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  1. Guskywalker

    Misahu's ban appeal

    +1 Permaban is a bit over the top imo
  2. Unacceptable! psst @Jman1308 I need a hug
  3. Guskywalker

    Pablo' Event Master Application

    Accepted. (jk I cant do that anymore) +1 from me, gl pablo
  4. Guskywalker

    ISD Update Poll

    Recently, the Death Star was added to the Star Destroyer map as a hyperspace location. In the next update, Lord Trilobite plans to add another hyperspace location, which like the Death Star, will allow players to interact and land on the location. Above are the main options for the next location but if you do have another suggestion, feel free to comment on this thread. The more options we get the better so please vote.
  5. It's been a while but I'm back-ish with some more map news. Currently, King Pommes is working on a new death star map. Similarly to his venator map, the death star will be very extensive with lots of rooms and interactive features. Here are some screenshots of the map so far. If those screenshots weren't enough, you can check King Pommes profile for some more screenshots (
  6. Guskywalker

    The first DT 73

    That's a negative. I did 73 because of the big bang theory, it's the best number.
  7. Guskywalker

    Stardestroyer v3

    You need to enable fastdl. (Options>multiplayer>allow all custom files) That way you can download the map when you join the server.
  8. Guskywalker

    Weapon Damage Values

    I recommended you also add the fire rates of the gun as they do play a part in the overall strength. For example if there are two guns (A and B) and A does 75 Dmg and B does 50 Dmg you would think that A is the stronger weapon. But if weapon B shoots twice as fast as A then weapon B becomes stronger.
  9. Guskywalker

    Star Destroyer Update #2

    If you guys look carefully in the screenshot you should be able to see that there is also a lift which can acts as an alternative route in.
  10. Guskywalker

    Star Destroyer Update #2

    I understand your concerns but its the pretty much the same map we currently use, with the exception of the new areas. I doubt they will effect performance much.
  11. Guskywalker

    Star Destroyer Update #2

    Once again the time has come for the next ISD Update. Lord Trilobite is currently working on the Star Destroyer V.2.2 release. Below are some screenshots of the new/updated areas and rooms. These include; Reactor Interior (with power outage button), Functioning Bacta Tanks, Updated lifts, MH2 extension and an Additional Tie Bay (4 in total). (This is just a sneak peak and there will be much more in the update) All these screenshots and more can be found on Lord Trilobite's steam page Please share your thoughts and provide constructive feedback down below. Reactor Interior Bacta Tanks Main Hangar 2 Extension
  12. Guskywalker

    Broker's Event Master Application

    +1, I've worked with Broker before and he's a great event master. I believe he can make a great addition to the team. Good Luck.
  13. Guskywalker

    Help me make a new Map (Ideas)

    +1 do Lothal, we have the complete structural plans for this fully armed and operational.... map.
  14. Guskywalker

    Haz's EM Application