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  1. Peguin

    Jalex's EM Application

    Neutral. Your a good guy. However, I just forgot what your personality was like since you joined SG. Your application lacks detail but I do like the event ideas. Best of luck.
  2. Peguin

    EM Application - Joshv

    Changing to a neutral. I haven't seen you around too often, but that may just be me. I also haven't seen you part take in many events or going around engaging in possible RP.
  3. Peguin

    Supersoups EM Application

    If you can't deal with event's not going the way you want/ the way you planned than being an event master on Imperial Gaming may not be for you than. As an event master, roughly 60% of my events don't go the way I plan for a number of reasons. I also see that people are saying that your attitude hasn't changed very much. I recommend you show them that you can change if you wish for their support. Be a bit more passive with the way you act if you do find yourself in that type situation. You say at the end of your comment that you would "never insult the skills of a Event Master aside from a few trial Event masters." I feel that isn't particularly the best as trial event masters are learning the bearings of what it means to be an event master. Especially if it's their first time being an event master on any Gmod server. Instead, they should be encouraged and supported and not insulted. However, critisim done in a correct manner is helpful but not "insulting their skills" as you have put it. I don't know when you have insulted a trial event master's skills but I hope you have changed your attitude. Insulting an Event master, especially a trial event master can be really hurtful and demoralising. Your application looks decent now you only need to work on your social skills around the server. Best of luck.
  4. Peguin

    Pavonis's PAC3 Application

    Either its just me or I haven't seen you around recently, because of this I am going to stay neutral as I know you are capable with having PAC. Neutral
  5. Peguin

    corpseys application for event master

    I've seen you minge a lot No detail in application Haven't seen you around very often. -1
  6. Peguin

    Supersoups EM Application

    This makes me worry that maybe if people don't like your event or if something/ someone doesn't respond to you or whatever, your reaction may be less than pleasant. However your application fairly decent. Neutral.
  7. Peguin

    Basil's PAC3 T1 application

    +1 Bas is a great guy Trust worthy Decent application
  8. Peguin

    Bob. - Trial Moderator Application

    +1. Doesn't like many people and may have bad comments about them but keeps them to himself most of the time. God at RP. Mature. Active. Detailed Application. - Kat
  9. Peguin

    EM Application - Joshv

    Agreed. +1 for a trial period.