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  1. SoliD

    Arkan's Late Intro

    Figured I might as well do an intro sometime seeing I haven't yet. Anyway I'm Arkan/Solid currently Colonel Of Storm Commandos having served in SC for over 115 days and longer in the 501st. Along with this I have previously served in VF and SCAR under Commander MnM and Brigadier Sicarius respectively Any questions regarding 501st feel free to contact me though PMs or TS
  2. SoliD

    Application -Joshv/Blitz

    -1 This is due to 2 points: 1. Poor effort into your application Your application is quite short and many key areas could be expanded on along with this and key point I would wish to point out is "Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?: There's not much to say about this topic. Exploits include teleporting into the admin-only area behind the tunnel in suburbs" I don't want to accuse of something major over one thing, but the random reference to Dark RP makes is seem the application was copied and pasted seeing that no over direct reference to the SWRP server was made. But this is just a minor point that came to my head and I may as well be wrong. 2. Ingame Habits From what I've seen from you over the past few weeks from you going from WO-II to Captain to LT Colonel is your in game habits, as I've seen you been demoted for dancing during debrief along with being arrested for over questionable acts. Now just for such there is no reason you should be denied such since you have improved since your LT Colonel position but such still needs to be considered. Anyway sorry for the over explained -1, you seem like a capable guy OOC Joshv, so don't take this too much to heart
  3. SoliD

    Volkel PAC Tier 1

    -1 You don't meet the required playtime along with not providing evidence of such
  4. SoliD

    A New Elite Regiment

    Also previously served in SCAR alongside Pluto at the same time. The Idea of giving a trooper a saber caused a ton of issues and disputes in the community. This idea brings along with it the issue of regiments being better over all others by default which can cause a fair few issues. If a regiment was to be regarded as "ELITE" it should be earned by the ability of players not the loadouts given to them. -1
  5. SoliD

    Arma 3 PMC Milsim Unit for IG?

    +1 Sounds Mad
  6. SoliD

    Pablo' Event Master Application

  7. SoliD

    ARMA beta test 1 -APPLY NOW-

    Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/S0liD_is_Bae/ RP Name: Arkan Have you downloaded the mods: Yes
  8. SoliD

    Ahoy there!

    Welcome to the server, I hope you enjoy your time Also Nice Gif
  9. SoliD

    Robinson's Farewell