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Everything posted by Pavonis

  1. Pavonis

    Cecil's Event Master Application

    +1 My guy, I know him well his weakness and strong points. And he deserves a chance to be a event master All the best, Pavonis
  2. Pavonis

    My Farewell

  4. Pavonis

    A long while coming

    Pleasure was always mine. Damn proud and impressed to hear that you got LT Col. In such a small time. Good job. All the best for your future
  5. Pavonis

    Peguin's Goodbye

    You didn't mention me....I am hurt
  6. Pavonis

    The End of the Line l Gatsby

    This is indeed very "Shocking".
  7. Pavonis

    Pavonis's PAC3 Application

    Steam Details Steam Name: [IG]SirPavonis Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:160084012 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198280433753/ In Game Details In Game Name: [T-5857-I] - “Pavonis” In Game Rank: First Lieutenant In Game Regiment: Widow Squad/ ST Command Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): I have 1W 0H 51M | Before the reset I had 2 weeks + PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Nope. But I have been Learning and using it for the past month Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): In my opinion, someone should be trusted with PAC3 when they have proven to the community that they are dedicated to the server. I feel I have done that. In this community, I have gone through a lot. Good and bad both. I always like to look at the good side and learn from the bad. And over these months I have. I have been part of the staff team, even though a low rank but still was trusted with the powers. I have never abused my powers before, whether it is being the pilot commander or the event master. Hence I feel and know that I will never ever abuse PAC. Why do you want access to PAC (1 Paragraph): I am part of Widow Squad as a Communication Specialist. As a comms specialist, I require to do a lot of roleplay. And I can use PAC3 to help me do the roleplay as well as make it more realistic. I have always seen Higher ups using PAC to look different then the others and I would love to do that. Also, I am trying to get PAC not just for myself or mine RP but for others and their enjoyment. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): Someone only deserves something if they have proved that they are worthy of getting it. I feel I have to a certain extent. I have been through a lot in this community and through my time I have made a lot of friends who know that I will never abuse any privilege given to me. And PAC is a privilege to me. I have never in my life ever on the server seriously minged or gotten a ban/kick/warn. PAC3 Examples:
  8. Pavonis

    Pavonis signing out!

    Hey troopers, I know this feels like this has happened before because it has. But really school has been really stressful and I cannot dedicate enough time to the server. I will still be playing but I will not be active anymore. Thank you everyone for making my stay SOOO good and amazing. I can never forget the memories here.
  9. Pavonis

    Snoozy's Introduction

  10. Pavonis

    Death Star Map Post 2

  11. Pavonis

    Application -Joshv/Blitz

    -1 reasons stated above^
  12. Pavonis

    BloodSHots EM application

  13. Pavonis

    Interesting but stupid suggestion

    Our SGTs are trained to teach people basics of the server rules as well as tell them to look at the link. With that it is mandatory to also give the new player a tour where you mostly explain the CL levels.
  14. Pavonis

    Introduction - Rythok/Segaside

    Welcome to community Have a good time here
  15. Pavonis

    My Resignation

    NOOOOOO TWINKY Have a good one mate Thanks a lot for helping the server and being SUCH AN AMAZING STAFF
  16. Pavonis

    Teamspeak 3 Crashing

    My game keeps crashing when I try to join the server
  17. /me claps with tears
  18. Pavonis

    Crunchy's PAC3 Application V6

    Crunchy bud you do need to improve your behavior but as benift of doubt I am giving you a +1 All the best, Pav
  19. Pavonis

    Volkel PAC Tier 1

    Does not meet the playtime requirement @Whitey @Head Coach Frank