. The first issue you mentioned was poaching. Yes I admit to this but the issue regarding to TS has been solved for well over a month now. My actions there were uncalled for yet they were sorted out between me and the person in question. Regards Boris
  10. Boris

    Boris Ban Appeal

    Steam Name: Boris of Vodka Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:70324688 In game name and rank: Marauder Initiate (If I remember Correctly) How long was the ban: Pemanent Staff who banned you: (CONSOLE) When was the ban: February 20th 2018 Reason for ban: Advertising Explain the situation: Well It was Monday and I was feeling quite bad and I heard of the New Server [REDACTED]. I was being an idiot asking people if they were coming along so It was my fault in the end and I own that Why you deserve to be unbanned: I believe over the last month I've changed my attitude and want to be able to play on both servers and enjoy the people from Both servers. I understand what I did was selfish and downright wrong but I don't want their to be a barrier between both servers. I want to be able to play on both and grow as a person on both. I would just like 1 chance to prove to everyone that I have changed and that I deserved to be unbanned. Thank you for reading this
  11. Boris


    *Begin Transmission* Hello there. You will know who I was at the end of this transmission. I joined the server in early December. I was trained by back then by a SCAR trooper named Astra. He was a good person but I didn't know who he was till later. As an ST I loathed only being an ST. I saw an advertisement of Nova Troopers. "Eliter Honour Guards" Makes it sound like the dream. I was there for long hours guarding. I had enough one day and ironically I tried out for RST. I failed my first try out. This was disheartening but I found myself only a day later in Widow Squad. The people in Widow were some of the Kindest you would meet. This Included, Lt General Stevo, First LT Regret, Corporal Three, SGT Cain,Snow Goose, and Silek. I stayed in Widow Squad for 2 weeks. I saw RST were doing tryouts, I had to choose friends or starting a journey I didn't know where it would take me. I took the risk and tried out. 30 Minutes later I was an RST Trainee. I served RST as long as I could reaching the rank of Corporal. I slowly got to recognise and get to know people inside the Sith Temple. This Included, Shekelburg, Staticiser, Wilson, Chopz, Happy, Arctiic, Frank, Carnifex, Lepaul and Zero. My friend Wilson got me a tryout for RG. I did everything I could and then came duelling. I was terrible. To my disbelief I was accepted. This is where I learnt the Common phrase you here in tryouts . "Duelling isn't everything" I still half-heartedly believe that. I was excited that I finally reached my goal of becoming a Royal Guard. I wasn't the best at duelling compared to some great duellers in temple at the time. I respected Austro for his duelling skill even if we never really agreed on anything. I was amazed how he duelled so well. It was a good journey. I believed I was ready for Shadow Guard. I took the risk again. I didn't make it in. I was Executed in the Temple. I became an ST again. The same day an old friend named lepaul heard about what happened. He took me under his wing into Marauders. I was happy there, Lepaul was my teacher and I learnt how to duel. Then as everyone knows, people made Staff Reports and it was just a wave of Confusion, it was just a big mess. In the end I never got to say goodbye. If I had to do all that again I would say yes in a heartbeat. I met great people, Frenchy, Demonic, Puppy, Chef, Mainz and many others. So plain and simple this was my life on the server. Goodbye This is Neptune / Boris Signing Off *End of Transmission*
  12. Boris


    The guy is just trying to say goodbye. Do you really have to start an argument about this Mord. Just let him leave in peace
  13. Boris


    Well how many ways can you really take being called a traitor and being told good riddance that you left @Mord
  14. Boris

    Hello There

    Oh cool I was a RG but now i'm a Marauder
  15. Boris

    Hello There

    Hello aren't you in RST now?