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    Hammer's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Big +1... Experienced, Trusted user who deserves Pac. Good luck!
  2. Chopz

    Azura's Ban Appeal

    Everyday there seems to be a new issue with you my friend. You keep saying that you are improving your behavior, but based off what i've seen and heard it doesn't seem you are quite there yet. I would suggest you take your 3 day ban on the chin and try to come back with a more positive attitude.
  3. Chopz

    Gunjies - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Decent Application... Would do well as a Mod. Good luck!
  4. Chopz

    Kumo - Dev Application - 23/06/2018

    I have to agree with this.
  5. Chopz

    Pac3 Tier 1 application

    +1 Decent application. Gl!
  6. Chopz

    ARMA beta test 1 -APPLY NOW-

    Steam Profile: RP name: Chopz Have you downloaded the mods: Yes
  7. Chopz

    RAFT - Game Giveaway

    Whitey & Jman <3
  8. Chopz

    Gunjies PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    Big +1... Loyal active member of the community and in my opionion would not abuse PAC.
  9. Chopz

    Fliqq's Application

  10. +1 Nice app.. Good Luck!
  11. Chopz

    Gatsby - Trial Moderator Application

    +1 Would make a great moderator.
  12. Chopz

    Icie's TMOD Application

    +1 Loyal trustworthy member of the community. Has the potential to be a good moderator. Application is well written and easy to read. Good Luck!
  13. Chopz

    FIiqqs' PAC Tier 2 Application

    +1 Definitely deserves tier 2 imo
  14. Chopz

    Joel's T-MOD Application

    +1 ( As long as you use your mic ) Loyal active member of the community. Has the potential to be a good Moderator.
  15. Chopz

    Mythical's PAC3 Tier 1 Application

    I think the examples you have presented are quite appropriate for a prophet, and also for a person who is just learning Pac. I see you around a lot on the server. I've never seen you minge or break any rules and you always ask questions when needed. +1
  16. Chopz

    Iris Trial Moderator Application

    Huge + 1 for this guy!
  17. Chopz

    Tier 2 pac application

    +1 Hes an alright bloke.
  18. Chopz

    Fives EM App

    Good to see a returning member actively trying to give back to the community. As for the application. The events you have suggested do sound pretty unoriginal, but i do like the detail you have put into them. I would also suggest adding some colour to make it easier to read. The warns are concerning but i do appreciate that you a trying to turn over a new leaf. From what ive seen since your return is that you are actively trying to revive the scar regiment which is great. For now I give this app a Neutral which will be subject to change in the near future. Good Luck.
  19. Chopz

    No longer Crimsafe [Resignation]

    Who's going to remind me i have no friends now?
  20. Chopz

    Hey i am Mike

    Welcome Mike! Enjoy your time in inquisitors : )
  21. Steam Name: Chopz Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:206112276 In Game Name: Chopz Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): Have you had any warns (If so state them): No Have you had any bans (If so state them): No Have you been staff on any other servers (If so state them): No Why are you applying for TMOD: I wish to apply for the role of TMOD as I feel I have been loyal member of the community for quite some time now. Imperial gaming is the only reason I play Garry’s mod and I find it very fulfilling to log on and see the same friendly members of the community every day. I feel I’m generally a very approachable and friendly person and enjoy helping out people on the server. By becoming a staff member I can help further give back to the community by assisting other staff and players. Whether this is by reducing the strain on current staff by claiming admin tickets, or helping players in need of tools or who are stuck on props etc. These are just a few examples of the reasons why I wish to apply for TMOD. Now I’ve spoken about the positive side of becoming a TMOD. But we all know there are those people who log onto the server who either intentionally or unintentionally break server rules. Now, I am already a person who reports rule breaking to staff, so I feel that by becoming a TMOD I can greatly benefit the community by having the tools to take action myself on these people who are actively breaking server rules. What can you bring to the staff team: For the people who don’t know me. I am 25 years of age who has had plenty of real life experience working in various management roles. I feel I can bring this experience to the community by being accepted into a moderator role. I am also a very loyal member of this community, by that I mean I don’t play on any other RP servers. Although I have just recently come back from a hiatus, I have never been more active than I am now. Usually online for 12+ hours a day, including late at night when online staff is minimal. Scenarios Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you?: First thing I would do is check the logs to see who was actually killed. I would tp to them to confirm whether or not they were actually randomly killed and that something like an authorised TDM wasn’t occurring. Once I confirm that the player in question was actually breaking a rule I will pull up their steam ID and warn the player Mass RDM | Disconnected to avoid admin sit. Someone is bullying another player. What do you do?: I would isolate both players and speak to them individually so that I can ascertain both sides of the story. Depending on the information / evidence provided to me, I would hand out necessary punishment ranging from getting the two players to reconcile with each other with apologies, to handing out warnings based off the evidence provided. You see a higher up staff abuse their powers. What do you do?: If I see a higher up staff member actively abusing their powers in a malicious way. I would record and send the evidence to a Senior Admin and/or Caboose So that the Staff member in question can be dealt with. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?: As I believe a TMOD does not have the ability to ban people, I would give the person a warn while taking a screenshot/recording of the threat so that I can send the evidence to an admin+, So that they can issue a ban. Additional Note. Anyone who doesnt know me or wishes to ask me a question regarding my application, feel free to post on here or !p me in game and i would be happy to answer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms I Chopz, accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.
  22. Chopz

    Veybur's Support Team Application

    Veybur is the reason why my garrys mod actually works on my PC. He also fixed my headset! Definitely a +1 from me.
  23. Chopz


    New phone, who dis?
  24. Chopz

    Chopz's Trial Moderator application

    Thanks for the Support! And welcome back to the community! Glad to see you back in Sith : )