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  1. damnit in the second piture if i arrived a bit earlier i would of been in it
  2. Crunchy

    I have returned, my children.

    What crackalacking Sloth it’s pretty nice having you in navy.
  3. Crunchy

    A long while coming

    What’s crackalacking ghost
  4. Crunchy


    What this guy said would be a great idea
  5. Crunchy

    Percival's Event Master Application

    +1 my guy great person and like the events good luck
  6. Crunchy

    DS-01 - A Night of Pure Passion

    Just wow I can’t wait for it
  7. Crunchy

    CS - A New Challenger Approaches (Finished)

    Rickle is “silent but deadly”
  8. Crunchy

    Photo Day

    Just wow
  9. Crunchy

    I'm Back (But Going Away Again)

    Yay your back