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  1. After many days of thought, I haveve come to the decision to resign from both the staff team and as a MHC General on the server. Before I explain my inactivity and my reasons to why I'm leaving, I would like to thank the whole Imperial Gaming Community for making the server such a immersive and entertaining environment. Alot of you have made my time playing on and off the serer an amusing experience that I won't forget like Plutonic and I messing around in the medbay back when we were Corporals and the time where Whitey called an AOS on all of Rancor Battalion for celebrating my promotion to Brigadier. Now moving onto the explaination and reasons to why I'm leaving the server and community. Firstly, the reason why I have been inactive for the past two weeks is because I have started to work full time and I have enrolled into a course for a Diploma of Information Technology Networking, which is full time at a TAFE Campus. Due to the admin department being terrible at their jobs, I have spent the past two weeks handing a immense amount of paperwork just to get enrolled. So to Wolf, Imposing, Ridge, Caboose and Stevo, I apologies for my inactivity. Another reason why I am leaving is because of my time put into Garry's Mod. I currently have over 3 thousand hours spent on Garry's Mod and in all honesty, I've started to hate the game in general just because of the amount of time played in it. Finally, the last reason is because as I am working full time and have to study full time now, I won't be able to put much time into playing on the server or playing games in general. I wish the staff team, the "E L I T E" event masters team and the Imperial Gaming Community all well and hope to talk to some of you every now and then in the upcoming months. Sincerely, Major General ARC-20 "Cards"/Brigadier ARC-20-A "Blitz"
  2. Cards

    Rooster's EM APP (reappyling)

    Pretty much sums it up. You have a positive support from me.
  3. Cards

    Vacant Commander Position

    @CronosThat's fine
  4. So I recently discovered an addon which consists of the three Inferno Squad members from the new Star Wars Battlefront game. Maybe we should get these added into the server?
  5. Cards

    Vacant Commander Position

    Tryout date will be moved from 7/12/17 to the 9/12/17 due to IRL events. I apologise for the inconvenience.
  6. Cards

    Vacant Commander Position

    Yes only people who are above the rank of SGT+ can partake in the tryouts.
  7. Cards

    Vacant Commander Position

    Rancor Battalion Commander tryouts will conduct on the 7/12/2017 at 7:00 AEST
  8. Myself as well as the other Generals are looking for people to fulfil the Commander position for the following regiment. Rancor Battalion If you're interested in pursuing this position, you must be the rank of SGT+ as well as a current active member of the Imperial Gaming community. In order to sign up for this position, please leave your In-Game name and Rank in the comments below. The date for the tryout for the Rancor Battalion Commander position is to be announced so keep that in mind.