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  1. Keta's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    Keta is an awesome guy. He is really helpful with PAC when asked questions. +1
  2. Archer's Event Master Application

    God at RP. Quite Snarky. NEUTRAL
  3. Actually, I did not try and minge, the EM told us to open the MH1 blast doors so I did, and I accidentally hit the lockdown/alarm button. I have never been navy and have no idea which button it was. No naval officers were on so I decided to help.
  4. Do you guys even play IG anymore.... BUMP
  5. It wasn't RP time and everyone else was minging around too? I would never abuse my taser in regular RP time and everyone else was tasing each other but thank you for your response, I will add more to my app.
  6. Thank you so much Ramirez. How do I get my warns removed? And sorry if this counts as a bump.
  7. Steam Name: Peguin Age: 15 Steam ID: 76561198131842923, STEAM_0:1:85788597 In Game Name and Rank: Master Operative Romwell Krass Time Played (Server Time): 4 weeks, 6 days, 17 hours, 955 hours on Gmod Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): Warns: 4 Mic Spam, 10 Hour video (Before the sign was put up), Tool gun abuse (Didn't know I was spawning props on props as I was very new to Gmod), FailRP. (Imperial Gaming is actually the first public server I've ever been on and the first server I picked when I first got Gmod. All of these warns were from when I was very new to the server and Gmod.) Kicks: None Bans: None Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): I have not been an event master on any other servers as IG is the first and only server I ever play. Why are you applying to be an event master: I am applying to be an event master as I don't see many event masters, maybe only 4 or so at a time. I think the quality and the number of events that have been happening have gone down recently and I feel that everyone else in the community feels the same. I want to be an event master as I want to increase everyone else's RP and my own as events are a great way to do so. As an Event master, I can help other EMs when they run their events as not all people are so compliant. I love the idea of people being able to input their own ideas into the server, it just makes the experience so much better. I love seeing people and myself having fun and that's what Imperial Gaming is about, giving the best roleplay experience in a fun way. What can you bring to the event master team: I can bring a loyal, longtime member. If you look at my warns I don’t have 2 of the same, I don’t repeat my mistakes. If someone of the EM team tells me not to do something I don’t and if I do I don’t do it again. I listen to what people tell me and if I don't know something I ask so I can further better people's RP experience. What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people: To make events more enjoyable I can look at some more star wars lore and maybe re-create some scenes from the comics, movies etc. I can also ask around in OOC what sort of events people would like. To attract more people I can have a chat with the advertisement team to add some events that we do to the way they advertise. To make events more enjoyable I believe that people just have to be included, I'm not saying people are excluded. All I'm saying is I see higher rankings like Grand Moff Tarkin, Director Krennic, Generals, Admirals etc get a lot of the RP. I would really like to see lower ranks like privates or non-lore characters have some RP as well. There isn't much to do on the ship except roam around and talk to people. I think to make events more enjoyable, the events can have everyone do something (an example is the first event idea down below). Do you have basic knowledge of ulx commands: !bring (Name), !goto (name), !return (name), !menu, !hp (Name) (amount), !god, !cloak, !noclip, !tools @, !tools (Name) etc Anything else you would like to add: Thank you for reading this far. Still adding more information about the event ideas Event Idea 1: General Idea: Citizens want to join the imperial army. They board the star destroyer in a transport ship. Each will be under heavy watch by Shock, Riot, and ISB. Each of these regiments will then report back to General Peg (or any other name). A debrief will be called and here, as general Peg, I will announce that the citizens will join the imperial army and I will allocate each of them to a regiment to learn the imperial laws and what it's like to be in the regiment that they are attached to. For example, one citizen will attach to 501st and the 501st will teach them everything they know about their regiment, how they operate and how they act. The newly recruited citizens will be given imperial recruit armor. After a while when the citizens have learned a lot from their attached regiment they will send all the data to a rebel base located on Hoth (map is subject to change if needed). The citizens, who are actually rebels will then try to escape with some stolen imperial equipment with stealth, however, ISB, Shock, and Riot catch on and inform general Peg. General Peg then alerts the troopers and orders them to stop the rebels from leaving as they are all AOS, if the troopers can not AOS than it will turn into a KOS. After all the rebels have been killed debrief will commence. Note: This is a heavy RP event and also at the end a guns blazing event. This event was designed to give everyone, not just high ranking officials the chance to have some more RP with their attached recruit. The regiments can do training, briefing, marching etc with the attached recruit. Rebel’s Health: 2000 Rebel’s Weapons: Standard rebel gun (I’ll ask the other EMs what it is) Planning: 1. Citizens board Star Destroyer. 2. Citizens state the purpose for being on the star destroyer. 3. Debrief is announced. 4. I explain to the troopers why the citizens are here and what's going to happen. 5. I attach each citizen to a regiment. 6. I dismiss all the troopers. 7. Each "citizen" gets taught what it's like being in the imperial army from their attachment to their regiment. 8. The citizens are actually rebels and steal some imperial equipment and intelligence. 9. The rebels try to escape with the stolen things. 10. ISB, Riot, and Shock are there to meet them at their departing hangar. Other Information about the event: The citizens will be given climb swep in case the attached regiment does training. The citizens' will be modeled to the recruits after debrief. Event Idea 2: Note: This isn’t a unique event, but I don’t believe every event has to be spectacular, it just has to fit into the RP that the server does and it just has to be fun. This event will also have two parts. NPC and player event. Part one: The imperial base located at Rishi moon is under attack. The imperial forces can’t hold up so our units on the star destroyer we are on are called to help defend the Rishi moon base. The rebels will try to infiltrate high profile parts on the base such as ISB HQ, MHC, Naval Command. Inside the important parts of the base, they will try to steal Imperial intelligence and send it to their rebel base (base location will be decided upon at a later date). The rebels are successful at taking some Imperial intelligence, mainly ISB intelligence. (The rebels will be teleported in the HQ and they will go from there (!bring Rebel)). Part two: The highly valued ISB intelligence/data will try to be retrieved by imperial forces. The imperial forces storm the rebel base and destroy the communications tower and other facilities. The intelligence is then taken back to the star destroyer and debrief will commence. Rebel health: 2000 Rebel weapon: Standard rebel gun Planning: 1. Debrief will be called. 2. We all got rishi to help defend the base. 3. Rebels steal intelligence. 4. Rebels escape with intelligence. 5. Imperial forces are deployed to the rebel base. 6. Imperial forces either destroy or take back intelligence. 7. Debrief will commence. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms I accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.
  8. Atlas' PAC3 App

    So, you say that you are very experienced with PAC? Let's see some. Your PAC app is lacking a LOT of detail, you aren't really well know within the community and your playtime is quite low. -1
  9. Peguin's/ F16-06 Tier 1 PAC app

    UPDATE Made some new PACs. Still working on them
  10. Peguin's/ F16-06 Tier 1 PAC app

  11. Peguin's/ F16-06 Tier 1 PAC app

    Thanks Pav
  12. Peguin's/ F16-06 Tier 1 PAC app

    Thanks Twink!
  13. Peguin's/ F16-06 Tier 1 PAC app

    Thanks for putting all this in my PAC app guys..... Oh and thanks to @Aera, @Chris and @CrunchyNapkin for the support. Really appreciate it
  14. Peguin's/ F16-06 Tier 1 PAC app

    Thanks Jack!
  15. Peguin's/ F16-06 Tier 1 PAC app

    Thanks Em